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Basic Information
Name: Galena Barillus

Race: Dryad

Age: ?? (Appears somewhere in her late thirties to mid forties, steadily appears younger when in the presence of many trees, partiuclarly her 'Heart Tree.')

Gender: Female

Alignment: True Neutral

Nationality: Sotoan/Angkarian (Sotoan mother, Angkarian father)

Social Class: Nobility

Occupation: Sotoan Councillor – Former Member of the Guild 'Ameliorate Ordos'.

On the Ameliorate Ordos: The Ordos is designed to encompass all forms of restoration and healing, particularly in the medical faculty of wounds and other various injuries, but also the mind and soul. It contains many physicians, alchemists, apothecaries, herbologists, even field medics for military use when it is called for, and a spare few psychiatric experts for those contained at Red Hands.
The Guild Emblem, or Crest, is an upturned open palm with a single red tear in the center. It is usually white, grey or silver for novice, acolyte and medic respectively, and back on a blue sideways rhombus outlined in the same colour as the hand, except for the guild leader who bears it in gold.

Politics wrote:Political Aspirations: Galena envisions Soto in the future as a place were sickness and ill health are all but stamped out, where poverty is nonexistent and everyone has the right to learn at least one profession, be it carpenter or cobbler. She does not consider herself as someone who would stand in the spotlight, but the quiet voice of reason to mitigate those that would disrupt peace between the countries, believing solidly that their time of peace is the best time for the country to make some form of progress. She believes on keeping a steady friendly relationship with neighboring countries and would see them reach out more frequently to trade and support one another, despite conflicting views of others.

Country Relations:
  • Angkar - Galena views Angkar with fondness as it was her home for several years, and with the new queen having finally rescinded Hemlock's orders on slavery and had it banned once more, she believes there is hope yet for the girl. Soto values the trade of luxury goods they recieve from Angkar, and she is not about to be the one to break their steady friendship at the risk of losing that for the country.
  • Ashoka - While not agreeing with their governmental system, Galena retains a cool friendship with Ashoka, knowing them to be potentially the most volatile of the countries beside Soto itself. While she politely extends the hand of friendship, she tries to remain unbiased despite what she's heard of the Moghul being a psychopath, but the whole affair makes her quite uneasy, especially when backed up by the acknowledgement of it by Ashoka's High Inquisitor, and her own tentative friend, Sophia Orjtarn.
  • Morrim - Morrim has always been rather distant to Galena, though it is hardly surprising after all of their troubles that they would be suspicious of any who turned their backs on them in the past. She would rather maintain an easy peace with them, on the grounds that sharing the immediate border with them, they would be the easiest to essentially cause trouble for Soto, and vice versa, but would genuinely like to be on good terms with them, despite her views on some of their practices and their fuedal system.
Physical Appearance
[+] spoiler
Galena is nothing if not petite, standing at a square 5 feet with a frame that might be called generous by some. She has wide hips, a modest bust and narrow shoulders that give a classical hourglass shape to her body. She is not particularly athletic but the muscles in her arms and shoulders are better defined than elsewhere thanks to her archery. Her hands are calloused from handling the bow and a multitude of duties with tending to injuries and digging up plants. A smattering of freckles dust her nose, and become more prominent when the sun is strong, particularly across her back, shoulders, arms and chest.

Her hair reaches just past her shoulders and falls in soft ringlets and waves, often scraped back into a graceful twist to keep it from her face and adorned with tiny orange blossoms. It changes colours with the seasons, in spring it is a washed out wheat colour, summer it is ripe and golden strawberry blonde, autumn darkens it to a rich auburn, and by winter it is frosty and pale as snow. Despite her neat ministrations, wisps of hair escape to curl down to her shoulders, frequently causing her to tuck it behind her ears or push it back.

Her ears in question are small and pointed, her face soft and heart shaped in a classical manner with an aquiline nose and bow lips above a pointy chin. Her eyes are perfectly normal, usually sharp with intelligence and a murky green. Combined with her nose she has a rather hawkish countenance, especially when peering over the top of her spectacles.

She usually garbs herself in a stola, or elaborate toga, and a palla which is essentially a long cloth that winds about the top, similar to a shawl but more expansive. Around her neck she wears a thin chain with a tiny glass prison in which she keeps a wisp, which glows softly at night, and on her left hand she wears a single gold band as a symbol of her being married. A pervasive scent of orange blossoms follows her about wherever she goes, light and fragrant.


