If you're looking to advertise your forum, here's the place to do so. Putting [LB] after your forum's name would be immensely helpful if we have already advertised on your forum. Elenlond is also currently accepting affiliates!Guest Friendly

Forum rules
Advertising Guidelines Please read and adhere to the following before posting your advertisement: [list]
[*] [b]Advertisements should be posted in either FIRST LINK or LINK BACK. [/b] Post in "First Link" if we haven't posted on your forum first; post in "Link Back" if we have. When we approve them, they will be moved to Written Records.
[*]If you post your advertisement on our forum, there [b]must [/b] be a way for us to post ours on yours. If you cannot do this, your advertisement will be deleted.
[*]Advertisements that stretch our forum will be removed. Please keep this in mind when posting.
[*]If you decide to violate any of the unspoken rules of advertising (ie. joining the forum for the sole intention of emailing our members with your advertisement), your advertisement will be promptly deleted.
[*]Please keep the content clean. Nothing littered with cursing and no nudity/sexual content, please.
[*]Staff members will [b]not [/b] edit your advertisement after it is posted. Therefore, if you do not preview it and your coding happens to be wrong/messed up/incorrect, it will stay that way. If you're going to take the time to advertise, please take the extra second to check your coding.
[/list]There are no rules on the format of your advertisement?that's for you to decide. So long as your advertisement follows the aforementioned rules, we welcome its addition to our collection. Members who are posting their own forums in the [b] [url=]Member Scrolls [/url] [/b] must also adhere to these rules.
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