Eldahar, the capital of Ashoka, is a beautiful city, even after having been through war and conquest. At the centre of the city is a great blue oasis, which is the heart of activity in Eldahar. People gather to collect water from the bridge which spans the lake, or else they relax in the shallow waters under the shade of the occasional palm tree. Many others go about their business in the sandstone buildings that surround the water's edge.Of course, there are many other things to be found in Eldahar, from the complex mansions of wealthy families and bountiful marketplaces to the seedier districts that house such famous brothels as The Harlot's Inn. No matter where one goes, they will find thoughtful and beautiful architecture fashioned both to shelter people from the heat of the sun and to please their eyes. Many buildings are also draped with hanging vines, for which the city is famous as a gem within the desert.Compared to the other main city in Ashoka, the City of Oracles, Eldahar is not home to many mages but rather to warriors, who are often armed with bows and spears. Guards patrol the streets, for Orion has converted Eldahar into a militarized zone. These guards are highly disciplined and trained and pay strict attention to the law, giving no mercy to wrongdoers.

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