Elly Awards 2017 [NOMINATIONS]

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Hello everybody!

Now the Activity check is over and the forum is tidied up, it's time for the Elly Awards! As with last year, all the cateogories will be open to member nominations. Please note that the It's Alive! category will have two winners, though anyone who won last year (Glede and Sara) cannot be nominated again. Nominations will be open for anyone to submit until Monday, August 7th.

After nominations, there will be a one week voting period, so please don't forget to vote for your favorites!
  • Best Quotation
    • This should be a single piece of text spoken by a single character. Similar to what you see in the quotation generator.
  • Best Use of Language
    • Nominations in this category should be for outstanding writing. You may nominate such devices as a good metaphor or simile, gorgeous imagery, or even just a scene that made you feel a particular way or caught your attention.
  • Best Dialogue
    • Any piece of text that involves at least two characters, PC or NPC. May be a specific part of a roleplay, or just what occurs across the entire thread.
  • Most Emotional Moment
    • Any moment that makes you really feel something—happiness, sadness, fear, etc. Romantic moments are included in this heading.
  • Best Backstory
    • An example of a character or multiple character(s) with an interesting history, be it in their profile or if it's revealed in a thread.
  • Best Character Arc
    • If you've noticed any characters undergoing interesting development, be it due to a personal plot or just things that have occurred throughout several threads, this is the place to note it!
  • I'd Ship This
    • Are there any characters you just wish would get together? Note it here! Of course, the nominations can be for couplings that would never happen, or they could be an overt suggestion to the community for something that maybe could happen.
  • Best Use of Abilities
    • This doesn’t apply to an ability by itself, but rather to how it was used in a thread: perhaps an ability was used creatively, or else a set of abilities came together to great effect. This can apply to abilities used in conjunction by two different people as well.
  • Best Use of NPC(s)
    • This does not have to be a character with an NPC account: it can be a recurring NPC character or even just some people who appeared in a thread and were used in a noteworthy way.
  • Most Interesting Thread
    • Is there a thread that you just can't stop reading? Nominate it so the rest of us can get addicted too!
  • Most Creative Scenario
    • There's plenty of threads that take place in taverns, but then there's the ones that throw the characters into extraordinary situations. If you've noticed a particularly exciting premise for a thread, this is the category where you should give it recognition!
  • Best Player Cooperation
    • Have you seen two notable characters working together to achieve their goal? Did it strike you as amazingly well done? Make a note of it here!
  • It's Alive!
    • Have you noticed a character that seems particularly realistic, their emotions palpable, and their bearing plausible? Nominate them here! Nominations in this category should be for characters that you find have a great amount of depth and realism, be it through the way they act, think, or pursue their goals. Please remember that, as Glede and Sara won last year, they will not be eligible for this award again.
  • Best Character Relationship
    • This, of course, does not have to be a romantic relationship – you can nominate a friendship, a hateship, a rivalry, a business relationship or whatever!
  • Best Use of Lore
    • Have you seen someone doing a great job of incorporating Elenlond's history and worldbuilding into their work? Have you seen someone building on what's already there in an interesting way? Nominate them here!
  • Most Original Character
  • Best Fight Scene
  • Most Humorous Character
  • Friendliest Player
  • Most Creative Thread Title
If you choose to, you may nominate an unlimited number of characters/threads/quotes for any given character, but you may not nominate your own. Any such nomination that includes your own work will be ignored. It's understandable that you might be proud of your own work, and others may agree that you've done a good job with any particular thing, but this is a time for recognising and paying attention to each other. However, you can nominate a thread you participated in so long as the focus is on another person's work, such as if a character said something memorable in a thread you're in and you want to nominate it for the Best Quotation award. This is fine even if the thing you're nominating is in reaction to what your character has done.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM a member of the staff.

With all that being said, please use the form below to propose your nominations. As mentioned before, nominations will be closed on Monday, August 7th.

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[b]Award:[/b] Please use the award's FULL NAME.
[b]Nominee:[/b] Please specify if it is the player's CHARACTER or the PLAYER him/herself, if it is unclear [ex. Galeas (Player)].
[b]Reason:[/b] This can be short or long, depending on your preferences. Just give us a quick note about why you think they deserve to be nominated. A quote, if it is needed, can be put here. Also, please include a link(s) to relevant thread(s) if necessary.

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// here a few to start with, will add more later //

Award: Best Character Arc
Nominee: Calliope//Thaleia/Meadaigh/Kali
From Maiden to Mother to Crone to Fiend. I mean, damn. The development has been drastic and diverse, in a way that is both intriguing and terrifying, but even the latter in an extremely appealing manner. The transformations of Calliope have been many, each more radical than the one before, but still they all happen to make perfect sense. Each stage has taken place in its time, as a one-way rotation that is much akin to the radicalization of an idea, the way an individual becomes exponentially more sick at heart once awakened that they cannot but burn the world in the end.

Award: Most Creative Thread Title
Nominee: Pineapple Saluk, by Ephie
I mean, the first time I saw this one pop up I just...what? Thankfully though, there was an explanation inside...
wrote:(I almost wanted to name this thread 'Seth Rogan on the Pineapple Express to Half-Baked Madness with Snoop Dogg' ...)
After which I laughed. So golden. And hideously self-explanatory in its awesome.

Award:Best Dialogue
Nominee: Misery Loves Company, Phaedrus & Neriasis
Reason? REASON!? Let me demonstrate...
wrote:P - “How was your beauty rest?” He really oughtn’t be so rude to someone who saved him from drowning—well, drowning as far as he could; although one could hardly call him a savior when he’d started the entire debacle in the first place ...
N -“I don’t need beauty rest, I am already fabulous,” quipped the drow.
wrote:"I can't help I'm so pretty," Phaedrus sneered, picking his wadded pants off the floor.

“Pretty like cheese,” commented Neriasis, “you’d probably be like one of the ugly stepsisters in a fairy tale if you were to put on a dress.”