Starting at the bottom, Galena's armor consists of a tea coloured shirt and light brown linen pants, loose fitting for comfort. She binds her chest though not too tightly as she needs to breathe deeply when utilising her bow, and doesn't want it to impede her in any way. On her feet she wears brown leather boots that reach just past the knee, with steel guards that protect the joint, and her shins.
On top of this she wears a leather gambeson and gauntlets with reinforced backs to protect her arms, and above that a lightweight chain half-shirt that covers her chest and shoulders. Above that a plain, dark green surcoat that comes to the knees and is split to the hips covers the leather and mail. Her quiver belts around her waist and rests against the small of her back, and a bandolier with needles and tinctures straps acros her chest, with room to hold her bow casing at the back. Her belt may also hold a small emergency surgical kit separate from the main bag of surgical supplies she is liable to be carrying, just in case she happens to lose it.
Her previous guild emblem may appear stitched to the shoulder of her surcoat or on her bandolier, speaking a time before she was Councillor, and when travelling in a nondescript manner, often attributes her skills to the guild, and just of being a member should tongues wag.

Weapons: Galena carries two slender knives, scalpel sharp and thin like elongated needles, made of blue and red ceramic. Sympathy is usually nestled between her breasts, and Regret strapped to the inside of her thigh.

Her bow is made of pale yew and rather plain but for a carved leaf at either end, and a little inlaid gold etching on the body. A thread of gold wire winds about the middle almost to each end, which are tied with jovial red feathers. It has no name, is quite old and worn smooth from the use of many hands and goes back to her days on Angkar.

Tanach: The lyre is small and suited to her hands, carved of dark wood and contains ten silk strings, rather than gut. It is typically tuned to the F minor key, and has a mournful sound.
At first impression the woman is stern and unforgiving, cold and blunt, brusque and perhaps a little headstrong. It is as she would call it, her ‘professional face.’ She uses this as much for her own protection as anyone else’s, as a means to guard her own emotional attachment to those she treats and cares for. Beneath it she is warm at heart, a generous and compassionate being. She is not however, naïve, and is more than intelligent enough to know when someone is overstepping themselves or
treading on her feet for the sake of it, and is willing to be pushed only so far. She is reputed to have a positively explosive temper, a dirty mouth and a sharp wit behind the odd coy smile or demure batting of the eyelashes, but who would believe that when she’s flashing a sweet smile that says butter wouldn’t melt?

Rumour is a storm about her and she knows well enough how to use it to her advantage, and how to play a good hand in the games of politics, as well as manipulating and ‘bewitching’ her various suitors to play their parts as she sees it. When not playing the professional, she tends towards a cynical attitude and a gentle mockery of…well, everything. Mostly it hides the soft insecure underbelly of her emotions lurking just beneath the surface, the low self esteem thanks to her husband, and the wavering self worth that she feels she needs to prove to herself through her work, justifying insomnia and overworking herself to the point of exhaustion as a means to ignore her own personal desires.

Galena takes her work very seriously; putting the welfare and health of the people above the majority, even her own when she becomes too absorbed in her current task at hand. She is an avid gardener, if one would call her that, and keeps many plants in her home in Madrid, both inside the high walled garden and inside the house itself. The gardening she does not consider to be a chore but an enjoyable hobby, and interest. Naturally. This is not to say she spends all her time either at the Houses, or the gardens, as she does make frequent trips out about Soare, and if only on personal business, usually garbs herself in her armor or non-sotoan clothing, that none would recognize her, except for those who had already encountered her in her official capacity and her trademark attire.
Though she holds the name Barillus, it is apparent after meeting the family that Galena is most definitely from another, lesser branch, if only by her accent alone. Originally born a dryad, her tree-mother took herself to human society long before the seeds germinated, and married into the family. In the same company one might note that her gentle mockery almost never goes down well, if noticed at all, and her manner becomes closed and withdrawn.
Her mother is Sotoan and has chosen like herself to integrate with society rather than live naturally in the wild.

Her growth was not in fact in Soto but overseas closer to Angkar, though she has of yet not disclosed the exact location, nor how she got to the mainland. She retains the accent of her youth, a soft slurring drawl with tendencies to archaic speech which becomes more apparent when she is angry, or passionate.

