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Eliakim Sabellius

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January 27th, 2013, 3:57 am #1

Basic Information
Name: Eliakim Sabellius (El-ee-ah-kim, Sza-bell-ee-ooz. Roll the 'i' to sound like a soft 'y'. 'S' sounds more akin to a soft 'z'.)
Alt: Sza-bell-yoosz.
Short Nick: Sz-ayb. Rhymes with babe.

Alias: G'eldirahc 'Izzrae' Auvryana (Drow name: Hel-deer-ackh, Iz-ray, Ow-vree-ah-nah. Hold the 'G' and 'ahc' in the back of the throat.) And Lucifer, according to Sara.

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Evil during Frenzy)

Social Class: Commoner

Occupation: Inquisitor

Race: Cambion (Hellion, half demon, Drow/Incubus union.)

A Cambion is the male counterpart to the Alu-fiend, a hellion born of a union between a mortal and a succubus/incubus. They are sometimes referred to as tieflings, and their children would be such also.

Nationality: Other (Underdark)/Ashokan - Formerly Ched Nasad, North Middledark.

A tiefling is the planar name for a creature that is humanoid in origin but has demonic heritage. Whatever the heritage of their humanoid part, they are always part demon, and no two are ever the same.
Physical Appearance
[+] spoiler

"Kid, wtf."
Standing at 5'10, the Cambion cuts a smooth figure with well defined musculature and less of the slenderness that is so typical of his Drow half. His features are reminiscent of his heritage, giving him his signature snowy hair and light ebon skin, marked by a multitude of faded scars, some in surprising places. The worst of these - at least above clothing - travels from his hairline to his clavicle along the right hand side of his face, (he has no ear there thanks to antics in the Goodnight Kiss brothel in Ashoka). It is a mass of scarring that looks like a severe burn injury, pitted and eaten away, regrown in small amounts, and attributed to a bad acid burn.

His hair in question is of medium length falling just around the shoulders in choppy layers thanks to too many sword swings at the head, and usually braided back on the left and drawn into a ponytail, leaving enough to fall and shield the edge of his face on the right.

His face is somewhat narrow and angular, though distinctly masculine, and could be considered to have a particularly cruel set to it, with a mouth that is always ready to smile, though usually in mockery rather than genuine pleasure. His nose is crooked from being broken and reset countless times, and it's likely he's measuring how far it moves each time. Hard, unforgiving eyes survey the world, a typical red, though they become a warmer orange towards the pupil. The single defining feature that sets him as something other than Drow, is the three and a half foot whipcord tail that continues from the base of his spine. It is a slightly mauve colour compared to the rest of his skin and covered in velvet scaling, tiny like fish scales. A line of this unique scaling runs from the base of his skull, chasing his spine right to the end of his tail where it is slightly thicker than the rest, and splits to become a fully articulate taloned hand. Less notable are his finely sharpened double row of canines, and forked tongue, and tougher thicker nails that extend roughly two inches as short claws when he loses control of himself. His nails/claws are a dull silvery grey, like aged wood.

His general expression seems to be one of placid vacancy, touched with long suffering weariness, or exasperation, when it isn't twisted in mirth or a frenzied glee.

If his lho supply runs out his appearance adjusts with his less subdued personality in that his pupils become bright gold and reduce in size to pinpricks, his claws extend and he bears a slight distortion in his normal speech that usually only appears when angry.

Sabellius generally wears simple though fine cut clothing to give himself a sharp appearance, except when he is set to impress, when he almost always overdoes it on...everything. Both in and out of work he may always be seen wearing a silver chain with the tiny sword of Eilistraee upon it as a pendant.

He prefers to wear monochromatic colours when it comes to clothing. Usually footwraps and loose, billowing dark pants that allow him to stay cool in the desert, which tuck into heavy-wearing boots with reinforced plated toes for kicking stuff. Shirt may or may not be applicable, but he likes a particular style that has a high under-the-chin collar, form fitting and sleeveless. Over this he wears his sharp black coat, high of collar and long of sleeve, reaching halfway down his thighs in the front, and to his knees at the back. The shoulders are plated, and bears much embossing across the lapels/chest and the top of the arms. Gauntlets may or may not be in evidence, providing they are fingerless and allow his claws to breathe.

Regardless of clothing, he always wears a pair of cut-glass red tinted spectacles, purely to assist filtering light as it becomes incredibly painful during the daylight hours, and he is a sufferer of Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) syndrome. (Bright light suddenly entering the eyes causes an outburst of severe sneezing.)

Babellius: While her features are a mix of both her parents, as a female they follow her mothers more heavily, as seen by the vulpine aspect to her face. She would probably not be considered a beauty, due the unconventionally muscular frame and unladylike mannerisms. Her facial features are also less delicate than that which would be considered favorable, though more or less a more feminine version of her regular, male self. If Sabe had it in mind to be stunning, he could probably alter his self image until he remembered it, but if it wasn't already apparent, he likes things less than perfect.