“You’re the one that looks like an idiot, wearing more clothes than a nun.” He snapped out his clothes derisively, the leg of his pants striking the band of Neri’s armor. “What’s that, a chastity belt? You don’t have to protect your virginity, your personality does that well enough.” The necromancer rolled his eyes magnificently, returning his hand to his side.
wrote:P -"Too aggressive. Sloppy. You've got to build up to it before you eat someone's face off."
N -“Some of us prefer aggressive, or maybe it’s simply a matter of your stench. "
wrote:P - " We’re in Etruria, you cockatiel-plumed fuckwit.”
N -"... Just because you might study maps doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. Some of us have better things to do with our time than worry about the locals of other countries. Guess that thought never crossed your over inflated head. "
Also, the interaction in itself is quite... amusing and sassy through the roof. Loving every line of this.

Award:Best Use of Language
Nominee: Crowned in Clouds, Juul
I have always loved Juul's way of desciribing sounds, landscapes and military things. His choice of wording is quite 'medievalesque' and moderately metaphorical, stimulating both creatively and intellectually. I also find it satisfying having to flip through dictionary for some of the finer words, as of the learning experience.
wrote:Spring was well in step. Trees, destitute of leaves, had begun to bud their garments once more. The first wave of spring flowers had sprouted, covering the highlands in a sea of blue and yellow, and the ground had become soft enough to till. Crowds of labourers and oxen were seen busy at work, chasing away the winter pigs and turning over the fallow soil. Though lean winter fare still graced the tables of the people, they bore the taste of better meals to come. On some days the sun blazed strong, with nary a cloud to impede, on others the hue of the sky was heavily overcast.
The snow had retreated from the peaks of the Do’Suul, though one could not see such detail through the gloom and light mist – the mountains were shapeless, looming giants standing sentinel over treacherous switchback trails that snaked around their flanks and through thin pine forests. Birds of prey gave whistling cries that mingled with the hollow chopping of hooves against stone, the horses giving an odd whicker when urged to unsure footing.
wrote:Juul sat astride her horse, armed as for war, with her gorget affixed around her shoulders and her cabasset atop her head. In her right hand was her spear, slung over a shoulder, and in her left were the worn leather reins that yoked the skewbald mare beneath her.
wrote:The land seemed to fall away before them, the pine trees thinning, affording the party a view at a vast lake, nestled in between the looming giants. Shining and clear blue, it stretched for leagues – but how?
The plateau widened from the defile of the dam, a long stretch of grassland that climbed slowly into rolling hills, then soared to towering peaks that ringed it. The grasses were tall and rough, and the plain was curiously dotted here and there with bushes tall as a man. Huge, broad leaves curled around the stems, obscuring them from view. Juul didn't much care - there were all sorts for odd flora to be found in the mountains.

Award: Most Emotional Moment
Nominee: Sara in The Intercession of Spirits 2: Electric Boogaloo
The entirety of Izzy's opening post was magnificent, evoking and portraying first despair, then deep contemplation, calm and ultimately serenity. It was all very well formed into writing, making a little adventure in both internal and external, dwelling at each stage and scene for just the right amount. The metaphores really spoke to me, along with the vivid descriptions of Sara's inner musings throughout the post.
wrote:About a month prior, she had gone to the river, miserable and desperate. She had hit some highs, but then she had hit crushing lows -- again. Furious with this constant battle of feelings, she had tried yet again to meditate her problems away, to try and form some kind of emotional compromise with herself.

People were fighting -- people were running countries, living, dying, making marks and impacts on the world they lived in and being remembered for them.

What had she, Sara Prins, ever done for anyone?
wrote:Soon her powerful lungs ran out of air, and she removed the stones from her pockets and had whisked herself back up, clothes and boots sodden, but now she thought about similarities elsewhere: the bottom of the ocean, the cold of the shadow that never moved, that space between the stars. For several hours she sat at the river's edge in a kind of daze, brow furrowed ever so slightly in thought, half-meditative in her contemplation. The rim revolves, but the center is without motion; when each spoke assays to be the center, the wheel cannot turn. When all of that which is beneath tries to become the surface, there is no more structure -- no more point to the activity upon the surface.
wrote:On the last day by the river, Sara cut off her hair and threw it into the water with her bright saffron clothes, and watched the rapids carry it away. There was no use wearing a golden crown if it only weighed her down. She had left feeling worlds lighter, and had taken it as Divine providence that Ylsa's letter had found her only two days after.

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will add more!!!! GIT HYPE

Award: Most Interesting Thread
Nominee: Crowned in Clouds
Reason: I’ve been stalking the HELL outta this thread. Juul’s plots are always ace, and this one is no exception.

There’s a bizarre mix of characters here — barbarians to enchanters to demons and a healthy dose of NPCs — and yet they all play off each other nicely. There’s a lot of sass and silliness, but beneath the antics, the entire thread is underscored by an ominous, menacing mystery. Lots of Cormac McCarthy-esque grossness and foreshadowing, like COOKING FLESH ANYONE??? MMmmMmMMm!!!!!!

I’m really, REALLY excited to see what Juul has in store — who these damn clansmen are, what’s the deal with airplane food, and what’s gonna come of this confrontation. Getting HYPE for a fight scene.

Award: Most Original Character
Nominee: Skith

Skith is hella weird, and I love it.

She’s literally made from vomit (???!!!) and is Kist’s darker half. Kind of like a pukey id with legs. Not only does she have a delicious origin story, but her concept is really cool — she’s all the repressed badness and pain in someone that comes out whether they like it or not, and causes havoc where it goes. It’ll be interesting to see if Skith will ever change, or if she’ll forever be Kist’s shadow. (Or if the two will ever be combined into a whole person??? dun DUNNNN)

Award: Best Player Cooperation
Nominee: Mizuchi, Qayin & Shell
I JUST LOVE THIS THREAD OK. It’s great. It starts off running: Shell beats the shit out of a slaver and Qayin discovers her handiwork, leading to an… unexpected partnership. From there, Qayin and Shell team up to destroy a human trafficking ring in Orl’Kabbar, and the result is a thread that’s deliciously gory and satisfying, and moves at a breakneck pace. Their characters complement each other perfectly, both personality-wise and abilities-wise.

