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Eulalia Tessera Astharoshe

Eulalia Astharoshe
Citizen of the World
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August 26th, 2013, 12:30 am #1

Basic Profile
Name – Eulalia Tessera Astharoshe
Age – 18
Gender – Female
Alignment – Neutral Good
Social Class – Royalty
Occupation – High Queen of Angkar, High Priestess of Angkar
Race – Human
Nationality – Angkarian
Weapons –

Eulalia is a Summoner. Summoners use special magic that allows them to call forth summons, or borrow a summon’s power. Summoners can call upon mythological beasts, magical fairies, and even powerful deities to assist a Summoner and their allies in battle.

A magical Rod is her weapon of choice. It features a long and thin shaft, tipped with a large and elaborate band. This Rod is used to cast magic, or more specifically, for summoning purposes. It is strong enough to be used as a weapon itself and can defend against other weapons of magic, as well as regular weapons, such as swords.

An Espada Ropera is her secondary weapon of choice; a narrow and long sword. It was a weapon designed by Sophia Orjtarn as a gift specifically for Eulalia's 16th birthday party. Its blade, though thin, can be used to make effective cuts. It has a cross-guard and despite the fact that the sword is narrowed, it maintains a cutting edge capable of cutting cleanly through a pig.

Physical Appearance –

Eulalia has long, dark brown colored hair that reaches to her lower back, and seafoam green eyes. Her hair is either loose, flowing down her back and over her shoulders, or often twisted up into an intricate, accessorized bun; sometimes her entire head of hair will be knotted into hundreds of braids. Of course, the crown adorns itself atop her head, giving her a regal look fit for a Queen. She is a slender and tall young woman with the body of a lithe dancer, subtle curves and who has reached a height of 5"7' and weighing 120 lbs.,. The tone of her skin is naturally tan—depending on the time of year, it could be either paler (winter) or darker (summer).

Eulalia typically wears a long tribal and finely decorated polychrome silk dress. The dress is embroidered in glyph patterns, jewelry, adorned with gold and red pieces, and edged in golden lace. It has been decorated with green orbs on the straps, oftentimes wears a green headdress also edged in gold lace with white ruffled trims. **she will often wear tribal paint elegant golden scaled armor over her dresses, which will sometimes be paired with a feathered traditional headdress instead of the crown, due to both her religious priestess status, as well as her experience with waging war.**

When it is particularly hot, she wears thin elegant silk chiffon of different colors (green is her favorite) over a satin undergown, with a Golden belt shaped like lace around her waist and two matching bangles and cuffs on each wrist, arm, and shoulder, and necklace of gold around her neck.
Personality –

Eulalia is a young lady with many exceptional and peculiar gifts and talents; some might even call her a genius. Even as a little girl, Eulalia noticed the prevailing contradictions present in Angkarian society, where slavery and freedom evolved side by side. As she grew, she found herself torn between the values she had inherited from her parentage, which compelled her to form her own core beliefs. With these ideals matching up with those of the Methuselah, Eulalia joined them at the age of eleven, striving to rid Angkar of slavery and fight against injustice.

As Queen, she behaves with proper posture, etiquette, speech, and everything else. The young Queen is capable of being quite obstinately fearsome and strong-willed, especially when the well-being of her people is in question (or even her own pride). She’s bold and adventurous, but oftentimes impatient and immature, frequently letting her pettiness and vindictiveness get the better of her.

A gifted actress, Eulalia is able to present herself in different ways, by altering her dress, bearing, and speech. In doing so, she was able to convincingly appear in the guises of both a charming royal and a submissive slave. This allows Eulalia to infiltrate slave traders' organizations and smugglers' networks as well as mingle with nobles or government officials. Nevertheless, she does not give up her own interests in frivolous pastimes, such as tea parties, and potential husbands, and neither do these social pressures deter her from perusing her aspirations away from society, such as becoming an Astrologian.

Eulalia is selfless, offering her help to the disenfranchised. Her deeper nature is to be one of marked selflessness, unflinching loyalty to her people and great compassion. However, Eulalia's selflessness can veer into recklessness at times. Her tendency to act without sufficient forethought persists throughout her lifetime, despite her Mentor's efforts in curbing it. Her humorous side shines through a little bit more around friends and allies, as well as her genuine charm, rather than artificially constructed to serve as a means to an end. For the most part, however, she retains a serious and confident air.