Note: As of 11AR his appearance tends to flicker or phase at times. During these times he appears much taller, approximately 6'5", and bears a faint 'pressure' in the air around him. He also has the shadow of a crown of horns growing from his head, but no more than a shadow. His eyes constantly burn a low red-orange. Sometimes this weird phasing is persistent for several minutes, sometimes it's the blink of an eye. He doesn't seem to have any control over it, and those who see him in dreaming will always see him this way.


Sabellius is either one of two extremes; completely unarmed, or a walking weapon rack. His most popular weaponry of choice falls to a simple array of small lightweight blades, cheap and easily replaced, designed for throwing and worn in a simple bandolier or belt, and more often than not a butterfly knife tucked about his person somewhere.

Other than that he is in possession of two long slender talwars which he calls Rhyming Blades, slightly curved with serrated single edges. The grips are much worn and are bound in plain hide, the hilts rather plain with the simplest of embellishment and worked in steel and silver. The blades themselves are made of star-iron, and contain the shards of one of twenty of the sacred bastard swords of his old goddess. The blades are a pale silvery blue and worked with simple filigree, but are otherwise plain and unmarked, and well looked after. They are both incredibly light and appear to vibrate or 'sing' when drawn.
Their names are Beben (Shiver) and Gul (Ghost).[/b][/b]


To say that he is reckless in his approach to many things, including social situations as much as practical application may be understating him somewhat. Sabellius is notoriously willful, headstrong and contradictory in nature, to the point that some might say that he goes out of his way to make things difficult for others, or simply to annoy them. His manner is generally smooth spoken with a peculiar hollow resonance to his voice, though sarcastic and snide, or downright antagonistic. This is usually barely contained, or restrained behind a facade of perfect politeness and even charm.

Compliments often come across as backhanded with his casual, offhanded mannerism of throwing them out, and genuine affection comes across rarely. The general appearance as a whole is that he is rather informal, casual, laid back, however you like to put it. Possibly even apathetic, only to throw out a bitchy comment and catch someone off guard. When not holding this general chilly apathy, his mood fluctuates most commonly between cheerfulness, and a depressing closed off behavior.

This is not to say that he doesn't have a soft spot, particularly for the underdog, the broken and the forgotten, and is well known to be a friend of the beggars, thieves, whores and addicts of Eldahar.

He is temperamental and unpredictable when it comes to anger, though usually slow, sometimes the slightest thing can set him off into a rage, which he finds very difficult to master, due to his inherent nature. Unsurprisingly, he comes off across as nothing so much as cold, callous and ruthless at the best of times. He is not above tender emotions, merely better at suppressing them. Indeed he feels as humanly as any other, though he tends to keep his calm by letting off steam in furious bouts when on his own, drinking, whoring or when it gets the better of him, destroying things.

Sabellius considers himself neither good nor evil, though he supposedly upholds the law, the law tends to be 'whatever the hell I make it', and is not above a little corruption now and then.

Neither does he bear any ill will or phobia towards the opposite sex, in fact as he will happily proclaim to anyone asking his opinion the opposite. He frequently indulges in their company, as well as the company of his own sex, and drinks to reckless abandon.

He is also a heavy smoker, and fond of a particular type which he calls 'lhotus' or 'lho' sticks. The smoke is spicily scented, and is a strong narcotic primarily used to suppress his more destructive tendencies and give him a better control over himself. When denied he shows typical signs of an addict (shaking, irritable nature, etc) and becomes more likely to snap and turn violent. It is not suggested that minor drug users or anyone with a tolerance less than high use lho as it is known for leaving those who smoke it a drooling incapable wreck for the duration of the drug which may last as much as 36 hours in the system before it fully wears off.
Due to Sabe's built up tolerance to particular substances, he is known to smoke as many as ten an hour sometimes...which obviously keeps him incredibly mellow and slows his system down. Drugs such as amphetamines or those that induce euphoria or great bursts of energy are prone to overriding his relaxants and send him into a frantic and frustrated mess while he gives way to his true nature, which is erratic and...colourful.

His nature as such obviously can't be that good if he feels the need to suppress it. Since being subjected to Planar energy by his inherited Dreamwalking, his nature was awoken and is typically chaotic, leaving him difficult to control, incredibly willful and of a general mindset to break or destroy anything he can and aid it in its journey towards entropy. And when that fails he just has sex with it too.

Off the lho he tends to be easily distracted and much more emotional, even capriciously so. While smoking the drug gives him a greater control over his mental capacity, it does numb him somewhat emotionally. Off the lho, there is a significant benefit however, in that he can resist his conditioning and fight women. When under the effects of narcotics, he may not raise a hand against a woman, nor may he disobey a direct command if given to him.
Pre Elenlond
  • Sabe is, as suspected, not native to Elenlond. He was born into the noble house of Barriurden to the first daughter of the succession, Shrista, shortly after she attained her status in the priesthood.
    As a cambion he was treated as a sacred gift from their goddess, allowed the best training and education, and was expected to bring honor to his House.
  • When he was six years old, his aunt took him from blade training on a matter of some import. He was turned over to scouts of their House, dressed in the colours of the House above them in the listings, and secretly moved outside the confines of the city. In this circumstance, he was used as bait to not only draw out a lich and their undead minions that had been troubling the city, but as a political ploy to get his mother and grandmother to order an attack on the House ranked above them, to further their own reputation.