Qayin is cool and calculating while Shell acts on instinct and emotion; Shell is a tank that can cave people’s heads faster than you can say “oh shit,” and Qayin is (TERRIFYING????//) special attacker, bending people’s minds and flesh to his will. At first glance I’d never imagine these characters working together-- after all, Shell’s an undead girl that had her agency stolen by a jerkass necromancer, and Qayin is a necromancer that… well... controls dead things. Seems like they’d have some compatibility issues, but Mizuchi defies that notion. My fav part about the thread (besides some serious ass-whoopin) are the quieter, sweet moments these characters share. I won’t spoil anything, just read. c;

Anyway, these two pack a helluva punch, and if Mizuchi is anything to go by, they’re a power couple-murder-dream-team. I love it. And I want to see more. :VVVV

Award: Best Use of Abilities
Nominee: Qayin

Ho boy. Boy boy boy Qayin, you scary fella. I love how DR doesn’t beat around the bush or hold back with his abilities, but rather puts them proudly on display. Mind controlling someone to walk into a fire? Check. Controlling a sea of bodies? Check. Flaying people with their dead flesh? Been there, done that, whatever.

There are a bunch of examples, but these stuck with me because of their sheer “WTF” factor. Qayin’s horrifying talents are used to their fullest in these threads, without reservations, and it’s delicious. And scary. And hot?????? lol i mean what
Mizuchi wrote: (Holy Shit Rating: 4/5)

I’ve noticed something, Yanni.

The silence that followed told him enough, his attention had been split further than he could control. He needed to press the attack, the man’s mind was unguarded and left to Qayin’s devices. With all of his mental might, the mage reached out and crushed his soul, breaking down what few defences were left.

The environment within his mind was swiftly changing from one of cold confidence to one of fear. It was then that Qayin spoke, this time a command for the man rather than magic.

You use collars on the slaves, correct? In fact, I noticed some upon entering the room. Grab it.

Shaking and spasming as he fought against the force that willed him to move, Yanni ceased to fight. Instead he ignored the volley of blows from Juran, stomping over towards a pile of cloths nearby. Still fighting the control somewhat, he wrenched the collar from its position on the wall, holding there temporarily. Shell had stopped attacking, realizing something was happening on Qayin’s front.

Put it on, walk into the fire.

One by One wrote:
(Holy Shit Rating: 5/5 )

“Fall prey to proper spellweaving!” The disjointed corpses cracked, snapping and bending as he commanded them into shape. The creature he had conjured forth from their matter was not particularly bulky, but what it lacked in weight it made up for in height. He climbed onto it, positioning himself in the center and willed it forward, deeper into the masses. It was a sort of tower, a vertical armor that wrapped around him. The zombies that sensed his approach lurched towards him, but seemed unable to comprehend how to reach him. Instead of manically slashing at him, they simply seemed to follow him as he pressed onwards, gathering in larger groups. While some broke off to attack others, it was clear that they were drawn to the necromancer.

The Blind Forest wrote:
(Holy Shit Rating: Go To Church/5)

Fall. The branches snaked their way outwards, thin bark-fingers skewering inwards in a mirror image of the spines that had erupted from her. She was held in place through the multitude of twigs and twisting pieces that had impaled her, but that did not stop her struggling, shrieking at the thousands of wounds she had been inflicted with. He sensed some sort of magic seeping throughout her, and the face that had moments before been contorted in pain instead leveled itself at him with malice. Galena began ripping the wood out of her, forcing her way towards him with murderous intent.


Damn. Without hesitation, Qayin lifted his right arm, palm aimed directly at her. The pain from the wounds she had inflicted caused the limb to shudder, but he focused magic into his palm and launched a beam even darker than his mists. The energy hurt soaked through her flesh, and it blotched, darkening as it was killed. Soon, the entirety of her skin had fallen to it.


With a final movement, the necromancer shifted his focus and took hold of the now dead matter. It was his to control, and he breathed an unholy life into it. With a motion of his hand, the creature of her flesh stretched and shifted, slowly tearing itself from the dryad.

Award: Friendliest Player
Nominee: Izzy

Izzy is always a sweet, bright presence on this site. I know I can always go to her if I need advice, recommendations or a listening ear, and so can everyone else! From the start when I joined Elly, she’s always been friendly, enthusiastic and easy to talk to. She does a lot to make people feel welcome, both OOCly and ICly; she’s incredibly easy to plot with, and I’ve noticed how quick she is to start threads with new members or characters. She’s always willing to help with site-wide plots as well. Overall she’s a solid presence on Elly, and a lovely person and friend. <3

Award: Most Original Character

Ok, so first off, I’d just like to bring attention to the fact that Qixetal is a “clergy snake”… that’s awesome. And hilarious to me.

Ulyn took a look at the Compendium and made a character based on the most unusual traits (letter, gender, alignment, etc), which I think is brilliant. However, none of it feels forced or Teh Random; Qixetal’s character is very well thought out, believable and unique, and incorporates the statistics from the Compendium AND Elly lore in a clever manner. I love how Ulyn thinks about technicalities and world building in everything he does — (how would a snake fly? How would it communicate? Etc?) and leaves no stone unturned, both in his Elly work and his DND work. He has a clever attention to detail and fleshes things out in a realistic manner, which is commendable (and tough) for fantasy!

(Also, he’s showing Angkar some much-needed love, which is great. : D) Qixetal is an intriguing character, and I’m looking forward to see what Ulyn does with them!

Award: Most Emotional Moment
Nominee:Woods Ye Nam Me if Ye Coods?, Scathach

This thread broke my heart. In it, Scatty goes to Morrim to find the midwife that delivered her, hoping to find info about her parents... and finds a terrible truth. Calli does a great job fleshing out Scathach, painting a picture of a childhood full of squalor and abuse, and her constant struggle to survive — and how despite her brutally tough exterior, she’s still a little girl that wants comfort, security and parental love. In a succinct thread, Calli depicts a range of emotions— from nervousness to tentative hope to utter disillusionment and pain. I present the evidence:
Woods Ye Nam Me if Ye Coods? wrote:

One night, a younger SCathach had come home with bruises on their face, a torn shirt, and blood on their pants, silently sobbing and shaking; lesson learned. They remembered the fights all too well. Each punch on behalf of every injustice and ugliness around them. Didn't mean they ever won, at least, not every time. But if they hadn't learned to win, they would have probably ended up another dead urchin. Unknown and forever forgotten. They sometimes still wondered if that would have been best.


