Elenlondians, Mianorites, & Half-breeds

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Elenlondians, Mianorites, & Half-breeds
To look at a surviving Mianorite or Elenlondian, on the surface, one wouldn't be able to tell the differences between the two—provdided their races are the same and that there are no discernable characteristics that set the two apart. However, if one were to dig deeper, if they were, say, a very skilled mage or one who could see auras, it is very likely that they would be able to identify these differences, based on what are known as magical signatures. Those who aren't able to access magic in any way, shape, or form are also able to sometimes sense these differences, but it is on a feelings basis only, making it very difficult to prove that someone is or is not a Mianorite.

Magical Signatures
The magic that existed in Mianor and that which exists in Elenlond are different and are tied directly into the makeup of each world. When Mianor imploded and the Mianorite gods sought a new place to settle, their magic was already on the decline, disappearing slowly as their ties to the world were severed. This was a subtle problem, however, and one that wasn't readily recognized by either the gods or mages powerful enough to sense the decline in their magical prowess until it was much too late. Their arrival in Elenlond marked a period of magical tension in which the Mianorite magic attempted to coexist alongside and annihilate Elenlond's.

The fall of the Mianorite gods was due chiefly to the resistance that Mianor's magic faced—both the Great Beasts and the jewellery they became when not summoned, which granted each deity his or her god status, were constructs of Mianor and therefore directly tied to a world that no longer existed—and its eventual erosion. Some deities were able to shift their magic from Mianor's signature to Elenlond's, but, for the most part, most fell and were never heard of again. Only the Goddess of Chaos, whose magic was unstable to begin with, suffered no consequences from her arrival in Elenlond, allowing her alone to cultivate Esiria. Her brethren, however, fell one by one until Elenlond had returned to its native state before their arrival.

Magical signatures are the roots, as it were, that branch off from every single person, whether they possess magic or not, that reside in each world's pool. Some roots do not reach too deeply into the pool, while others branch for miles below the surface. With Mianor's implosion, Mianor's pool quickly ran dry and those who could not push their roots down into Elenlond's pool lost their ability to use magic entirely, but retained a Mianorite magical signature, while those who were able to connect with Elenlond's seemlessly blended in with Elenlond's societies. It is because of these ties to one pool or another that one can identify whether they are dealing with a Mianorite or an Elenlondian, and those who transferred their magical signature effectively live a false life pretending to be a native Elenlondian. The half-breeds, however, experience more difficulties than pure-blood Mianorites do, as their magical signature is tied to both Elenlond and Mianor.

Mianorite magical signatures feel like white noise or static to those who are aware of it, and for those who aren't, it feels like an odd sort of buzzing, or produces a twitch or tick that persists until the entity with that particular magical signature leaves the vicinity. For those who do not know how to identify this feeling, it can be simply described as "weird."

The higher-educated people of Elenlond—the scholars and philosophers who spend their time pondering such phenomena—believe that not all worlds may possess magical signatures, and that it is likely there was a link between Mianor and Elenlond that enabled the gods to transfer their dominion and their people from one world to the next, that both shared similar characteristics, physically and magically. That is to say, both had magical signatures and the gods believed that they could merely transfer their power without repercussions.

The Eradication of the Mianorites
Had the Mianorites not arrived in Elenlond and imposed their cultures, ideals, religion, and power structures on their new home, it is likely that there wouldn't have been as violent a backlash by the Elenlondians as there was. Since history is not so neat and tidy, however, and this was the case, the beginning of the fall of the gods marked a period of violence levelled at any Mianorites that could be found. Anyone exuding the white noise/static sensation, or anyone even producing an off feeling in others, was targeted and subsequently murdered, either by assassins, hitmen, or in broad daylight by regular citizens. Very few law enforcers who were of Elenlondian descent seemed to care. As such, a very large portion of the Mianorite population—roughly 85-95 percent—were killed. Those who managed to survive were either able to tie their magical signature to Elenlond in some fashion, escaped to Esiria, or else hid themselves within Soare or on a nearby isle, as far away from any populated area as they could manage. It quite often became a life of isolation and loneliness.

At the same time that these murders were taking place, rebels were also breaking into libraries, the temples of fallen deities, and other areas to burn any and all records referencing the Mianorites. These included histories that were brought with the group, scientific knowledge and understandings, records of previous deities in their home world, and more. Not all records were found, of course, and one can still find a few dusty old scrolls or tomes in any given library, though they are well-hidden and very difficult to access. If one knows where to look, however, they can find only a small portion of the information that used to be available for any educated person.

The final step, after the gods had fallen and Elenlond had begun to reassert itself, was to eradicate as much public knowledge of the Mianorite deities and their followers as possible. As such, a period of forgetting was enforced across all of Soare and Angkar, and people were punished for inquiring about information regarding Mianor. In due time, memories of Mianor, and of the gods especially, began to fade just as their temples became overrun with flora and their people disappeared.

The Half-breeds
The half-Mianorite and half-Elenlondian children are considered the lowest citizens of society, although nobody would say as much aloud. Regarded as abominations due to the mixing of pure Elenlondian blood with the largely hated Mianorite blood, these children were the first to be targeted during the eradication phase of the world. At the beginning of this period, most children did not survive. However, once parents began to recognize the danger they faced, they too fled with those Mianorites who went into hiding, or else their children came to the realization that they could hide the Mianorite half of their magical signature by imposing the Elenlondian signature over top. Unfortunately, the solution was temporary at best, lasting perhaps a few hours before the control and discipline required to maintain the suppression of one signature over the other dissolved. It meant that anyone wanting to live in proper society had to be very careful and very discreet if they wanted to survive.

In addition to having the dual magical signatures, the half-breed children experienced a number of bizarre effects due to the mixing of two magicks, which lasted permanently even after Mianor's pool dried up. Some of these effects include, but are not limited to, the following: rapid aging, slow aging or no aging at all; uncontrollable and wild magic; mutations of various kinds; premature death; paradoxical magical abilities, etc. Up until the Mianorite pool ran dry, it took a great deal more concentration to be able to harness either type of magic, which proved to be an exhausting task.

Half-breeds still emit a static-like white noise in the presence of other pure-blood Elenlondians, but it is significantly quieter compared to pure-blood Mianorites, although no less annoying to those who happen to notice. Due to the duality of their heritage, they are also, perhaps as a side effect of the mixed signatures, unable to shift their Mianorite signature to an Elenlondian one as their pure-blooded Mianorite brethren could do. And although the Mianorites are all but forgotten, half-breeds must continue to tread carefully, as they are still disliked by society at large.

It has been suggested by scholars that Esiria has created its own magical signature, one that half-breeds and the remaining Mianorites may tap into if their metaphorical roots can find it, but that cannot be accessed (at least as easily) by Elenlondians. The magic, however, being bred of Chaos, is entirely unstable and possibly more dangerous than the Mianorite/Elenlondian hybrid magical signature that produced the oddities within the half-breed population; it has been said, by what few scholars know of it, that it may even destroy outsiders not native to Esiria who try to tap into it. It is far safer to try and keep one's magic tied to Elenlond, or to stay in hiding, than it is to try and tamper with an unstable and unknown magical pool.