In question of her youth, at least some of the rumors that float around her must be true, for she gives no explanation as to how she came back to her family, nor how she learned to wield any weapon, or fight capably even with her small size and diminutive strength. Supposedly this comes from being a mercenary of the esteemed company that called themselves ‘Nepenthes,’ and were famed for using weapons laced with terrible poison that mortified or consumed living flesh. Floating around this are more webs of vague suppositions, that she has been seen before travelling as apothecary and alchemist, that she is a woodswytch bewitching young men who are never seen again, of poisoning as much as mending and uncouth witchcraft. Each of these rumors are vague and possibly ludicrous, but the fact the smell of blossoms hangs around the Wytch is something everyone mentions, though few could say what kind. Instead they rather none too affectionately called her ‘Neroli’, a name that she apparently gave them herself, and coincidentally the name of one of the mercenary company around Angkar; whether anyone had made the connection before remains to be seen.

She appears to have an aversion to slavery, which is common enough in Soto where it is outlawed, and makes a point of deliberately buying slaves when away from home, only to set them free once they are fed and set on their feet in Soto. Where the aversion and even fear of the trade came from is anyone’s guess.

Galena became a member of the Ameliorate Ordos and proved herself to be a diligent and hard worker, never shying from a task however disgusting or terrifying it might have been, seeing it as her duty to save as many that came to them as possible. She eventually used her wealth and influence to start a small building in Madrid which she called ‘The Healing House’, and it rapidly grew in both size and esteem as more of those who joined the guild also made a habit to serve time there, both learning and caring for those admitted. The House itself also accepts volunteers who seek to assist, be it carrying bandages or cooking food for the infirm, everyone is needed somewhere. It was this sole act that pushed her forward as an outstanding member of the Ordos and won her the position of Guild Leader.
In the two years after it had been built and expanded, her hand was given to one Lord Tilus Daeonicus. It was not a marriage made of love but of politics, and done in a most hasty fashion more for the fact that she wished to be away from her uncle Gilead’s presence, than anything else, and away from his house and family. As we know, his shame as general of Soto and his actions brought much dislike and suspicion to the family name, that which she now struggles to overcome since being raised to the position of Councillor.

Tilus was a friend as much as a lover; and it was no secret between them that he often preferred the company of men, and she women. Thus when it was put to her to try to rankle her, the bold statement was met with cool replies, until his disappearance at the beginning of the Dark Conquest, when he took to sea, and has yet to return, though it has been four years hence. They were married seven years, and she still wears the plain wedding band on her finger. During the marriage they shared their bed enough that she suffered two miscarriages, until he stopped visiting her entirely, and eventually disappeared from her life.

During this time Galena continued to work at the House, until a second building was added and the term became plural. This building was kept some way from the main estate and screened by the trees that crowd the city. Some said it was in hopes to screen the city from the terrifying noises that sometimes emanated from the walls. The building was, and is used for the most critically injured, though that is only a small ward. The main area of the building is designated to keeping the mentally unstable, and for the state of some of the patients admitted, it is coined in the street as ‘Red Hands.’

After being recently raised to the position of Councillor, Galena now has to contend with watching more than just the well being of her patients and garden, dividing her duties to other needs and complaints of the citizens, and, actually communicating with people that doesn't involve replacing their innards to keep breathing.
[+] spoiler
Aside from being a rumormonger, much of which she enjoys hearing about, a few random things for your eyes:

Her favourite colour is yellow.
She eats meat and enjoys it thoroughly.
She eats flowers. Her favourites are fritillaries, carnations and hibiscus.
Her Tree is…currently hidden. It's an orange tree, if one got that. Ahem. (:
She's afraid of fire.
She has a chain of suitors that she uses as eyes-and-ears and gossip-mongers, they interchange regularly.

