Green Turtle Key

To Ashoka's southwest and Soto's west lies an island so named for its shape—that of a turtle. Its name, however, has become something of a misnomer, as the island itself has nothing green on it. In fact, it is more akin to a frozen wasteland, covered in snow with a single lake on it that is always frozen over. It is said that over a millennium ago an angry deity cursed the once-green island, plunging it into a bitter cold until the waves eventually swallow it whole. Trees are ensconced in snow, making them glitter beneath the sun, and during the day it is cold—so cold that exposed flesh will develop frostbite within hours—and during the evenings those who do not have a warm fire and a protective shelter will freeze to death. It snows frequently, and it is said that there are indigenous people who inhabit the island, clad in the skins of animals that they have hunted. Nobody has visited the island long enough to document either these people or the creatures who live there.

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