The lighting was soft and yellow, a couple of kids were playing on a small stage in a corner for tips, and the place smelled like chocolate, fresh bread, and coffee. Warm, safe, comfortable smells Scathach didn't smell often.


Scathach swallowed hard, her fists clenched under the table. This woman left them with that vile monster that turned her into them. A shade. Two half-formed beings forced into one. They waited, composing themselves, as one composed a speech. What they had to present was a made thing, not something born. They bit her tongue until their eyes stopped glaring. It was a good thing that the spectacles hid their true feelings from the woman.


I guess Her fye favur yer faither, wi' 'at mirk hair, 'cause your mothers was red. It was our tongue 'at she cursed in. She was a Bonnie. Face was shaped loch yours."

The news was food to the starving. Scathach drank it in. They had their mother's bone structure and skin tone, but they looked like her father, whoever he was. "What dae ye ken abit 'er??" They demanded. "Did she tell ye 'er name? Anything?”


" She wooldnae tak' onie medicine tae help wi' th' pain, an'... hen, she left. Ah took ye tae gie cleaned. Ah went tae see abit somethin' tae help 'er, but when Ah cam back, she'd gain. she walked reit it."

Scathach stared. Sometimes they'd imagined they'd come in a box, or that their mother had died giving birth to them. Sometimes they'd dared to dream that an evil uncle or grandfather had stolen them from their desperate, single mother, taking them in secret to the shack, to Emer, with no name or papers, and that all these years if their mother had just known, she would have come for them. There were more, but in all their imaginings, whenever their actual mother had been present at Scathach's arrival, she had held them, been sad, wanted to keep Scathach, take her in, but been unable to do so. Now Udele was telling them that a Morrimian woman had dropped her like some... horse, or something, and walked out without a word before Scathach had even been cleaned up properly.

"She just walked out," Scathach repeated stupidly. "She just left. Vespasian, did she refuse the medicine on purpose so she could? Must've had some pain tolerance, but...?" Their words came faster and faster, and their eyes stung again, threatening tears, but Scathach held them back. "...didn't even care enough to stick around and.... name me." Scathach breathed too fast.

Award: Friendliest Player
Nominee: Lotte
Lotte has brought amazing ideas to Elly from the get-go; thanks to her we have a sick Coliseum, and a whole new aspect to the abilities system! Her ideas are consistently clever and she’s a lovely presence here. c: In all our interactions she’s been incredibly sweet and kind, and I’ve noticed she's always quick to compliment people both IC and OOC! She’s always looking for ways to help both on a personal level and in IC situations; she’s very open to plotting, advancing character arcs, and helping with site-wide plots, but she’s also willing to listen if you have a personal problem and help with them. <3 She's contributed a lot in the short time she’s been here, and I’m excited to see what else she’ll cook up!

Award: Most Interesting Thread
Nominee: Rigor Mortis - Shell, Qayin and Kupselion
Reason: Damn… I mean, just damn. Izzy starts this thread off with a bang, a really, really big (and really gross) bang. Right from the get-go I was hooked by the letter (and grinning at who wrote it), but I wasn’t grinning long. The intro swiftly plunges into horror movie territory. (And was all-too-reminiscent of Amnesia: the Dark Descent. Boy, the fond memories I have of that game. c’: ) Shell’s disgust and terror is palpable at every turn, and Izzy’s gift for writing horror is evident at the climax of the scene.

Not only is the premise really interesting (horrifying? gruesome? Moft Unseemly?), but so are the characters that get involved in it. Given that the intro ends with Shell sloshing around in a sewer, whoever joins the opener is bound to be… interesting.

There’s a bizarre intersection of characters here, along with depraved villains that they’re tasked to defeat. This is shaping up to be a really interesting and intense thread, and I for one am hooked. OvO
[+] Spoiler
There were easily over a dozen of them. Some were chained to walls, others strapped to tables, and a couple were stuffed into tiny animal cages, their twitching arms and legs broken and reset at odd angles. Many were dead, and some seemed as though they could still be alive. Sheltering Heaven. Sheltering Heaven, how could..? Some of the ones on the tables were missing limbs or had great precise cuts that had been sewn back up -- one woman was missing both her arms and legs. Shell covered her mouth in a sudden wave of nausea: one man, chained to the wall, was missing both arms but had his ribcage broken and spread open in the back, his lungs removed and hung up behind him in some gruesome imitation of wings; another had a hole in his skull, a stick protruding from his mangled brain; yet another had been almost completely flayed.


Her hand landed on what felt like a face.

Behind the mask her eyes widened. Shaking and blind in the darkness, she groped around her legs... and felt others. Then, an arm. Wet rot slicked her fingers and palms while her eyes adjusted, aided by a light source she could not yet see. A shaking hand came up and pushed her mask up off of her face to get a better look.


Award: Most Emotional Moment Thread
Nominee: Above, Below, Around - Everybody

Holy shizznits. There is SO much emotion going on in this thread. What’s meant as an uplifting celebration swiftly takes a serious turn as characters are forced to confront their losses and trauma from the war. It all arises naturally— grief surfaces in unexpected ways; characters’ mental states cause them to misinterpret each other; there is a cocktail of real emotions going on, many of which are heart-wrenching, and it’s all open and raw and relatable.

It’s nearly impossible to choose between the characters in this thread, because all of them impart their own sorrows and build to the mood of it. There’s so many examples of excellent writing from everyone.
Mairead/Daenis wrote:
The construct beamed, its chest puffing as the metal body rattled and screeched in excitement. “I am, indeed. And you are? I have heard you conserve books from battle harm. How admirable! Myself, I was created to read and catalogue knowledge, and I link ostensibly disparate trivia into a meaningful picture. Oh, it was and is a miraculous process, this consolidation of information.”