She believes strongly in lawful concepts such as honor, rules, tradition, and adheres to the word of law, but also follows a personal moral code. Eulalia is very well educated, having received private schooling in both Soto—where the education is much more advanced than the other countries— and Angkar. She has proven to be remarkably brilliant, taking on a number of studies and subjects and mastering them in her own right. Eulalia is also affectionate towards animals, which are dear to her, particularly towards her own pets; a leopard, parrot, and bear (a gift from Galena).
History –
Eulalia was born into royalty, daughter of Vaclav Astharoshe and an Angkarian native by the name of _____, Eulalia was raised in a comfortable and privileged environment. They were part of the extended family of the first Royal family of the re-established monarchy. Her parent’s first cousin so happened to be the King of Angkar, Razarod.

Eulalia's carefree life as a youth was cut short when the Queen inexplicably vanished, leaving a void in the girl's life, as she was a great influence. She was only ten years old.

The noble Hemlock was slowly achieving power through the corruption of the King’s Counsel and trusted advisers. When he suddenly came into power at the King's assassination, Angkar changed drastically. Slavery was endorsed and ran rampantly throughout Angkar. Poverty rose tremendously. He established an even greater Military power than Razarod and had very little religious tolerance, inducing systematic persecution amongst the people. Foreign affairs were in shambles as other countries no longer trusted the Monarchy, except for Ashoka, whom continued to remain their trusted allies.

However, Angkar prospered economically, becoming richer than it had ever been before, mainly thanks to the slave trade. With Angkar's riches on the rise as well as it's military power, it was becoming the greatest amongst the nations... and thus a major threat.

Shrewd by nature, Eulalia noticed the contrasts present within the society she lived in and, at the age of eleven, resolved to act against this injustice.

Following an attempt to rescue a man from enslavement, she met the Priest Acanorex, who was impressed by her ingenuity and dedication to pursuing freedom. He decided to take Eulalia under his wing, with the consent of her parents, and secretly trained her to become an official member of the Methuselah, a secret organization of spies and assassins. This did not come without repercussions, however. Her parents were quite furious with the young girl for acting so recklessly and on her own, even if she did something brave and admirable in their eyes. Eulalia was grounded for a week.

Following a few months of intense training, Eulalia was officially inducted into the Methuselah, with Acanorex becoming her Mentor.

An associate of Vaclav Astharoshe, a young Narváez Vázquez, discovered a dire plot against all remaining members of the royal family, and hunted down several of Hemlock's subordinates; Narváez sought to shut down the mad King's operations quickly.

Meanwhile, as the Astharoshe family went into hiding, they decided that they needed to flee the Kingdom and change their names just to be on the safe side. With the help of a Nobleman’s underground services, one who remained loyal to the Royal family, they were able to do so and moved to an undisclosed estate in Soto where they could be safe.

They moved in the night. From the port city of Zedrin, they took a ship out of Angkar. A few days later and they made it to Reine, Soto. Yet the trip did not go as smoothly as they had anticipated.

Eulalia’s parents never made it to Sotoan soil. Their food supply had been poisoned and many, including her parents, died on the voyage, only their bodies being able to make it.

However, being a trained medicine woman, Noelle was able to save a few, including her own daughter, before her body succumbed to the poison. They sailed the rest of the days to Soto with an insufficient amount of personnel and little nourishment.

Eulalia thought herself to be alone in the world.

When she arrived in Soto, arrangements were made for her to be taken in by a man named Matthaios Evermore, a distant relative of Razarod, whom her parents were already scheduled to meet.

Suddenly she was forced to become Monica Wordsworth, adopted daughter of the childless nobleman Abraham Wordsworth. "Monica" was cared for and brought up by her stepmother and governess, Madeleine Wordsworth.

That would be the story. The name change felt like a necessity to Matthaios as it provided Eulalia with unrecognizably against those who wished to do them harm.

As Monica, Eulalia received the best education in Soto, and therefore, the best education in all of the Kingdoms.

The girl was found to be exceptionally gifted, proving excellence in reading, history, art, writing/calligraphy, alchemy, astronomy, and mathematics, alongside a bit of archery and horseback riding. But this was not a part of Eulalia's interests, even as Monica. She yearned to continue her education on magic and summoning from her favorite friendly Priest.

Seeing her frustration, Abraham made arrangements to have the Priest brought to their estate to continue Eulalia's training; Abraham also took the time to teach her the deep seeded culture of Angkar, so that Eulalia might be prepared to return there one day with him.