    The lich was not particularly powerful but cunning and a nuisance. It was destroyed as predicted, and the attack planned. Unfortunately, it resulted in traumatizing the boy with a crippling fear thereon of the walking dead. it is possible that in later years, this may have been a large part in leading to his Frenzy.
  • When he was 9, he was abandoned by his mother into the arms of his father, who took him and gave him rather vindictively to the priestesses of the opposing order to raise and train, as a weapon to be used against them.
  • Much time was spent training and learning the arts of both the subterranean drow, and the surface kind of bladework. For all that he was of two worlds, he learned exceptionally fast, and honed himself to be little more than a literal tool with the intention of eradicating his subterranean kin, rather than vindicating them.
    It was not among the teachings that he had been drilled with, and was deemed as unworthy each time he attempted to stand to be a champion or Living Sword of Eilistraee.
  • He returned to the Underdark in his mid-thirties as a Shadow-Knife, an infiltrator of the people, where he might attempt to gather information and find possible converts.
  • During a raid on a small encampment, he was subdued and taken captive, when a priestess of House Oussrae took a shine to him and decided to keep him as her own battle-captive.
  • Morwaena shared him with her sister Driscice for sixteen years, parading him and treating him little better than a toy, or an animal, in a most disrespectful fashion. The majority of Drow that witnessed the acts were often repulsed by her openly hedonistic pleasures, by didn't intervene as battle captives are often treated poorly and subject to their owners until release or death.
  • During this time period he was conditioned most severely not to disobey or strike women. He spent much time learning to dreamwalk, though he hadn't the ability to remove himself from the physical realm at this point. It was during these escapes he met his wife, Lileas, though at this time she was but a child.
  • He develops an addiction to a powerful opiate, lhotus, which was given to him in the attempt to curb his violent streak, which only got worse when he began dreamwalking.
  • He was eventually freed by a Sword Dancer who located him during the uprising of the lesser races in the city. With the retreat of their Goddess, the drow priestesses struggled to contain the slave revolt, and multiple Orders of the other Gods made a move on the city. The Eilistraeen priestess, Verridith, was wounded critically during their escape when a sword spider destroyed the web bridge they were on, nearly killing the pair of them while they were fighting a patrol.
  • Sabe carried Verridith out through a portal to the Neverwood on the surface, overcharging it with his own chaotic energies to activate it, but she died before they made it back to a shrine.
  • When he tried to take up her sword, one of those sacred to their order, it shattered into fragments, symbolizing its rejection of him. He gathered the pieces and kept them, later having them forged into two new blades, Gul and Beben.
  • Instead of going back to his order, he left entirely, physically entering the dream plane and using it as a go-between to reach other places. Part of the reason it's difficult to tell his age is because of this. 'Time is flexible', and where days might pass in one place, it may be only a matter of minutes elsewhere. He often 'breaks the fourth wall' in this way by mentioning things that either don't yet exist or will not, or drags them through with his logrus ability, though he does for the most part try to keep things balanced.
Elenlond to Present
  • Dreamwalked his way physically to Elenlond in search of his beau, Lileas Averstock. Located her in Ashoka and enlisted with the Inquisition. Eventually married her in 4BR with the intention of starting a family and settling down. Lileas falls pregnant.
  • 3BR Lileas is killed due to consequences of hunting criminal activity in Eldahar. A powerful drug lord named Harlan Shrike strikes directly at Sabe's weak point and kills his wife. He flips into a frenzy, destroying the perpetrators and obliterating most of his own memories directly relating to the event in the process, as well as various other parts of his mind that pertain to his own abilities and recollections of his youth. This obliteration of his cognition begins to happen every time he loses control of his anger.
  • Sabe becomes a force of reckless depression, neither advancing in the Inquisition nor quite managing to screw up badly enough to lose his job. It becomes common talk that his family were killed and he has since developed a death wish. Fellow inquisitors become leery of working with him due to the high risk of injury and death.
  • Gradually he becomes more recluse, and can be found drinking himself into oblivion both on and off duty.
  • 7AR he encounters the Djinn, Baqi, who falls through the roof of his house into the room he used to share with his wife, but no longer enters. He took an immediate shine to the hobo-esque street rat, literally burying him in a mound of chocolate, then offering him to stay in the empty house.
  • 8AR Sabe tries to kill himself by throwing himself from the roof of Orionopolis when he finds out that his revenge on the criminal that killed his wife is not to be, due to plague in the south. Baqi and his fellow Inquisitor Dal stop him. The act unearths the deep seated unrest and drunkenly he haltingly tells the pair about his wife and his suspicions that he in fact killed her.
  • 8AR He falls into bed with a prostitute named Jade, paying her for the service of simply lying beside him while he sleeps. They suffer strange dreams that delve into her past, and loses his grip on reality for a little while in a terrifying and invigorating ride that reveals much about the pair of them, similar and different.
  • 8AR Jade moves in to occupy the house with Baqi and Sabe, forming something of a dysfunctional drug addled family.
  • 9AR Baqi leaves without word for Soto, where he aims to better himself and become a healer.