Mairead interrupted. “I built the construct to stack library books. And he is, thus far, making a spectacle of himself.”

He could feel her cold stare. Its grippers lowered, forming a steeple, as if ashamed. The forger continued. “The construct has no soul. It is a tool. Made to serve a purpose. It is not a person.”


He cared about her, didn’t he? Daenis looked down to his aqua-hued feet. Did she believe he would stray? The thought pained him. Her own Brass Blades had avoided taking innocent lives, and only let die whom they could not save. She was his Mother. But for their odd relationship, it meant not affection, but the burden of responsibilities, and the protection of humanity.

From him.

He could feel her slip, a foot out of the door. She must have thought she overstayed her welcome. "I shall be taking a walk. Daenis may stay." And begun walking away.
I love the way Lotte cleverly narrates Mairead’s emotional state from the eyes of her loyal construct, Daenis. He himself is a heart-wrenching character; I love how she’s not afraid to paint Mairead as a “villain,” in this sense, given that she doesn’t acknowledge Daenis’ sentience. But Mairead is not cruel; she loves Shell and protects her. And yet her opinions rub others the wrong way, triggering things in others, such as when Shell walks away —
Shell wrote:
Whether or not she was justified, whether or not she was imagining things, between the flashback and the loss of Khana, Shell could not hold it together in public anymore. She stood, and stepped out of the fountain.

"I-I'm sorry, everyone..... I need to be alone for a while." Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heel and walked away briskly, not even bothering to put on her shoes.


'If it had a name before, I am unaware. Something hollow, something.... void, will do in replacement…’

It had been cruel. Mairead was not being cruel, and she understood that, more fully now that she was removed from the initial source of her distress: it was no longer the shock of having heard the words from her that was causing her so much pain, but the lingering half-memories themselves, things that bobbed to the surface of the stagnant pond anytime something passed over them, that took time to sink back down, apparently hidden. She trembled and uncovered her eyes to replace old pictures with new ones, but found that there was simply an overlay.
The interaction is very realistic: no one is 100% bad or 100% good, and even our loved ones hurt us without knowing it.

You get a real sense of her trauma, and how she’s struggling to cope with her Master’s cruelty. How even though we think we’ve moved past stuff, sometimes the tiniest words or actions can be triggering and send the foundation crumbling. Also, Shell mourning for her sis is just heartbreaking:
[+] Spoiler
As with so many other countless moments in the last two weeks or so, Shell's thoughts had turned to her sister. This time it had been Khanrad who had brought it on: there was a tremulous hint of sorrow in the magnificent creature's tone as he mentioned "him".

It was such a simple thing -- it was one word, but for another so fresh from loss, she felt it like a plug had been freshly opened in her heart, draining the little substance that had gathered there since the device broke. Desperately, she wanted to feel sadness for whatever thing this phoenix had suffered through, knew that she should, but all she could think of was Khana.

She touched her chest, within which the Pearl slept: there was a moment of nothing, then warmth like a blooming rose filled her for a few precious seconds. The dream of feeling her presence was overrun by reality, and when Shell remembered that there was no Khana here, the warmth faded and left her feeling empty. A painful lump rose in her throat and her eyes burned, and she had to turn away from her friends, looking down into the three or four inches of water that yet remained in the fountain.

It was just her.

As well as Khanrad’s tenacity and desire to resurrect his master, Razarod. We get a real sense of his desperation and loss:
Khanrad wrote:
"I know my story sounds strange; that's two years after the official history says he died. But rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated... until they weren't. I managed to salvage all his bones from the wreckage and am seeking someone, or something, with the power to revive my friend. I heard talk of a gathering of... unique and talented individuals... in Madrid and headed here."


"Of course this is an unusual situation, one nobody's encountered before that I know of. But it seems wrong not to try. I could die for him a million times over, and sometimes I did, although he never asked it of me, even knowing I always come back. I mean to exhaust my options before I give up on him."


There are a zillion more examples and I’d write a novel if I listed them all, so just go read the thread and bring a pack of tissues.

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July 17th, 2017, 11:53 pm #4

Award: Most original Character
Nominee: Belkonas
Reason: He’s a real Fun-guy to hang around! In all seriousness though, Belkonas is an intriguing attempt to bring an otherworldly sort of intelligence to life. The interactions that lead into the realization and everything that follows has been interesting to read, and I hope to see him develop more as time goes on!

Award: It’s Alive!
Nominee: Shell
Reason: While I may be somewhat biased considering the ties between Qayin and Shell, I feel that the reason they mesh so well is in no small part to Izzy’s development of the character. Mizuchi was my favorite thread in recent memory, and it was through her development as a character that everything there was brought to life. I look forward to seeing how she continues to grow and change over the course of the coming years!

Award: Best Player Cooperation
Nominee: An Untimely Frost, Juul, Gale, & Shiro (Players)
Reason: I would always see the three of them talking about the thread in the group chat, and eventually I couldn’t contain my curiosity any further. It plays out like the opening to an oddly specific joke: “A bear-man, a cat-girl, and a soldier run into one another…”, but the actual interactions are what makes the thread for me. I’d recommend giving it a try! Enjoy how the trio’s writing works together, and how their characters mix and mingle with one another.

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July 18th, 2017, 7:43 am #5

Best Fight Scene
Most Interesting Thread

Lachesism - Literally everyone in Soto.
So, not sure if anyone has heard about this little thread/plot that's been going on in Soto. Looks like Calli gonna be killin' some dudes and taking over the country! I dunno, might be cool or something. I know this is technically in 2016 but it is recent enough that I still want to nominate it. Even though I did not participate, it was something else to be on the outside looking in and watching Soto get ravaged by war.

Most Creative Scenario

Crossed Stars - Phaedrus
Crow is always wordy, not like it's a bad thing and I love it. The opener is odd and completely fits the weird nature of Phaedrus as a whole. Crash landing in the middle of a forest like some kind of space meteor? What's next, a random duck pulled out his arse?

Best Player Cooperation
An Untimely Frost - Juul, Shiro, Gale
I told myself I cannot just mark myself down for all the nominations as much as I want to. But I cannot stop myself from nominating this thread. Honestly, as you all know, these two are amazing writers and I fangirl so hard over being able to thread with them. Not to mention that all three of the character personalities somehow mesh well...I mean, as well as knocking over a tree with someone still in it but I digress...