Despite the fact that Madeleine quickly adopted the role of doting stepmother, Eulalia continued to be troubled by the loss of her mother. As a result, she frequently had nightmares about the events surrounding her parent's deaths.

Eulalia desired justice to be served over Hemlock, whom she deemed responsible for Razarod’s untimely death, the Royal family’s downfall, and Angkar’s corruption. She couldn’t stand by while that happened to Angkar. Eulalia did her best to convince Matthaios to rise against Hemlock, and it didn’t take much persuasion before he agreed. His heart was already after the matter. She certainly had much spirit for someone so young.

Madeleine Wordsworth helped him in the only way she could; using her sources to contract support for them throughout Soto. He also retained support of a few persons of the Military in Angkar and soon, they had developed a secret military force of their own. Eulalia naively called this organization the Methuselah, after the secret organization in Angkar. Their secret soldiers. The Methuselah would exist to protect the throne, to collect, analyze, evaluate and disseminate intelligence to assist the King in making decisions for his country. Matthaios was so lucky to have an intelligent, young, and fresh mind working to support him, yet most could not keep Monica's name from their lips.

There was a complicated plot in the works. It was the true successor to the throne, Matthaios Evermore, Razarod’s closest living relative, to whom they would serve.

Hemlock’s support very slowly began to collapse from the inside, and support for Matthaios began to grow. The other cities and tribes of the island began to unite against Hemlock, as well. Many were already burning with rage over the enslavement of their people, and it was an easy cause for them to get behind.

Little did they know that it was Eulalia’s will driving the entire thing forward. She even helped Matthaios pick out a proper general for their army after being dissatisfied with the one he had originally chosen. The one that would be chosen would not only be one that matched their ideals, but it would be someone that was a progressive, much like herself, not a complete traditionalist like Matthaios. Finally, one was chosen by the name of Narváez.

Ashoka openly opposed the plot, not being happy about someone of the Evermore bloodline attempting to retake the throne.

The goal was for Hemlock to be deposed on the Summer of 7 AR, and stripped of all of his power and status. He was to be imprisoned in the Tower of Castle Evermore where the plan was to have him spend the rest of his days locked up and in complete discomfort.

Matthaios would triumphantly ride into Castle Evermore on a wave of popular support, accompanied by Eulalia, and a procession of the 800 nobles, soldiers, citizens who supported their cause.

They would be victorious!

Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan. The day that their army rode into the castle to overthrow Hemlock, that was the day she watched helplessly as Matthaios was shot in the chest by an arrow that went clean through his heart. When his lifeless body fell from his horse and hit the ground, Eulalia was hit with a hard cold truth she would have trouble facing for some time to come. They called for a ceasefire. It would last seven days.

They rushed a traumatized Eulalia to the back of the lines, where the war tents were along with Matthaios' body.

Unfortunately, the assassin was never found.

Narváez argued with the other leaders over what should be done. Should they retreat? Should the press forward? Who would lead them now?

"I will lead you," Eulalia, the young visionary said, to the shock of everyone around her. At that point, there was much yelling with all of the participants red to the face over the succession, all but a young girl who kept control over her emotions. With Angkar being a patriarchal society, it would be very difficult for Eulalia to succeed. But Eulalia had a plan.

The girl induced the others to help re-establish the older succession law of Angkar, ones that were in place before the new Monarchy. Laws that were reputable by Angkarian Kings and Queens of old. This was Eulalia's plan. One of her specialties of her studies was History. The girl had delved deep into the history of Angkar and found out the truth. This was Angkar's true tradition before the old Monarchy fell. Before Angkar was corrupted by the other cultures that tainted theirs with bigotry and misogyny. This is what would help her succeed. Narváez was inspired to help the girl. But others needed a bit more convincing.

With the Army on her side, however, she could not fail.

A day later, at his funeral, where they burned his corpse on a pillar of wood, she did not weep. She had done enough crying on her own time. Instead, she pressed her lips together in a thin line and put on the professional mask she would have to be wearing from that day forth.

On the fifth day, a meeting was established between the Court Generals of Castle Evermore and the Eulalian generals. They met on neutral grounds outside of the war tents and the Castle. The succession was discussed, and although it became possible for the girl to succeed, she was, after all, still just a girl. Underage, Eulalia would require a regent. Narváez then came forth to vouch for Eulalia. A testimony that would describe her as more capable than Matthaios, and perhaps even himself. Then came the lie. Narváez declared that it was Matthaios' dying wish that Eulalia should become Queen. When the girl confessed this as true, the Court declared Eulalia true.

