Grand Palace of the Empress

Located in the heart of Kinaldi, surrounded by towering walls, lies the Empress's palace. As if to contrast sharply with the rest of the city, the palace is composed of an alabaster stone that seems to be tinted pale orange. It certainly lives up to the title of the 'grand' palace of the Empress, rising stories higher than the surrounding buildings. Within the walls lie extravagant gardens and the inner halls are lavishly decorated with portraits, vases, carpets, tapestries, and sculptures, many of which are gifts collected from the other nations of Elenlond over many years. Guards stand to attention at the steel gates to prevent lowlifes from simply waltzing in, as well as at the main entrance and any major rooms such as the monarch's personal quarters. Although she lacks a throneroom, the banquet hall has a large dais reserved for the Empress and those closer to her, with a table composed of solid, polished oak.The Empress and her attendees are not the only people in the palace: she also hosts to important lords and ladies of the court, many respected artists, musicians, and scholars, as well as the occasional ward of the state, and, of course, the guards and waitstaff. Most people outside this small community will hardly ever see the inside of the palace, though there are occasionally public balls to allow the people that opportunity.

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