Friendliest Player
DR or Qayin
I want to note that this would be "Coolest Player". DR has only been around for a short time, but he's already a staffer and overall a cool dude. You know the kind that chews bubblegum nonchalantly and then proceeds to kick an alien in the teeth while spouting off one-liners? Am I just thinking of Duke Nukem again? Probably. Anyway, DR is a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

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July 18th, 2017, 2:20 pm #6

Award: Best Use of Abilities
Nominee: crow
Reason: Nominating the very talented crow. I've been in awe for the longest time the manner of which she complements character abilities with insane writing skills.

With Mordecai, the artificer's abilities are subtly used. Her control over the golems aid in building the pure spookiness of the scene with Hiram, weaving seamlessly into the plot.

With Phaedrus, not only does her writing tell you what abilities the character uses, but every frightening detail is spelled out in a horrific, cthulian manner that builds and builds and implode in a gory outcome. What's more? She cleverly switches to the victims' perspective so the reader suffers along with them.

Thread: Our Paper Souls
wrote: Mordecai spread her hands, thawing them by the skittering dance of the fire. A great many chairs surrounded it, sprouting as odd luxuries in the starkness. Servants materialized from the gloom, bearing tankards. One hovered by the priest, cowled head shivering into darkness. The other proffered a second mug to his understudy, equally shy in manner.
Thread: Into the Jaws of Death, Into the Mouth of Hell
wrote: The air felt cold — not as winter’s cold, but something deeper, trickling in her veins, making her shudder from the inside out. No. She choked down a swallow. No, no.

For she remembered — in the last camp — how the fairies had dropped like flies, convulsing, red foam coming off their lips. The whites of druid’s eyes as they rolled back, their limbs locked, bodies spasming.

I will not die, she screamed with all her soul, ever fiber of her being, fighting against a sudden darkness around her vision, a heaviness pressing into her chest.

nO. yOU wiLl nOt.

Nimruil’s eyes flew open. Her hand whipped towards her blade, fingers slipping on the hilt. They closed over it, numb, weak things, the sensation of them draining so far away that she couldn’t be sure she held it at all.

Her mouth opened in a strangled cry. The drow turned her head, but saw no one — her fellow soldiers were far, far away, the fire of their camp like a faroff beacon. She cursed herself for wandering off so far, tried to yell for help, but her tongue disobeyed her, falling like a brick in her mouth.

“Ughl,” she managed, drool running off her lip. Her fingers went limp — the sword clattered uselessly onto her lap, ringing against the whetstone. Nimruil's eyes darted around frantically, chest pumping like the bellows, her breaths coming in hyperventilating little gasps.

i hAvE a UsE FoR yoU, the voice slithered, silken, horrible, coming from everywhere, coming from nowhere — she realized it was in her head and choked, a bubble of saliva popping in her mouth. She struggled uselessly, tried to move, but an iron weight crushed her wrists, legs, chest.

Award: Best Player Cooperation
Nominee: Mizuchi, (Qayin/Shell)
Reason: I cannot put it in a better way than Crow has already done. I enjoyed the fast-paced action, and I enjoyed how the players could be remarkably synchronized in their fights, one being a necromancer and another being a tank/fighter. The relentless onslaught demands the heroes’ intense focus and stamina; how they cope with this is up to the readers’ interpretation. Said enemies are dangerous enough to force the heroes on their heels, without being too easy an obstacle to overcome for either of them. Repeatedly, they are thrown into situations where they must trust each other, and they do.

Award: It's Alive!
Nominee: Chimaed (Ephie)
Reason: Abuse comes in all forms and happen to all people whatever culture they hail from. Chimaed’s backstory (and ongoing arc) with her abuser, Aputsaiq, is both gut-wrenching and written incredibly vividly, I found myself sucked into her world. Ephie’s incredible writing talent demonstrated so well here for being one (I’ve read) who has never been in that position before.

Award: It's Alive!
Nominee: Lilieth (Lilieth)
Reason: What I like about this character is like a real-life person, Lilieth is made of contradictions. We have seen this character deliberate in philosophy; she is composed of independence to her sire (Anketos) and inexplicably also has an independent mind of her own. In Crowned in Clouds, her sassiness plays off realistically against other personalities such as the strait-laced Juul and gruff mountain man Etherone, making our thread, an awesome thread.

Award: It's Alive!
Nominee: Etherone (Gale)
Reason: When I first read Etherone’s segments in Untimely Frost and Crowned in Clouds, his manner of speech was such that I easily visualized Vikings in my mind, with their broad swords and horned helmets. He is a sort of character that marches to the beat of his own drum. That is, he dives into new situations without restrain. First off, the immediate effect is that it creates a dynamic with the cooler-headed Juul, and the sassy Lilieth. This makes the thread a fun read. Second of all, and less obviously, he is a reminder to us that, sometimes, getting out of our comfort zones lets us reap rewards, be they unexpected outcomes, adventures, or new loves. We should not let the voices in our heads talk us out of jumping into new things.

Honourable mention: Kupselion (Ephie)

Award: Best Fight Scene
Nominee: Lance Work, Khana (Izzy)
Reason: This particular scene is so good it gives me a Crouching Tiger feel. I think it is cool enough to feature in a film and so I am nominating this.

Picture this. A battlefield set in rain with two opponents facing off. Someone turns falling rain into icicles and sends them telekinetically towards Khana. And how does she respond? She twirls her spear and deflects them of course! Astonishing how a simple dice can … stimulate so much creativity.
wrote:The rain around Mairead lifted and flew at her, crystallizing into icy needles. Thinking fast and seeing no easy way to simply dodge, she (Khana) twirled her lance as quickly as possible, twisting and sidestepping where necessary, and somehow by the grace of the gods managed to avoid getting nicked.