Eulalia was proclaimed as their Queen. Overwhelmed at the sudden turn of events, the young one was afraid of being unable to meet up to the task. Although she hid those fears quite well. All she could really do now was press on and do her best. After all. It was about time for justice to be served. It was about time that the Angkarian throne was returned to its rightful ruler.

It was the 8th day. The ceasefire had ended.


Over the next several days, Eulalia's army worked on breaching the walls of Castle Evermore. Eventually it was decided that a small group would be sent in secretly and would let them in from the inside. In the middle of the night, Eulalia's army attacked, and took the castle by force from the unsuspecting King, Hemlock. He was stripped of all his titles by the self-proclaimed Queen, Eulalia, and sentenced to death. He would be imprisoned immediately until his trial was to be carried out in several days time.

The Royal court proved to be a problem and could not be touched because they claimed Sanctuary by the Angkarian Gods at Tierra's Temple. They disapproved of Eulalia becoming Queen, for their minds were but little and did not want a female on the throne. They were also still quite loyal to the tyrannical Hemlock, and Eulalia deemed them too corrupt to trust until she could find a way to replace the Royal Court entirely. The day came when Hemlock was going to be executed, but his cell was found empty. He had escaped. Eulalia put up a high bounty on his head and claimed that he was banished from the Kingdom entirely.

Thus was her first act as Queen.


First Five Abilities
  • Summoning: Agua – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Agua. Summon three bursts of water from under the foe big enough to swallow them whole, with a slight delay between the first and second. The water follow the foe's movements, bursting from whatever ground the foe stands on. Ineffective against flying foes. Upon impact, the concussive wave would send the foe flying into the air several feet.
  • Summoning: Tierra – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Tierra. Summon three blocks of compressed earth approximately the size of a human torso and launch them at the enemy, in unison or delayed one after the other.
  • Summonin: Aire – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Aire. Summon three miniature tornadoes around self that spin and combine into one, then blows out and disperses. The winds cut upon impact and they deflect attacks.
  • Summoning: Fuego – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Fuego. Shoot small fireballs, approximately the size of a football, forward quickly. Low range but high speed. Burns upon impact.
  • Summoning: Desplazamiento – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Desplazamiento. While the physical presence (body) assumes a deep trance, Eulalia assume an Astral Form, separating from the physical body for as long as ten minutes. She is invisible, though people with spiritual/mental powers can sense and see her. She cannot be too far away from her body or for too long, or else risk forever being severed from her own body forever. Eulalia can whisper into the ears of others and physical and magical attacks phase through her in this form, albeit magical attacks lessen the time she can have outside of her body. Eulalia has no magic in this form. Her body is left vulnerable and unprotected. With enough damage to the body, Eulalia may be forcefully brought back to it.
This profile has been approved by Shadow!

Additional Abilities:
  • Summoning: Cristales – Verbally summon the power of the deity, Fu'uña. Summon three crystallized plates directly in front of or around the caster and reduces physical and magical damage inflicted by enemies. The crystalline barriers increases Eulalia's Defense by 33% for three posts.

Eulalia Astharoshe
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July 8th, 2014, 2:57 am #2

Political Aspirations
Political Aspirations — In politics, Eulalia has been more moderate than her Evermore relatives had been, and far less radical than Hemlock. During Hemlock's totalitarian rule, a lot of money went into military power (both land and sea), giving money to the rich by taking from the poor, and highly promoting slavery and racism. Her political aspirations include taxing the rich, banning slavery, uniting the tribes....

Slavery -- Eulalia does not support Slavery in the country, mainly due to the cruel and unjust treatment of Slaves. Her aim is to establish law-enforced contracts, with altruistic rules on their treatment, work-load, and education, so they would not be taken advantage of by the slave masters.

Poverty -- Eulalia also wishes to reduce the large gap between the rich and the poor in Angkar by creating more opportunities and work for the homeless and the poor. Delivering these goals is not a technocratic exercise. Success will require Queen Eulalia to challenge the current power and vested interests. Is the Kingdom prepared to take on vested interests: those who profit from maintaining lawless Slavery or those elites who get ahead in an unequal world. Will Angkarian society have the ability to combat these vested interests and hold the Kingdom to account?

Religion -- In religion, she is relatively tolerant, avoiding systematic persecution, but favors and supports the worship of Angkarian deities.