  • 9AR Sabe leaves for Morrim where he fulfills a contracted alliance between Orion and Lothiar Reik, sowing unrest and terror among the peasantry who call him 'The Darkcap.' The peasantry form their own rebellion against the lord taking their lands, and enlist the help of the Sotoan Cavalry and Councillor Aniketos to take the battle to him.
  • 9AR Sabe stops smoking the lho to enable him to fight women, and clashes with Juul when his force ambushes hers trying to raid one of Reik's caravans. She cuts off his tail, and he gouges out her eye, til his superior, Sophia, commands him to stop and leave.
  • 9AR Sabe loses it during the battle and ends up somewhere on the Windswept Plains of Aeril after, unwilling to return to Ashoka.
  • 9AR Jade tracks Sabe down on the plains while he's ruminating, seeking to reunite their family. He refuses to return with her, gently trying to reject her feelings despite his own, because of the risk of seriously injuring her. They end up fighting, and part on uncertain terms.
  • 9AR Sabe appears to be heading towards Soto, loosely trying to follow rumors and recollections of his Djinn friend, between sporadic periods of Frenzy and an increasing failure to maintain his grip of reality.
  • 9AR Reunited with Baqi after waking up in the Red Hands Hospital in Madrid with no recollection of how he got there.
  • 9AR He spends some time wandering Soto after discovering that Baqi will not go back to Eldahar -
    on account of him making a new life for himself - and gradually begins to let slip his hold on reality as his suppressed nature begins to surface more often. In this period, he begins artfully serial killing women with red hair, presumably as a tribute to the memory of his deceased wife.
  • 9AR As Sabe approaches the border of Morrim he is set upon by men deliberately hunting him after a sighting of Lothiar's 'black dog'. He leads them on a merry chase through the woodlands until his strength is flagging, and the trees break. There, before the vast bole of a great tree he takes them down, and rouses the interest of Méadaigh, for the tree is none other than The Pale Tree. He catches a familiar scent about her, and seeing as her as some perfect vision of chaos, is recruited to her cause of war when she offers him the soul of Calliope for his services. In doing so however, because she is still tied to that soul, she learns of his truename. While her body rots, they are now inevitably intertwined.
  • 9AR Shortly after encountering Méadaigh, he enters Dreaming where he feels he is positively pulled,
    and finds himself before Dalbhack who questions where he's been, and what their relationship means to him. Sabe can't find it in himself to reveal the conundrum of his situation to Dal, and simply tells him rather cruelly that he's not coming back. Dal leaves him, even as he begs him not to, his mood fleeting and ephemeral as the place they stand in.
  • 9AR Shortly before the attack on Madrid, he makes his way to the city in an effort to meet with Rhia Terenas, and tell her of the impending army, but finds himself unable to do so due to the restraint on his soul. He is forced to leave when he feels that he cannot control himself, as he doesn't want to kill Rhia if possible.
  • 9AR The attack on Madrid takes place as planned, despite that the Sotoans somehow got wind of the situation, though he was hardly surprised considering the movement of an army is no quiet thing. He walked beside Méadaigh on her steed, using his polar flux ability to deflect any arrows aimed her way until she commanded him enter the fray, where he joined the front lines and caused havoc - namely by hurling debris that had been scattered around the street at the opposing army, and engaging their champions in combat.
  • 10AR Sabe delivers a message to the unruly goblin king, Gingko, one of the commanders of the army, and takes ire with their intent to rebel. He is trapped within the old guildhall of Madrid with them, and engages in a frantic fight with Gingko and his underlings,resulting in the goblin king's death. As he leaves, he senses a familiar mind but cannot see the assassin Jhaereth. Instead of raising the alarm, he chooses to ignore him, hoping that he too will cause unprecedented damage and chaos to the current mess already occupying the city.
  • 10AR He continues serving Méadaigh while leading bands of skirmishers to attack those gathering forces of the Sotoans, keeping them on their toes, raiding supplies and causing general upset. He is wounded in combat and during this time, since he has become unable to sleep, enters Dreaming and examines fragments of different possible futures. While doing so he catches a glimpse of Jade, whom he still has irrational feelings about, and follows that thread instead of leaving it alone, as to look to the many paths the future holds can lead only to madness. He comes to the decision that he must go to Reine before the army besieges it, and find her, and remove her from harms way.
  • 10AR After running around for months together, the now irrational, unhinged cambion confesses the feelings he's been harboring in passing. Jade cannot accept them, and not only rejects him but the dragon within her rises and attacks him. When she regains control, she finds that he had no pulse...she killed him, and left him for dead. Moments after she fled the scene, his heart started again as his body's regeneration fought back, leaving him alive but in a critical condition.
    He is found by a pair of Satyr belonging to the fae army, part of a scouting party, who return him to the fold, thinking that Méadaigh will want words with him for attempting to desert.
  • 10AR Méadaigh takes Sabe into the Pale Tree and attends to him herself, overseeing his recovery while he is comatose due to his cranial injury. Little does he know that she has something else in mind for him, and intends to sacrifice him to bring forth a greater power. Briefly he makes communication with the soul of Calliope whom he has had in his care all this time, and she tells him only that he must be strong for the future, and that the purpose he has lost is not to erase himself,
    but his father.

