Days of Happiness, Days of Misery

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Flader Cindel

The air was hot and heavy in the small village of Venart. The wind blew over the grassy plains, gently stirring the grass blades to an evening dance. Flader Cindel sat listening to soft whispers of the Morrimian plain as it began to settle in for another night. The sun was slipping over the horizon in a sleepy sort of way. Flader smiled to himself. This was the life. Nothing beat the slow country life. He closed his eyes and lacing his fingers behind his head, laid back to listen to the lullaby of the country night. Mag wouldn't mind if he was late getting in. She was accustomed to it actually. She knew his habits better than he did. He chuckled to himself. What a woman.
The peaceful night had no way to convey to Flader that the home, family, and life he loved so much were about to be ripped away from him. One must stop to ponder upon wither the horrors that occurred that night could have been averted.
Flader jerked out of his blissful contemplations as the sound of screams found their war to his ears. Fear clawed at his heart, and adrenaline pumping he sprung to his feet, turning in the direction of the screams. His village. It was burning. Flader wasn't far from the village so he could see outlines of people running to and fro among the flames. Some of them were distinctly unhuman. He took off at a sprint. Mag. He had to get to Mag, Haydian, and the youngest, Holly. By all that was holly let them still be alive!
It was horrific. There were orcs everywhere. They were slaughtering people without mercy, and there wasn't a building untouched by the voracious flames. Flader felt his heart shatter like glass. No. It couldn't be. There lying in the street was Mag's lifeless body. Behind her was Hollies little body. Flader couldn't speak. Tears stung his eyes. Somewhere in the back of his mind he recognized that the orcs had noticed him and were headed his way. His pulse raced. This was why they had left the city. To get away from all of the fighting, the wars, everything. Flader hadn't fought for years, but in that moment that couldn't have mattered less. An orc took a swing at Fladers head from behind. Flader ducked and before the orc could recover Flader was all over him. Knee to the groin, break the arm, grab the opponents sword, and thrust. The military precision that had been branded on Flader kicked in. He wasn't thinking anymore. The fight took over. He turned to the cries of approaching orcs. Good. He would lead them away. Maybe someone would survive. May the Gods have mercy. Flader raised his sword and charged.

Haydrian Cindel

The screams faded from the smoky night air. But they would never fade from the mind of a fourteen year old boy. Haydrian Cindel stood frozen in terror in the center of town. He had seen it all. Every death. Every scream for mercy. Even his own family. His mother. His sister. Dead at his feet. He had seen his father try to fight, but with all of the orcs... he hadn't seen the outcome, father must have led them away from the village, thinking he could save someone. He hadn't. Not even Haydrian. Haydrian couldn't believe it. He should be dead with his family. He looked down at where his legs should be. Nothing. Still invisible. Mother had warned him this might happen. Invisibility had been in the her family for centuries. She was one of the few who hadn't inherited it. Apparently it was hard to control once it awoke in someone, and it had chosen tonight to wake up inside of Haydrian. Haydrian had always hoped that he would inherit the gift but now he whished he hadn't. If the orcs had seen him he would have died with his family, instead of standing there frozen from fear, forced to watch everything. 
He felt tears dripping down his invisible cheeks. How could this happen? He couldn't imagine anything worse. His life was over. His family was gone. His home. He had nothing. No purpose. And that's when it hit him. He felt it in his stomach. It was swimming with fear, but something new dripped in. Shame. And the shame had a strange effect on the fear. They began to mix and boil together, creating something new. Rage. And the rage entered his system. It felt like fire in his veins. The heat burned and hardened his heart. Haydrian looked in the direction the orcs had disappeared. No matter how long it took. He would find them. His life may be empty, but he had a new purpose now. Simple. Revenge.