Court -- Luinean nobles are persons who possess the legal status of hereditary nobility according to the laws and traditions of the Luinean monarchy. A system of titles and honors of Luinea comprise the Angkarian nobility. Some nobles possess various titles that may be inherited, but the creation and recognition of titles is legally a prerogative of the High Queen of Luinea. The ordinary Angkarian nobility is divided into six ranks. From highest to lowest, these are: Duque (Duke), Marqués (Marquis), Conde (Count), Vizconde (Viscount), Barón (Baron), and Señor (Lord) (as well as the feminine forms of these titles).

Nobility descends from the first man of a family who was raised to the nobility (or recognized as belonging to the hereditary nobility) to all his legitimate descendants, male and female, in the male line. Thus, most persons who are legally noble, hold no noble title. By Angkarian law, all hereditary titles descend by absolute primogeniture, gender not being a criterion for preference in inheritance.

Spanish nobles are classified as either grandees, as titled nobles, or as untitled nobles. Grandees are divided into first, second, and third classes. A grandeeship is always attached to the grant of a ducal title. Each class holds special privileges such as:
  • those who spoke to the Queen and received her reply with their heads covered.
  • those who addressed the Queen uncovered, but put on their hats to hear her answer.
  • those who awaited the permission of the Queen before covering themselves.
Dukes and other individuals who are grandees are entitled to the honorific style of The Most Excellent Lord/Lady or His/Her Excellency. Titled nobles (without a grandeeship) who are of the rank of marquis or count use the style of The Most Illustrious Lord/Lady. Those who hold a title with the rank of viscount, baron or Señor use his lordship/ her ladyship.

Country Relations –
  • Ashoka –Eulalia has heard many a nasty rumor about Ashoka and the line of Mad Moghuls that have ruled over the hot and dusty seas of sand and jungle. She has been informed that Orion de Lacey had ties in the assassination of the royal family of Angkar. Eulalia does not view the country in a good light. There is a lot of tension between the countries that could spark war at any time.
  • Soto – Eulalia has been educated on the Republic and its councilors and is aware that they have trade routes going to and from Soto. Eulalia spent half of her life in Soto and was educated by several of their many amazing scholars. Half of her heart belongs to the country. Their bonds have grown tremendously and the two countries have prospered together in their allegiance. The Queen has helped with the war effort against their newest enemies, Meadaigh, and the Sith.
  • Morrim – Eulalia has established a treaty with Morrim that describes an open trade agreement between the two countries. She has built strong ties and connections to the Morrimean Empire.

Eulalia Astharoshe
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October 15th, 2016, 1:19 am #3

La Triandia | The political alliance of Ástharoshe
The Astharoshe family (Kasa Astharoshe) originated from Ashoka in 200 BR. A great genius from the ancient Ishtaru clan, longed to travel the seas. He was shunned by clans and noble houses alike for his ideas of grandeur, but eventually, he found a man that took an interest to his curious mind.This man funded many of Ishtaru's progressive projects, until eventually, he built himself a ship large and sturdy enough for save passage throughout the entire world. Using the newly ackquired ship and his knowledge on astronavigation, Ishtaru hired a crew and set off from Etruria, going around Tamarind Bay, then off into the sea. Ishtaru visited Reine, Hohoemi, travelled across the Sea of Diverging Waters to the The Ruin of Storms, the Island of Daro, until finally, he made it to Angkar. Ishtaru fell in love with the enchanted place.

Although the native elves of Nevárra could not speak his name correctly, Ishtaru quickly became accustomed to being called Áztharo. Being excited for his arrival, as he was the first man in decades to arrive from across the sea, they showered him with riches, and he in turn showed him many of the amazing things he had brought with him on his ship with his crew. Him and his crew moved on to the next island; Aztlán, named after its King. The Chief King of that time, Chieftain Aztlán, saw that they came in peace and allowed them to stay.

Weeks later, after Áztharo and his crew earned the native's trust, Aztlán estowed upon him his youngest daughter, Princess Awilix, a Seeres and devout follower of their moon Goddess. Other members of his crew also took native women as their brides. Gathering their brides, as well as a vast array of curious followers, Áztharo and his crew headed deep into the heart of the Luin Islands to find a place of his own; Angkar. After several generations and mispronounciations later, Kasa Astharoshe was born.

Eventually, the last Chief King of Angkar was killed sometime during the long years (time distortion), leaving no male heirs, and his Queen Mother, Leóna, took the throne. Whatever rights she had to rule did nothing for the woman's broken heart over losing her husband after losing her sons to the same disease. She spent her days drunk and miserable, whilst her daughters remained unmarried and equally miserable. It was during this time that Galarod, eldest son of Morrimian Immigrant, Lord Alleród Evermore, and future King of Angkar, left his homeland to travel the lands, taking his family with him.