Award: Most Humorous Character
Nominee: Nispa
wrote: "I'd like for each of us to quickly introduce themself, and why not add WHAT they can bring to this endeavour, apart from extra pairs of hands." Nispa tried not to take that last comment too literally. She waited a moment before replying; Lilieth continued to perplex her. She was beginning to realize that this lady would give her a headache if she thought too hard about her, so she contented herself with the word 'practical' and settled into a quiet distrust.
Had me in stitches when I recall it. I like how this quote just fits the characters Lilieth and Nispa, both the former's confusing contradictions and the latter's humourous thought train.

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July 18th, 2017, 10:19 pm #7

I've read very few topic for now, so I'm hardly a good judge, but somehow there is this award that made me "tick" :

Award: It's Alive!
Nominee: Etherone (Gale)
Reason: I don't know, I've understood actually very little of his (long) background, what he is etc ... But when i read him, for some reason, it feel ... right.

He play a very authentic character and somehow he manage to reproduce its simple and straightforward train of thought perfectly.

(And thank you Mairead, I'm happy you find my character to have a life of its own, that's actually something I value to the utmost when I RP ^^)

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July 26th, 2017, 4:14 am #8

More will come eventually, but here's a start!

Award: Best Quotation
wrote:”Even today, I can understand your position, and support you, but war isn't a place for warriors, it's a game of fool played by solider and general. An abomination of nature that slay the weak and the strong alike, and bury together indiscriminately the bad and good men from both side while hoping that prevailing will actually make a difference”
- Lilieth, The color of the light
Reason: Lilieth often has wonderful insights; this is one of my favourites.

Award: Best Backstory
Nominee: Reid
Reason: In the years that Reid has been kicking around the site, she’s been sort of a mysterious figure to me, with an indistinct past. Hopefully this wasn’t out of my own inattentiveness…but in any case, I really appreciate the recent reworking of Reid’s history, both in her profile and how it is referenced in Backwater. I’ve always love love loved Reid and learning about her past makes me love her more – the friction with her mother, the years she spent in the Kraken’s Rage, the way she was set up to take a fall by her superiors and her subsequent recovery over the following years. It’s a realistic sort of tale, a historical-feeling one, without the heady influence of magic that can make or break another person’s backstory, and that’s what I really like about it.

Award: Best Character Arc
Nominee: Glede’s descent into assholery
wrote:He had no intention of recovering his blade -- Arukah was gone now. She represented the semblance of normalcy that he had stopped craving, the scattered puzzle-pieces of the self-image he no longer needed. His hands were as much instruments of violence as any sharp blade.
- Instruments of Violence

I know Mel brought this up in the self-appreciation thread but I was planning on nominating this anyways. :>
I remember when Glede won the award for nicest character back in 2014. (: We all thought he was a good guy, just a victim of impulses placed in him by another. He was a healer! He meant well! But gradually his sense of self-righteousness has taken over, showing itself when he aggressively called Phaedrus a son of a whore a few years back and growing to the point that he has given up his sword, Arukah, and has started just strangling people with his bare hands. Who needs a sword when you are an instrument of violence yourself?

Award: Best Use of NPCs
Nominee: Calli in One by One
Reason: I think the posts in One by One are some of Calli’s best work yet. I really enjoyed how she showed us snapshots from across the battlefield, using different perspectives to told us what needs to be told – Galloglaigh pulling together a rebellion, Kali discovering the awakened Kaahn, Quave dying and becoming a flower-adorned zombie and so on. It’s a beautiful way of comprehending the battle.

Award: Most Creative Scenario
Nominee: Setting foot where we don’t belong
Reason: I am looking forward to seeing how this thread plays out. Lilieth has invented an island which has been in part formed by the forces of recent history. On this island is a crypt with hidden treasures that has some link with the people who wander the town, unable to remember their own names. Then, to kick it all off: the classic meet up scene in a tavern, where four unlikely souls will meet, presumably to investigate the oddities of this island. I’m just as pumped to see what Lilieth has in store as I am to see how Lilieth, Nispa, Yada’nok and Meriele get along.

Award: Best Character Relationship
Nominee: Qayin x Shell
wrote:She was cleaning and dressing her own wounds as he flopped down onto the bed, and he for a brief moment understood the importance of it: she felt at ease with him. If there had been any layer of distrust between the two, the events prior had broken through it. It wasn’t many people he would allow himself to be this open with, but somehow in the span of two nights she had done it.
- Qayin, Mizuchi
wrote:After her own shoes were kicked off she laid back and wrapped herself in her half of the blankets. For a time she lay there, not wishing to fall asleep just yet and lose the comfort of sharing a sleeping space; almost helplessly, she scooched a little closer, then a little closer to the sleeping Qayin until she could feel the heat radiating from him, then smiled, satisfied, and settled down after that, curling herself into a little ball facing him. She would remain that way for the rest of the night -- though by morning he would find himself perhaps a little crowded on one side, with a small, cold hand holding his. 
- Shell

A necromancer and a dead lady, how adorable. <3 All necrophilia jokes aside, there is a beautiful tenderness in Qayin’s and Shell’s relationship, which remains as of yet nebulously friendly and romantic. They seem so well-suited for each other – a fact which becomes delicious considering what lies in Qayin’s future. What will Shell think of him when Qayin continues along his road.

Award: Best Fight Scene
Nominee: Sabellius vs. Ginko in Gingko Leaves in a Steel Breeze
wrote:His lungs felt full to bursting as he inhaled, and shrieked the Word.

The effect was immediate, a storm of incomprehensible sound exploding around him and hurling the Goblin King from his sturdy feet. The column in his fist burst and fragmented, everything seemed to slow for a moment, a perfect picture of undoing. Gingko mid-flight, his armor rusting right off his body, splinters of rotting wood as the shield began weakening on his arm. The slow screams of madness as the goblins began clawing at themselves, or those nearest, or froze and huddled on themselves, fleeing in terror or vomiting, bashing their heads against the floor and gibbering.
This thread was enthralling to read, hard to put down. Dnan is skilled at describing fights and has a lot of creativity in playing them out – in this case bringing in doors, pillars and Sabe’s unique abilities into the fight. It was easy to imagine a cinematic version of Sabellius pitted against the great and gross Ginko; one can hardly help it when reading this.

