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Hello fair people of Elenlond! We have many exciting updates for you on this fine spring day! First, let’s talk about…

The Coliseum
By the suggestion of the fabulous Lotte and thanks to the industrious efforts of Dnan, we have a fun new method of spicing up your characters’ lives! With the simple recitation of an incantation, your character can be abruptly transported to Agrippa Dabooti’s Marvelous Muscle Emporium, where they have the opportunity to test their strength against other fine fighters from around the globe! Collect points to which can be turned into bonus abilities, garner fame and fortune and, most important of all, don’t die! If you’d like to get involved, check out the rules for further information.

Oh, but I forgot to mention that The Coliseum is a recent construction in the beautiful new city of…

After several years of construction, Queen Eulalia Ashtaroshe’s project to restore the ancient city of Mondragón has been completed. Once the site of the opulent reign of the old king of the outer Luin Isles, this city has been remade into a hub for learning and culture, complete with an Academy that is sure to rival the one in The City of Oracles. You could be the first, or second, to start a thread in Angkar’s newest city!

Meanwhile, in Soto…
The tides of the war have turned. After several long months of starvation, Reine has thrown off the chains of its siege. The Angkarian fleet has broken the blockade that prevented Reine from using its ports and, soon after, the Reineans have routed the forces surrounding the city. Now that both Méadaigh’s perspective and the Sotoans’ perspective have been covered in the latter thread, everyone is welcome to post in it. We’re trying to keep things succinct so we can move onto an even bigger and better battle, so we encourage people to make 1-2 posts generally covering their character’s experience of the battle. Though the ultimate outcome of this battle had been determined, you still have the opportunity to influence how the Sotoans win.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what that big battle is going to be about. Well, while the Reinean army marches after the retreating forest folk, the forces at Zauber Mansion have united with those of Viktor Zauber’s aunt Morwenna. They now know of the Reineans’ attempt to break from the siege and must decide what to do next…

But, really, if you want to learn more in detail about the goings on in Soto and around the continent, you should just check out….

The Town Crier
That’s right, another issue of the Town Crier is out! Be sure to read it closely, as it covers several exciting events taking place around the world. Much thanks to Dnan to putting it together!

Also, there’s new OTMs!
Be sure to congratulate Qayin for snagging the character OTM and also check out Icare, between Izzy and Lotte, which won Thread of the Moment!

Now, I must mention one more thing before I go:

Upcoming Activity Check
We’re well overdue for an Activity Check, so this is just a heads up that you should expect our next announcement will include an Activity Check!