In 100 BR, Razaród (formerly Galaród) returned a new man with bright ideas, and the Angkarians united into a kingdom in a moment of grand unification unlike the Luin Islands had ever seen. Razaród forced many culturally distinct communities together in an attempt to create more efficient barriers against the likelihood of a Morrimian or Sotoan return to reconquest. Although Angkarians accepted him, many native tribes did not recognized him as their one true King. The Astharoshe family had served the Chieftain on the throne when Razarod Evermore claimed it, deposing Queen Chief Leóna and all of her daughters, Rozene, Lucrezia, and Malinali, and decided they would continue to serve the crown, thus offering their allegiance with the Evermores.

The former Water Goddess, Kenna (Shadow), then chose to marry the most influential member of Kasa Evermore, solidifying Evermore rule with her own great influence.

Razaród had initially established la Espada Ropera as a young teenager, attracting several loyal members. One of his most fervent followers was his cousin, the young Lord of Álma, Diego of Kasa Ástharoshe, who began a series of spiritual wars in the name of the Great Creator against foreign religious sects, quickly proving himself to be a most terrifying force. He was eventually named General of Razarod's royal army. Diego's brother, Vaclav, was proclaimed captain of the royal guard, and his best friend, Lord Edgar of Kaza Vázquez, became captain of the royal navy. The people called the unity of these powerful houses La Triandia. Edgar's youngest brother, Narváez, served La Triandia as a deadly agent of the royal guard, and was promoted to Captain of la Espada Ropera, shortly after Razarod claimed the throne. The Vázquez brothers do not speak of their youngest sister, Zamora, who became a notorious pirate.

Together, the three houses solidified Angkar's status as a significant power in Soare.

Lord Vaclav, however, had different ideas than his brother. Although compassionate and warm, he was far more ambitious and cunning than his fanatical brother. He was not particularly enamoured with King Razarod as Diego was. Vaclav began to make plans of his own, plans that would help to secure his future on the throne. He married a native woman, eldest daughter to the late Chieftess Leóna, Princess Malinali, with whom he would conceive the future Queen of Angkar. It was difficult to keep from his brother the fact, and the Princess had to disguise herself as a noblewoman of a different yet powerful house. Even though the marriage was not consumated out of love, Malinali was happy to be with a man that shared her ambitions of putting a proper heir on the throne when the time came.

The Evermores maintained their rule for a generation while their Ástharoshe relatives enjoyed an equally lofty status among the nobility. As intelligent as the young Eulalia was, she never did catch onto her parent's plot.

They continued uninterrupted until the day they were rumored to have been killed off by an elite assassin and Ashoka's dark agent, Hemlock Le'Fleur, overthrew the royal house and seized the throne for himself, beginning the shortlived Hemlock dynasty. The remaining members of the royal family, such as members of Kaza Ástharoshe, Nevárra, and Vázquez, were forced to flee. Many were hunted down, few managed to cross the ocean to safety, where they lived their lives as different people, where they plotted in the shadows, until someone would come and lead them to victory...

Eulalia Astharoshe
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October 25th, 2016, 3:55 am #4

Eulalia's NPCs

Of the Noble House of Narváez
  • A wealthy militaristic Angkarian House with strong ties to the Crown
  • Narváez - Leonardo Narváez Vázquez
    • Commander of the Royal Guard
  • Alvár - Edgar Alvár Vázquez
    • Admiral of the Fleet
  • "Ines" - Esmeralda Ines Vázquez
    • Chamberlain
  • "Fernán" - Ricardo Fernán Vázquez
    • Baron of the Exchequer
  • Estél - Hilda Estél Vázquez
    • Commander of the Crows
  • Zamora
    • Pirate Lady of Luinia
Of the Noble House of Nevárra
  • A Powerful Elven House of Scholars
The Queen's Crows
  • They are the Queen's eyes and ears in the Kingdom
Eulalia's Ladies in Waiting/Handmaidens

  • Holoni Tribe
  • Korokoro Tribe
  • Dan'lukku Tribe
  • Bibiro Tribe
  • Hoatu Tribe
  • Barkru Tribe
  • Palanakiłi Tribe
  • Mumurā Tribe
  • Sakalku Tribe
  • Kūwangeru Tribe
  • Rāngeru Tribe
  • Ik'Skull Tribe