Award: Most Original Character
Nominee: Nispa
Reason: There hasn’t been a character of Nispa’s race in all the time I’ve been here, but that is not all that makes up originality. I enjoyed reading her profile greatly when I had to approve it: I appreciated the casual incorporation of Soto’s war into her past, and then the sturdy logic that led to Nispa being a fisherwoman who climbs up and down the cliffs of Morrim to get a catch. Also, it’s unique to see a personality such as hers being described in a profile: we are given plenty of reasons why she might be annoying or not the best friend, but there’s plenty about her that promises to be endearing. So I’m excited to see more of her around the site; she’s quite unlike any other here. <3

Award: Best Use of Abilities
Nominee: Mairead in One by One
Reason: Never forget that Mairead’s abilities are the centre of Soto’s strategy in this battle. Her ability to copy abilities into objects allowed for the creation of the beetles that will burrow into the Pale Tree and let’s not forget the badass wing harnesses that were given out like candy. Of course, she uses the wings to kick some major troll ass in the battle. ;)

Award: Best Use of Abilities
Nominee: Shrista and Bast’s fire tree of death in One by One
Reason: Heck yeah, turn that shit into a giant torch and swing it around the battlefield. Too badass to not mention.

Award: Best Player Cooperation
Nominee: Everyone who helped out with One by One
Reason: When I posted the call for brainstorming ideas for the final battle, I wasn’t sure what I was get. It was exciting and heartwarming to have so many people coming in with awesome ideas, such as using the airships, making fire beetles, dehydrating the Pale Tree and so on. Then, in the thread itself, we have a bunch of people doing really cool things, like exploding trees and summoning up demons. Calli has, in turn, provided many monstrosities for people to fight against – and this antagonistic role is just as important in creating a good fight as the rest.

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July 27th, 2017, 11:30 am #9

Award: Most Interesting Thread
Nominee: Glede and Mairead for Rosa Sine Spina
Reason: I'm a sucker for religious drama in Ashoka, so their conversation on the use of sacrifices by a priest of Nailah was intriguing to me. But also seeing a different interoperation of Neri's new laws on sacrifice was fun. In this thread it was addressed in a way of "what if it was taken too far" and also a "what if it was used for personal gain/vendettas". Not at all what I had anticipated or thought when I had Neriasis reintroduce sacrifices within Eldahar, and it has led to a new interaction with Glede that'll lead to some interesting plot development in the future, but I can't spoil too much.

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July 28th, 2017, 11:24 pm #10

A few to start...

Award: Best Quotation
Nominee: Skith, in Classic:
wrote:"Of course there's a fucking war! [...] But I'll! Make! That! War! My! Bitch!"
I'm not sure how much I need to elaborate. In the context of this scene -- its tension and generally gross imagery -- Skith's retort here is priceless (not to mention in-character). Each exclamation point feels like the equivalent of a pelvic thrust. I love it.

Award: Best Quotation
Nominee: Mairead de Latte in Rosa Sine Spina:
wrote:"I enjoy the taste of human meat."
This made me laugh as hard as Glede did, honestly. It comes at such an unexpected moment and breaks the tension that's been building over the course of the scene; and, on top of this, it's so in-character for Mairead to make a joke like this.

Award: Best Character Arc
Nominee: Ylsa
wrote:Perhaps she had been so wrapped up in the idea that she would die young that she had added an unconscious hurry to her step: there was precious little time in this life to help others as much as she wanted to, and there were so many who needed help.
~ Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Ylsabet Troy is one of the most inventive characters on Elenlond. Izzy detailed her history as Jool and the painstaking progress of her spirit's journey, and throughout her threads has shown us her many incarnations (perhaps most colorfully as Owen). She has admirably come to terms with her own darkness, played fascinating roles in the plot(s), and, in a move that began with Last Testament, has begun contemplating her mortality. Izzy is permitting Ylsa to glide (and at points hurtle) toward a heretofore-unknown destiny, but the checkpoints she is taking to get there are profoundly compelling. Izzy has treated both the finiteness of carnal life and the infinity of the soul with wisdom, and will doubtless continue to do so.

Award: Best Use of Abilities
Nominee: Ulyn Silverstone in Great Flaming Balls
It's simple but effective: Ulyn uses his magic to help out with the fireworks at a festival in Reine. In a world with both magic and rudimentary technology, it is only natural to imagine them mingling for recreational purposes; the verisimilitude in the way that Ulyn describes both preparing for the mundane fireworks and how his character's magical fire-balls interact with (and are different from) them is perfect.

Award: Best Use of NPCs
Nominee: Ephie for Alleis
What a horrifying woman. Originally portrayed as Nevneni's wise, well-meaning mother, we've had plenty of hints over the years that her idea of helping runs counter to any sort of human morality. This is explicit in I Am You, wherein she forces her way of thinking onto her daughter and then, later, gleefully takes control of Cavus:
wrote:She sat there grinning as the fire sank, untended, into embers. Cavus looked up to see the dim light cast on her face. This was the last movement of his own willing. Then Alleis laughed to herself and, after a while, she sent him to bed. Clumsily, he stood and went off, dragging his feet as if they leaden weights.
Our picture of Alleis -- how she was raised, how she thinks, her motivations and desires -- have come into focus only over time. To me, all this culminates in One by One:
wrote:She knew herself as the ultimate executor of her own life, as the font of eternal rightness. She was all this drawn together into one name: Alleis.

Her beautiful command was sent over the crowd.

Award: Most Original Character
Nominee: Melden Ellis
A creature of fascinating contradictions. He's a shapeshifter of eldritch qualities, but the form he chooses is mundane, even dumpy; he's an investigator and a lawman, but he isn't very keen on following a code of morals himself. He has a son and he isn't always the best father. On top of that, his odd loquaciousness and the film noir style in which Lotte writes him is endlessly entertaining. We haven't had a lot of sleuths on Elenlond and Melden is one of the finest and most interesting we've had: it will be a pleasure to watch him act and develop and interact as a character. There's certainly no shortage of murder and other heinous crimes on Soare and the islands; I imagine he won't be out of a job anytime soon.