    He awakens as the goddess rouses him, for she wishes him to be conscious as she completes her ritual. Throughout this time it becomes apparent he has no grip on what is real and what is a dream,
    though it becomes more apparent when he can't in fact, twist the place around him as in Dreaming.
    Méadaigh cuts his throat, and as his lifeblood drains away, he senses the fading echoes of another mind in the room, the very same that he had caught traces of earlier around the goddess. Kaahn.

    Several things come to light as he dies and is thrown back into a withdrawn state deep in Dreaming,
    most importantly perhaps that the reason he forgets large pieces of himself as time passes, is because he has been stepping back through the Ethereal and killing other past selves. In killing off these pieces of himself, trying to remove himself from the equation, those parts simply die. Izzrae, the beastial side of himself that had up to now been in control...or not, as the case may be, expects to perform this act again, but finds himself ambushed by Sabellius in his own dying mind. Both of these halves know that they cannot simply kill the other, because they are permanently joined to one another, and cannot exist without the other. Izzrae says as much, and Sabe grimly kills him anyway, then devours that essence in the attempt to make them 'whole again.' Whether it has actually worked, only time will tell.

    His body is hung in a cage in Nemetona as a grisly display for the rest of the fae army, and screeches of its own accord as the necromancer Qayin makes it during the battle.
  • 11AR As the spring spills into summer, his body rises from the ashes of Nemetona. While physically recovered, he spent a long time protectively curled within himself, in order to hide the soul of Calliope, whom he knows to be his half sister. The goddess had stolen her body and mind from her, and traded her away casually like a cheap bauble, though they had both paid dearly for him to get his hands on her. He did not believe that she had much to do with the situation, and while it is within the nature of his kind to destroy their siblings in the climb for power, he decides to give her another chance and see what happens, for she had in a way given him such a chance, in restoring him to the correct path. While his grip on reality may not be perfect, he is no longer fighting himself, but is gradually metamorphosing into..something else.

    He travels for some time, searching for the right place before he finds it, then plants the seed of Calliope, with the thought that 'sacrifices must be made for the good of all', and that they had both paid theirs.

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Simple Abilities
First Five
  • Dreamwalk - When sleeping, Sabellius rarely dreams, instead being able to freely coast from his own dreamed reality into that of others. Dreamwalking may only take place when he is unconscious or asleep and leaves his body completely vulnerable. Grievous wounds and even death may afflict him in real time if he sustains substantial damage whilst walking through the dreams of others.
  • Blink - The user may 'blink' to another location within 25 ft of the current location, providing that he has visual contact and is not impeded by physical objects, like walls. Blinking into open space will of course cause him to fall in whatever manner gravity determines. The form of travel is a case of moving exceptionally quickly and using it in quick succession several times will cause him to become fatigued and substantially slowed in reflexes by 25%.
  • Profane Strength - Clearly inherited from his father's side of the family, Sabellius is 1.7x stronger than the average human.
  • Forceful Will - A command is issued, laced with latent psychic power that forces an automatic response from those within earshot, affecting mind as well as body. Weaker minds are far more susceptible and often jump to obey, those that are guarded or more powerful may be able to shake off the effects, or be completely unaffected by the command.
  • Psi Lance - Sabellius may use telepathy to speak directly into the mind of another being without having to physically talk, or turn his will to attack the mind directly, causing pain. Victims may suffer a headache as a result of extended contact, and repetitive attacks may cause the targets sensibilities, inhibitions and general sense to collapse. The skill causes no lasting physical damage but may cause mental degradation in say, a mind being interrogated. Less effective the more powerful a mind is, or if there are protected or shielded areas of a mind.
  • Magnetism - Sabellius may strengthen or weaken his magnetic field at will, causing small metallic objects including weapons of a weight up to three pounds to gravitate to his person. The stronger the pull is, the faster the object will move, either attracted to or repelled from his body. He can still affect larger objects but how they move is dependent on their weight. Something weighing at four pounds would move, though slower than usual and strain him unduly, something at ten wouldn't move at all. If a projectile is moving slowly enough he may repel it, or at least slow it with the weight in relation to the force needed to move it, or the force of the impact. (The faster it moves, the harder it hits, the more force and weight it generates on impact) The magnetism affects metallic items only, including those technically non-magnetic as it is a magically altered field around himself.
    The range extends to 25ft, and affects any and all metal objects in range, when controlled.
    (Use wisely, injury may result of flying forks, knives, and sharp coins.)
  • Monstrous Regeneration - Over time Sabe's wounds will heal by themselves faster than normal allowing him to regenerate tissue, bone and muscle if given enough time. Superficial cuts and scrapes will heal in a matter of moments, though the larger the cut is the longer it will take, as much as an hour to heal. Deeper wounds take much longer but still heal faster than a regular human rate, taking several days to mend a stab wound. Broken bones will heal faster as well, but if not set correctly then they will heal improperly and may cause some hindrance in the future.
    Sabe can slowly regenerate any lost limbs, teeth etc, but it may take months in the case of limbs and depending on the extent of the damage for the body to repair itself. E.g. A lost finger may take a couple of weeks, if he still has it to hand though the body will reattach it in half the time providing he keeps it in place and doesn't tamper with it.
  • Midnight Munchies - Increased metabolic rate causing him to need to eat in greater quantities than average, and possibly more frequently. Takes far longer for him to get drunk, tolerance to alcohol aside due to the speed of said metabolism. Regular organic plant based poisons no longer work on him, though mineral and chemical poisons still function though at a rate of 25% slower, and drugs take a much higher dosage to begin showing effects.
Intermediate Abilities
  • Logrus – The Logrus is a state of mind, a direct link to Sabe's chaotic heritage, forming twin wires from his hands that he may cast out into the ether like fishing lines. They are invisible to the naked eye, but those who can see forms of magic, will be able to detect a fluctuating link that burns and pulses with uncomfortable patterns, formed of pure energy.
    The Logrus has several functions, and concentration on it must be maintained to utilize them.

