Castle Evermore

Castle Evermore is a massive building in the centre of Ildri, which is the house of the monarch of the country, constructed out of the same red ochre as Ildri's other buildings. However, it towers over the rest of the city, consisting of five spacious stories, spanning several acres with its myriad of rooms and its expansive grounds. The inside is trimmed with imported dark cherry oak, and tapestries and carpets of magenta and burnt sienna; much of the inside is also adorned with gold, in keeping with the colours on the flag of Angkar.On the castle grounds is a lush, expansive lawn where all the trees and shrubberies are ordered symmetrically and kept well-trimmed. Behind the castle is a lavish courtyard with marble walkways and a grand fountain, and placed off on the far corners of the ground where they are not easily seen by the public, are buildings such as the stables and barracks. Surrounding the entire property is a tall iron fence, with a massive gate in the front, and guards keep watch at all times.Though the castle is named after the man who had it built, Razarod Evermore, it is no longer inhabited by him.

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