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Simple Abilities
First Five Abilities
  • Woodwarp – Allows the user to step into one plant and travel to another by direction within the distance of one mile, or hide within the trunk of a sizeable tree. Destruction of the tree will also kill the Dryad as they are linked as one being.
  • Lament for the Broken – Allows the user to heal an organism through song, restoring shallow cuts and bruising, slowing bleeding and if set correctly, mend bones. The skill also primarily allows the encouragement of growth of plants, and restoration of infertile earth to a radius of 10ft. The dryad must be maintaining an aural link to her magic in order to perform the spell, be it voice or instrumentation. If she is capable of using both her voice and her instrument of choice, her healing may increase by 15% for the duration, allowing the target to be healed more swiftly and effectively. If she cannot perform, she cannot heal.
  • Treesinger – Natural and magical healing recovery is increased by 25% in the presence of the dryad, and emotional turmoil is soothed. The range extends to 15ft from her location, exceeding this will return the target's state to normal. This bonus to healing does not stack, as anyone using a magical recovery spell will override the passive mending with their active spell. Plants benefiting from natural mending appear to react to the dryad's emotions and fall silent again once she out of range. [Passive]
  • Anaesthetize – Touch effect that grants a temporary numbness for 5-10 minutes, unless the touch is sustained. Temporary loss of limb will occur as it provides a short sharp shock to the nerves, rendering them useless.
  • Antivenomate – Galena is immune to most natural poisons but for the rarer ones (e.g cyanide), and chemical/mineral (such as mercury) or magic poisoning, due to her diet, and can tell if a substance is poisoned by tasting without necessarily suffering the effects. Her blood acts as an antivenom and can be used as such to cure most common natural poisons such as hemlock, foxglove etc. This does not mean she cannot be affected by drugs, merely common plant-based poisons, though they may still make her sick if subjected to a larger quantity.
Simple Abilities
  • Unerring Aim – Galena is well trained with both the longbow and the shortbow, and gains a 25% bonus to her accuracy when using one of these weapons. She is still liable to miss the target, but the rate that she will hit it where intended is increased.
  • Panacea – Allows the user to purge the target of sickness or disease, but not magical curses or afflictions. The stronger the illness is, the more energy it drains from the Dryad, and the less effective it is. (Works at a diminished rate of 50% effectiveness per level. Intermediate illnesses may take more than one dose to remove working at 50% effect, advanced at 25%.)
  • Elegy of Somnolence – The user sings a restful notation that eases those who hear it into a deep induced sleep. The sleep is not natural, and lasts for 5-10 minutes unless maintained, depending on how resistant the targets mind is. After the elapsed time, sleep returns to a natural rhythm and may be woken normally. Those with deafness or high mental resistance may be able to block it out entirely. Undead stand a chance of finding a peaceful medium, and leaving the realm of the living. Incorporeal undead are affected more than those bound to a physical, corporeal form, who may feel a lightness of spirit or buoyancy of mood both after, and on resisting the sleep. The stronger the dead, the less effective the song is.
Intermediate Abilities
  • Lament for the Forlorn – Allows the user to heal an organism through song, restoring deep cuts and internal damage, and mending broken bones if they are set correctly. The skill also primarily allows the encouragement of growth of plants, and restoration of infertile earth to a radius of 50ft. The dryad must be maintaining an aural link to her magic in order to perform the spell, be it voice or instrumentation. If she is capable of using both her voice and her instrument of choice, her healing may increase by 40% for the duration, allowing the target to be healed more swiftly and effectively. If she cannot perform, she cannot heal.
    Those who hear the song may find themselves invigorated, and capable of throwing off mind affecting spells such as a lack of control or morality, equal to that which was cast upon them.

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[+] spoiler

The House

Galena's house is situated on the edge of Madrid, closer to the encroaching Erth'Netora forest which is slowly consuming the lands, though she does not apparently mind that this is so. It is extremely large, and much too big for her, as she is prone to mentioning.

Built of old pale stone tinted rosy with age, the house has a history of uncanny fatalities and betrayals floating around it, though none have happened in the last decade or so. It is not built of the same stone as the local houses and quarried from elsewhere, shipped and imported in, with a dark tiled roof, terracotta in colour. It is fashioned in the manner of old Sotoan buildings and constructed not unlike a large Romanesque villa, with two levels. There are high glass doors leading from the tricilinium to the gardens, that follow the side of the house under a wide colonnade.

The front door does not typically face the drive, but is between the stable and the house. It is clear from this that the stables were built at a later date, as the house was turned so that the widows in the long hall might look out across the grounds and provide ample natural lighting in the daylight hours. The front door nestles under a small portico to keep the rain off, and has a pull rope in a niche that rings the bell within the house to alert the doorman.

The Gardens

The House is situated towards the front of the garden rather than slap bang in the middle, as the bottom end is being slowly consumed by a growth of trees. A wall surrounds the grounds, standing 8ft in height and built of stone. On the left of the house (coming in) is a selection of small vegetable plots, with the rose garden trailing along the side of the house.

In front of the house is a neatly tended drive that is worn cobbles up and around the house, though it still gets quite muddy when it rains. To the right of the house is a block of stables, the coach house attached at the rear. There is a space between the buildings, leaving the house to stand alone.

Behind the building there is an expanse of lawn left to go a bit wild, with a myriad of wildflowers and grasses that gets cut shorter seasonally. On the left there is a small garden surrounding a pond full of fish, with trees trailing their fronds into the water. The garden is mostly stone, with worn benches near the edge of the pond and under the trees, and a little statuary. The middle of the pond is dominated by a life sized statue of a frisking Satyr, balanced perfectly on one hoof as if dancing with the syrinx to his lips.