    Sabe may use the Logrus to effectively reach out and probe through multiple Shadows or dimensions until seeking what he finds, and then forcibly drag it back to his position. The further away it is, the more taxing the effort, and the more complex the thing, the longer it takes to find it. Pulling things for a long distance greater than his own strength allows is not possible. I.e, if he cannot lift a large boulder, then he will not be able to pull it to himself.
    Anything that he brings through to himself must come from somewhere else. They are not simply conjured though it may appear so, and cannot be unmade either. E.g. He wants a pastry, it may steal a plateful of pastries from somebodies party. Everything originates from somewhere else.

    This link when connected between himself an another individual allows for them to communicate, and send things across it, like an express tube through space. This includes attacks, if one or the other is unwary, but neither can do so until the connection is established, in which case both must be aware. It may also be used to spy on an individual in this manner over a long distance if the user is incredibly careful and doesn't alert them to the presence, which initially is a peculiar chill and sense of paranoia on contact. He cannot simply spy and attack without making a solid contact and thus raising awareness of his own presence watching. Those trying to read his mind while he has it focused will encounter a chaotic jumble of static like a bad radio frequency.

    Secondly, while holding the Logrus in his mind he may see the traces of magical energy left by spells and creatures that generate sufficient magical activity to leave a trail. By allowing the Logrus to form around his hands like hyper-sensitive gauntlets, he can touch and assuage the age and intensity of the magic used, and even pry open old portals or echoes of teleportation to open a door to the same place, which closes after he passes through it. He may not open new portals of his own this way, only ones that have previously or are already in existence. When in use in this format, his hands glow with a particular pattern resembling circuitry.
  • Monstrous Regeneration – Sabe's body regenerates any damage taken at a phenomenal rate when compared to the human biology, including internal organ damage caused by diseases and poisons. Superficial cuts and scrapes will vanish in a matter of moments, with deeper wounds such as punctures and stabs taking several hours. Misaligned bones will reorient themselves correctly before attempting to mend themselves, and smaller lost appendages such as fingers will regrow themselves in a matter of days. For larger limbs such as arms and legs, it can take up to a week or more to grow the limb back. If the limb is recovered, it can be held to the severed area and will reattach in a matter of hours, though he will not be able to fully use it for a couple of days while nerves and muscle fully repair themselves. Any regrowth or mending of bone structure does not prevent pain, as it is not anesthetized. [Upgrade to Monstrous Regeneration]
  • Psyker – Using his mind, Sabe can communicate telepathically, or cause mental agonies unto his target. With this, he may open a two way channel between himself and the target in which they can mentally communicate over vast distances, or view their surroundings through their impressions, providing he knows who they are. It also allows him to effectively open his mental channels or close them off in defense when around others, as the chatter from many minds at once can cause blinding headaches when exposed to them for extended periods of time. He may not cause pain through an extended link over a long distance.

    Using this method of opening his mind, he can skim through the minds of others undetected by those of lesser or no mental capabilities, though would not be able to pry through closed off memories such as trauma if they were aware of it. Were they asleep or unconscious, he would have unimpeded access, but awake, they are likely to know of it as he must force his way into them. As well as just taking information, he may in this fashion plant it in the form of ideas and emotions, e.g. Planting the idea that one faction should attack another for profit in the leader of said faction's mind, so that they would think it was their idea.

