Dioskiye Bathhouse

This is the most popular and accessible bathhouse in Eldahar. It is fed by aqueducts and is split into several parts. The entranceway is the first of many, where bathers remove their shoes. Then the room splits into two, leading to a side for women and a side for men. Within these rooms, bathers remove their clothing and receive a towel; they may also be oiled down, whereupon servants use scrapers to remove it. The next room in both segregated areas is known as the frigidarium, or the cold room; here, the pool's water is extremely frigid. The room after this is known as the tepidarium, or the warm room; this room is relatively warm and is generally held at a comfortable temperature. Finally, there is the caldarium, or the hot room. Massive windows line the walls and the room is constantly hot, almost sauna-like. Most bathers spend most of their time here. In each room there are small cubbies in which clothing and precious items can be stored, though bathers are warned not to leave them unattended for too long, as thievery is not uncommon here. The bathhouse is open to anyone and everyone.

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