The bottom of the garden is consumed by a mass of trees that belong to the Erth'netora forest, and among them, the Sentinel Pines. The Pines are large trees that gradually move their position, shuffling along the length of the wall and do not usually inhabit the same space together as they prefer to stay strung out. They emit low signals in the earth that may be picked up by those able to communicate with plants as alarms when someone trespasses past them.

The First Floor

Walking in through the front door takes one into the vestibulum, an entryway that is tastefully decorated with a floor made of inlaid tiles. There is a large carving the height of a man of a bear with a fish in its mouth, though it appears to mostly be used as a hatstand judging by the array of canes, cloaks and hats adorning it at any one time. Someone is usually on the door here assigned to give guest's entrance, and alert the mistress if she is on the premises.

To the right is an enormous room given over to Galena's personal medical lab, where she keeps all of her medicines, research and current alchemical projects sealed behind a rather nondescript and ordinary door made of living wood, that acts like a locking system in that it will not budge without her permission. One could always just axe it down however. The room has no windows from the outside, and is lit with a series of lamps within when in use.

To left is it's counterpart, a huge sitting room or Oecus, where guests may wait or be entertained. The floor is likewise tiled as the rest of the lower floor of the house, and decorated with plush divans, sofas and chairs, in green and cream, and a number of low tables of polished dark wood. There are also several low stools and cushions for those who do not wish to use the furniture.

Following the vestibulum leads one into the atrium, an open air room the continuing on ahead is divided with a row of columns that leads to the Perstylium, to the left, two bathrooms, and to the right, the kitchens. In this room is also the staircase that leads up to the second floor.

The kitchens are almost always manned, and always warm within due to the proximity of the ovens and the hearth. Beneath it is an expansive storeroom and larder, and the servant's quarters which are surprisingly comfortable, if simple.

The Peristylium dominates the center area of the house, like the atrium being open to the air, and holds a veritable array of plants and herbs. There are stone benches placed artfully, a little statuary to compliment the mass of greenery, and a small fountain placed centrally. A walkway surrounds this inner garden, sheltered by a similar balcony from overhead, with doors that yet lead to other rooms in the house.

On the left is a wide gallery, which overlooks the grounds from the front of the house, and is usually empty, reserved for dancing and more open plan parties. The walls in this room bear an old mosaic of several classical scenes of the gods, and one somewhat lewd one of a satyr chasing a nymph.
On the right is the tricilinium, the dining room which may also like the gallery be used as a larger ball room. There is a door that leads directly to the kitchens for the staff's ease of access, and at the far end are the tall glass doors that lead to the colonnade and into the gardens. Several long tables fill the room, enough to host a small army of guests with long padded benches to accompany.

At the far end of the Peristylium is the Exhedra where meetings may be reserved to take place when particularly important guests arrive, and the baths, which are set into the floor, and heated through a modern hypercaust system which tends to groan alarmingly. There are also several copper tubs set by as the system doesn't often get used unless there are guests.

The Second Floor

Most of the second floor is given over to guest apartments, with approximately just under half taken up with the master suite.
The front end of the house belongs to Galena's bedchambers, bathroom, and dressing room. Each of these share an interconnecting door with the library and study which then leads to the walkway around the top o the atrium.

Her chambers are decorated in tasteful cream and gold with plush carpeting and an overlarge four poster bed of dark wood, as is the furniture, though there are one or two oddments such as a battered oak chair with patched and much worn yellow padding by one of the windows. The room smells faintly of orange flowers, though it is a lingering aroma, as if something has been there and long since removed. The curtains and drapery on the bed are cream banded with elaborate gold needlework, and usually not drawn, giving the room a bright and airy feel.

The dressing room is essentially a walk-in-wardrobe, with racks of clothing sitting central and along one wall there are full length mirrors. The bathroom is self explanatory.

The library/study is filled wall to wall with shelves, though not all of them are stocked with books, as if someone took a handful here or there and simply never put them back. Which judging by the fact there are stacks here and there on the floor, chairs, and the tables, it isn't hard to see why. The slightly chaotic nature goes against the seemingly orderly appearance of everything else, and the wide desk situated near the wall on the right is overflowing with papers.

The hall on the second floor winds around the atrium below, the staircase separating to end up at both sides of it and the windows that overlook the grounds. From there one can take the walkway around the balcony above the peristylium, where there are five guest suites complete with four poster double beds in varying colour schemes, as though someone got bored and deliberately did them all different. Each of them possesses a little rope that rings a bell downstairs to summon a servant to attend to the needs of the guest.