City of Oracles

The second major city of Ashoka, the City of Oracles is located on the eastern side of the country. The city's name came about hundreds of years ago when oracles and mages alike began to flock to it like birds to water. Why they did so is unknown. It is said that the settlement there prior to the city was small and existed because of an underground source of water, but one could not say that is the only reason. Thus many theories are batted around, some calling upon divine intervention, others seeking more down-to-earth causes, though it is hard to believe any one of them. Regardless of why this has happened, the city now as an academy at its centre dedicated to training people from all over the land in the arts of magic.The city itself feels as if it is composed entirely of magic. The vast majority of the buildings are made from alabaster, making them seem pale and even transluscent. The architecture seems to change colours as the day goes on and it is commonly believed that lingering magic in the air influences the colours the stone reflects. When wandering the streets, one may notice the magical insignias are painted and carved into the stone ground, warding off evil, death, and destruction. Thus many come here seeking sanctuary from the rest of the world, or else they may come seeking guidance and prophecies from the oracles here, or instruction from experienced mages.

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