A growing city is nestled between the large sea and Morrim's main river, the Andakalisa, down on the southern coast. Fairin acts as the only port city, as it is the only place in Morrim any ships are able to dock. Nestled at the foot of the great Do'suul Mountains, the town has slowly expanded across the river as trade has increased. To connect the two, a large bridge was built, able to lift up in the middle of it to allow boats travelling up the river safe passage. Long boardwalks line most of the coast, giving room for dozens of boats to dock.With constant trade, it's no wonder the city is as large as it is, offering any necessity that a travelling sailor might require. At least two inns and two taverns occupy the town, making enough room for any travelling merchants or sailors that wish to stay overnight. In addition to the inns, one brothel can be found near the docks for those seeking a warm bed and company for the night. Merchants have no need to go too far to sell wares, as stalls line the streets.Due to the temperate coastal clime, one may find orchards and fields of herbs to be used for perfumery. The harvest of these goods occurs in late summer, a good time to get temporary work and participate in festivals. One of Fairin's exports is fragrances, and it is because of this the town is so popular amongst the wealthy, for one may find unique perfumes here available nowhere else in Elenlond.

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