General Rules and Regulations

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Rules & Guidelines

When Registering...
  • Please use your character's name or an alias of that character for your username, if possible. Staff members reserve the right to change names that they find inappropriate without informing the member beforehand.
  • Your character will begin with five abilities upon registration. Please see the Abilities Tutorial thread for more information.
  • Your character may begin with weapons and armour, but please do not go overboard.
  • The maximum width of a signature banner is 550 pixels. Should yours exceed this width, it will be removed without notice. Avatars may be no more than 150x200 pixels.
  • Elenlond works on an account per character basis.
  • When you join, you will be allowed two (2) characters maximum until two conditions are met:
    • One month (30 days) has passed.
    • You have posted at least ten (10) posts for each account.
    After both of these conditions have been met you can create as many characters as you wish, provided all previous accounts have at least ten (10) posts.
  • Please remember to keep all characters active. This means posting at least once a month with each one, three (3) times per month if your character is a Sovereign. The staff will periodically assess which characters are being neglected and will contact their respective players; characters that remain inactive will either be archived or deleted. Only take on as many characters as you think you can handle.
  • You may change your account name at any time, should you want to replace a character. Simply click "Preferences" at the top of the forum, above the banner, and select "Change Username". Once you have filled out the form, an administrator will approve the change.

    Abilities for that account will carry over provided the account has less than thirty (30) posts on it. If it has more than thirty the post count will be wiped. This is to keep character creation fair for everyone.
  • You may not trade/give an account to someone for the purpose of giving them free abilities. It's fine if they are continuing the character from where you left off; if this is not the case, the post count will be wiped and the account treated as if it was just registered.

In Character...
  • Before you begin rping, please post a profile using the profile skeleton. Staff members will add a line at the end of your profile by editing it, stating whether the profile is pending or approved, and will then private message you with the status of your profile and if changes need to be made. The message at the end of your profile is not to be removed, under any circumstances. Profiles that have been pending for one month will be archived if the member who posted it has not contacted a staff member about changes.
  • If you want your character's first five abilities to be approved with your profile, they must be posted within the character's profile before a staff member has reviewed it. If they are not posted before this, regardless of whether the profile is pending or approved, they will have to be posted in the Review Book for approval; they will not be considered approved/valid otherwise.
    • This also applies to WIP profiles. Abilities must be posted before a staff member is told of the profile's completion. Once a staff member is informed, it is considered "in review."
  • Elenlond does not have a word minimum. We request, however, that you offer other players something to respond to in each post you give them.
  • Please do not godmode, powerplay, or metagame IC. More information about these can be found in the FAQ.
  • Do not treat the IC forums as though they are OOC. You may post OOC comments in them [preferably with some sort of scheme like this: ((comment here))], but please keep them related. Do not spam the IC forums with advertisements or comments that are completely unrelated and nonsensical. We have a forum for that: The Den.
  • You may roleplay with yourself if it is for plot reasons.

  • Elenlond has an RPG rating of 2/2/2. This means no sex on the forums and no extreme violence. Characters may make out, get a bit intimate, but nothing beyond that. If you wish to RP out a sexual scene, have it fade to black on the forums and continue doing so privately. Some graphic violence is permitted, if it is used tastefully (e.g., for character development) and rarely. Use discretion when posting. If you think it's edging on the upper limits of the 2/2/2 system, please include a trigger warning in the topic title or topic description.

    If you are handling emotionally sensitive topics (e.g., rape, self-harm, suicide, etc.), please add a trigger warning to your topic title or topic description. This should be done in all instances of these topics being discussed. Under no circumstances are members allowed to write out a rape scene (see above regarding sex). Alluding to or implying that rape may have happened is acceptable. If you're not sure, either ask a staff member, or do not include the scene in your post.
Out of Character...
  • Please do not PM or email advertisements to people. If you'd like to show your site off to other members, use the Member Scrolls in the Guestbook. There are severe consequences for privately advertising over PM/email.
  • The CBoxes are a great place to get to know the other members and to make friends. You can find it at the bottom of the forum. We also recommend that you post an introduction in the Front Room. It’s the fastest (and easiest!) way to get to know everyone here.
  • Use your discretion when using profanity in both the OOC and IC areas. As such, please respect the wishes of your fellow roleplayers. There will be no racist comments, racial slurs, or general flaming/trolling/bashing.
  • Harassment is unacceptable. If you and another member are having problems, use an instant messenger or the PM system. Do NOT post in the OOC forums. In addition, please refrain from pestering other members for replies to your threads. Many members have busy lives and are just trying to have fun.
  • We suggest that you place your character's profile link in their signature and that you timetamp threads that take place in the past (threads before the current season). We ask this simply to clear up confusion and to make it easier for members to access information about your character.
  • If you have any concerns, comments, questions, or complaints, the staff team is always willing to talk with you. We will address any problems you may be having to the best of our ability. No problem is too small.
CBox Rules
  • All forum rules apply in the CBoxes.
  • Do not impersonate other members by posting anything while using their name.
  • Advertising in the CBoxes is strictly forbidden. That is why we have an advertising board.
  • Spamming the CBoxes will cost you the privilege of using it.
  • The OOC CBox is meant to be a friendly means of getting to know other members, discussing threads, and general OOC conversation, while the IC CBox is meant to be used for character interactions and potential plotting.They are not to be used for excessive ranting, excessive swearing (several posts in a row of pure profanity), bad talking other people (whether they are a member of this site or not), or complaints. Any complaints can be addressed to the staff in a mature way. Keep in mind that new members often read through the CBoxes before or shortly after joining, so please keep all content there polite and clean to make them feel welcome.
  • When posting in the IC Cbox, please use the character's name that you want to post with. These interactions are completely non-canon (unless you would like them to be) and are purely for fun, so please also refrain from bringing OOC drama into the Cbox. If you would like your characters' interactions in the IC Cbox to be serious and/or canon, they can be, but please discuss with the other players in the Cbox before assuming.
Lastly, enjoy your stay at Elenlond and have fun!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions that you'd like to make public, feel free to post in the Help Desk or the Suggestion Box.

Red rules denote those that have been changed or added recently.