    Victims may suffer a headache as a result of extended contact, and repetitive attacks may cause the targets sensibilities, inhibitions and general sense to collapse. The skill causes no physical damage but may cause mental degradation in say, a mind being interrogated. Less effective the more powerful a mind is, or if there are protected or shielded areas of a mind. [Upgrade to Psi-Lance]
  • Enuncia – A command is issued, laced with latent psychic power that forces an automatic response from those within earshot, affecting mind as well as body. Weaker minds are far more susceptible and often jump to obey, those that are mentally guarded or more powerful of mind may be able to shake off the effects, or be completely unaffected by the command.

    Sabe may utilize his voice in a manner that instead of using psychic power, draws on the chaotic energies of his blood, the Logrus, that can be bent to destruction, striking the target he is aiming at providing it is within his line of sight for 2x his strength. On uttering a word of chaos, anything degradable within the immediate range of his speech (30ft) will begin to decay. Metal will rust and buckle, wood will splinter and rot, and those within an immediate vicinity (10ft) on hearing will suffer mental degradation to either cause them to flee in fear, vomit, or temporarily lose their mind, unless they are of a chaotic nature themselves, when the chance to effect is reduced to 50%.
    This skill is not without penalty, in that he will take substantial backlash in its use, damaging him internally. Repeated use is not advised for risk of killing oneself. [Upgrade to Forceful Will]
  • Steelsong – In Sabe's hands, just about anything is a weapon. Trained in the art of war, he integrates his psionic abilities into everything he does, including the way he reads an opponents actions in the heat of battle. His physical reaction time is approximately 5x the average speed of a human when able to read the thoughts of an opponent, or 3x without it.
  • Lawbreaker – Providing he can maintain concentration, Sabe can reorient the center of gravity on himself, a specific target, or an area, in a direction of his choosing by altering his own belief about the laws of nature. If the affected target can sway him or break his concentration then things will return to normal.
    An area of effect must be within his line of sight, and manifests itself not as magic but as a bending of rules, much like his control of his own magnetism. This area is a spherical field with a 30ft radius, and encompasses a zone around the point of origin. Thus, he cannot fling people indefinitely, as hilarious as it might be, but could effectively throw them away from himself if need be.
  • Somnolent Aegis – When he is nearby to a sleeping person or creature, Sabe acts as a passive guard against night terrors, passive discomfort, anxiety and paranoia. Sleepers find themselves waking well rested and content of mood, though if he falls asleep in their proximity he may be drawn into their dream, where it could change due to his presence, and what he brings with him.
    If he so chooses, he may dreamwalk intentionally to a 'sleeper' and build a more permanent barrier around their dreaming mind that keeps away hostile beings and gives them the ability to actively reach him should they be 'lucid dreaming.' Other capable dreamwalkers may detect this aegis and note his mark on the protected person, and if they have the ability to do so, pull him to their dream providing he is also walking, or close to sleep.
  • Night Terror – By bending the fabric of reality on itself, Sabe can draw from the Ethereal to shroud himself in terrifying apparitions suited to the workings of his mind. These apparitions are only as real as the people around them believe them to be. If the person they are aimed at can see through the illusions, then it will not be able to harm them, and will be dispersed at their touch.
    However, if they cannot understand that it is only as real as they believe it to be, then something as simple as, say, a cat, would feel exactly so, right down to the softness of the fur and the sharpness of its teeth and claws.
    These terrors that manifest, whether altering himself, someone else or a separate singular entity naturally hold an aura of fear, that to the weak or unprotected of mind may cause debilitating terror, particularly if those viewing them are tired, drunk or sick.

    Alternatively, he can draw on the Ethereal to cause the same effect, though with a completely different empathy, but it is more taxing and difficult to do, and he must really want it in order for it to work. The nature of chaos is ever-changing, and while fear comes easily, it's much harder for him to draw something happy and well-meaning from his head than something like anger which is always in easy reach.
  • Deadzone – Those trying to breach Sabe's mind will find themselves facing a wall of white noise and disconnected, peculiar sounds, such as dial tones and 'no signal' strings, or incomprehensible babbling of binary. Sometimes this is accompanied by random images and sensations that deflect the concentration of prying minds, particularly if he is aware that he is the focal point of attention. Layers of these sort of defenses on top of his own complex mind make it somewhat difficult to tap into his thoughts when he doesn't want anyone in.

    He may extend this defense to a small area around himself within a radius of 5ft, though instead of static it omits all sound, covering the area with a bubble of mental silence. By doing this he can shield himself and others from attempts to scry or find them with magic, or other psions hunting for their mental functions. However, doing so nullifies all telepathic functionality within so long as he maintains it, including his own. Attempting to stretch himself to shield a larger area could cause him to snap and suffer temporary loss of control of himself, or simply pass out from the strain, as his mind does the easiest thing it knows how and shuts down.
  • Blackout – Providing he has clearance to get inside someone's head, Sabe can quietly close down the parts of their mind that are connected to the five senses, temporarily, or more permanently. It requires careful manipulation, and as such his concentration must be wholly focused on doing it right, lest he really mess something up and accidentally tie himself to the target in a more permanent way. In this way, he can also close the door on another psion's capability to hear the thoughts of others, leaving them in silence.

