Erth'netora Forest

The Erth'netora Forest encompasses most of Soto and surrounds Madrid, and acts as a natural border between Soto and Morrim. Always haunted with an air of mystery, the forest has become stranger since the Sotoans' war with the fae. The power of the fae's queen, Méadaigh, caused the forest to grow unnaturally through the winter, and thus the trees did not lose their leaves until the beginning of spring. The forest is only now recovering, entering a too-short growing season that is fated to end at the beginning of winter. The plants are coming back, but weakly, for the soil is exhausted and unable to sustain much life. The creatures that usually inhabit the forest are lean and few. There are some more permanent changes to the forest as well. Many of the trees have become twisty and convoluted under the influence of Méadaigh's power, and they are taller and thicker than they used to be. Then there is the ruined fae city of Nemetona lying somewhere in the forest. At the top of Nemetona's hill is the burnt wreckage of the once-vast Pale Tree, and the rest of the city is abandoned, the trees that made up its habitations covered in ash and eaten by fungus.

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