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Elenlond is split into two continents—Soare to the west and Esiria to the east. Unlike Soare, which houses three countries—the Republic of Soto, the Empire of Morrim, and the Kingdom of Ashoka—and has an extensive history recorded in books and on scrolls, very little is actually known about Esiria. Whatever history existed prior to the arrival of the Mianorite deities has been lost, due partially to the gods' takeover, but largely due to Esiria's total isolation. Scholars have put forward the belief that the Mianorite gods in Esiria likely fell before those in Soare, save one: the Matriarch of Chaos, Evona. She alone retained her power as the rest of her brethren fell, consuming Esiria with her power and, consequently, isolating the continent from the rest of the world. Fantastical tales of floating kingdoms, underground palaces, and ever-changing landscapes have reached Soare's shores, though there is no way to prove or disprove what travellers, few though they are, have said. On occasion, inhabitants of Esiria will arrive on Soare's shores, but Esirians seem to disappear after a time, fading into the background—or, perhaps, returning home. Many worship Evona and hail her as the only true goddess, scoffing at Soare's various religions and beliefs. Those who make the journey to Esiria very rarely make it home, and those that do are either raving and driven to madness, or never actually make it to the continent's shores and, for whatever reason, were forced to turn back.

Because of its total isolation from the rest of the world, Esiria does not exist as a playable place. It is for reference only, living only in the memories of those who currently live there, or those Mianorite deities who once ruled there.

Players who want to use Esiria in relation to their characters should consult Kestrel Sumner or Aniketos. Evona was a former staff member on Elenlond, and though her character is no longer in play and she is no longer a presence on the forum, Esiria was her design. Magic, especially, is different in Esiria, so if you wish to make your character from Esiria, or have minimal interactions with the continent, you will need to consult with the staff team first.

Esiria's continent on the world map is for reference only.