    If done temporarily, the sense afflicted will shut down for a couple of hours unless he has longer to tamper with it.

    Adversely, he may also be able to restart the parts of the brain that are non-functioning in regards to these senses in people who have otherwise perfectly normal eyes, ears, etc, with the exception to the neural link.

    If he feels willing enough to do so, he may deliberately link his mind on a more permanent basis with someone else, allowing them the function of his own senses. However, in doing so their minds will be tangled together, unable to unravel, and both will be able to see the other's every thought, no matter how intimate, including all the things barred behind doors that would otherwise be inaccessible. [PC Permission Required for Permanent Actions.]
  • Polar Flux – Sabe's control over his own magnetic field is such that he can now move metallic objects singly if he chooses, rather than everything within a radius of himself, relative to his physical strength. I.e, if he cannot lift it himself, he cannot move the metal. Aside from this, he may cause up to two metal objects to attract or repel from one another, providing they are within 40ft of himself, and detect the type and content of most metals providing he has prior knowledge of it.

    One unfortunate side effect is that he may attract stray lightning strikes from storms and magical spells, whether he is repelling or attracting. [Upgrade to Magnetism]
  • Sacrilegious Strength – Sabellius possesses the natural physical strength of 4x the average human being. [Upgrade to Profane Strength]
  • Mania – Like all clocks, Sabe sometimes goes cuckoo. During times of high emotional stress he may fall into a 'frenzied' state, where his inner anger rises to the surface regardless of his own control methods. When in this state, the Cambion has extreme difficulty telling friend from foe and is prone to ignoring demands and orders, becoming more beast than man, right down to developing more features relating to his demonic heritage.

    During his Frenzy, his mental capacity is greatly reduced, resulting in none of the subtlety that he might employ in his calm state, and his tolerance for pain is increased by 50%. He is more likely to target those of a celestial or elfin nature while enraged. This state of mind is more likely to happen when he is not under the effects of drugs or alcohol, which subdue the demonic rage.

    The effects of the frenzy last for up to five posts. When the anger wears off, he often experiences great remorse and melancholia, which renders him apathetic and unwilling to act for a while. This may be as little as a post, or the rest of the thread, depending on the consequences of what he's done while raging.
  • Babellius – Sabe can draw on his chaotic nature to twist and alter his features should he wish to, including things like the pigmentation of his hair, skin and eyes, his height, age, and gender, though changing the physical features of bone lengths and organs takes substantially longer than a quick colour-change. If he has a form that is familiar to him, he may change at a moment's notice, but the sudden level of pain may render him unconscious unless he takes it more slowly.(So that his body can accept it.)

    Adjusting the pigmentation of his hair etc. takes but a couple of moments, altering something like his height might take him as much as half an hour, an entire bodily change as much as a day if need be.

    Those with telepathic skills may find him peculiar as his thoughts still follow a distinctly male pattern, as does his behavior - at least until he's settled into the routine of gender swapping.
  • Heatsink – Bending physical laws allows Sabe to effectively link an object or organism to up to five others, and draw the heat from one into their connected components. E.g. He could draw the heat out of a burning torch and put it into a horseshoe, making the horseshoe hot instead. The more similar the objects are, the easier they are to transfer heat between one another.

    Alternatively, he may use his own body heat to ignite things, but it will cause a severe drop in his body temperature to do so. Warming things takes less effort, igniting them could potentially be fatal if he lowers it too much and cannot recover.
  • Blood Price – If Sabe is slain, his spirit detaches from his body and goes dormant while the flesh regenerates as it would if it were alive over the course of one to two days, depending on the extent of the damage done to him. After the second day his heart and mind restart, and his displaced spirit returns, effectively reanimating, though he will be severely weakened until his flesh has completed its regenerative cycle, usually within a week. Flesh affected specifically by magic hindering regeneration will still suffer the effects until it wears off or the body has finished mending itself, and magic specifically preventing healing can stop him from reanimating if he has died while it is active on his person.

    In order for him to reanimate, his heart and brain must be more or less 'together' to begin the process. If his body is shredded and the pieces scattered, it is counted as destroyed. If it is burned to ashes, or one of these vital organs removed and destroyed, then the body is counted as destroyed. If he is decapitated and his head not returned to the body within the two days, it cannot complete the cycle, and will not reanimate, rendering it destroyed. If he has drowned, the body may repair but must reach an oxygenated environment before it can flush its lungs and restart...overexposure to water can also destroy the body via bloating etc. Damage to the heart or brain will regenerate, but only if they are together.
    Effects of death may reflect on his person after reanimating, depending on how much he remembers about it.

    If his body is destroyed, his spirit is detached and trapped in the ethereal plane, or in Dreaming. He can be brought back at the cost of a summoning of his demonic presence, and a sacrifice made to his name, as each time he returns to the living, he snatches the place of someone else at random. A life must be given for a life, and he has no choice about who dies so that he may return again.