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Basic Info

Name: Bast

Age: ??

Gender: Female - A-sexual (Bast may reproduce using her own genes)

Alignment: True Neutral

Social Class: Street Rat

Occupation: Book thief

Race: Fire Elemental

Nationality: Morrimian (Though Bast is a planar being, she was originally torn and shaped, thus given birth to, in Morrim, at the foot of the Do'Suul mountains.)

Weapons: None
Physical Appearance

Voice: Distinctly northern and noticeably thicker when she becomes emotional. If she sang...
[+] spoiler
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Complete with Foojoe.

Bast scribble by Crow!
Standing at a rough 5'4", Bast is below average height and displays a somewhat voluptuous frame that is a little on the heavy side, with modest breasts and generous hips, thick thighs and a little podge of belly. She is not particularly athletic for all her running away from things, and tends to bring to mind more the 'lazy cat' than human, moving with the same cautious grace that any cat burgular would be proud of. Her hands and feet in relative to the rest of her seem small, with skinny, nimble fingers that always appear to be fidgeting when unoccupied.

Her hair is usually a flaming orange, and cut to a chicken-tail style that flutters and twists in the wind of its own accord with a long separated strand from the top her head either side, held with little bronze rings. Each ring is engraved with a small flame symbol that bears resemblance to the number six. Her hair may change colour with her temperature, for instance, the angrier she gets the hotter she burns, and eventually it will turn white. When sick or exhausted it will become shorter and burn blue-ish purple like a low flame. She could technically change the length and style at will, but it will always regrow in this fashion.

Bast's skin is a rich golden bronze colour, spattered with freckles across her nose, the tops of her arms, shoulders, and breasts. In low light it emits a soft radiance akin to torchlight, and bears a patterning resembling a star map, in a form not unlike circuitry. She has no outward scarring or piercings as each time she is 'killed' and reforms, she reverts to her basic structure, losing such deformities until she adds them back herself.
Her skin emits a warmth at all times, which changes depending on her mood. The angrier she gets, or the more passionate about something, including arousal, the hotter she will burn. It generally stays at a level of heat that would be feverish for any normal person.

Her eyes are large and almond shaped, long lashed and dark, and flare up when passionate to smolder like banked coals below thin arched brows. Her nose is otherwise normal, straight and slightly snub or upturned at the end above plump lips and an expressive mouth. Her chin is lightly pointed and dimpled, and her face has an overall round cast to it.

What clothing Bast wears tends to be whatever she can 'borrow' or happens to have with her at the time, which depending on her state of being - shapeshifted, health etc - she may have none at all, as each reforming after dying, or shapechanging naturally drops all garments. When out travelling she wears more layers than would otherwise be normal, as protection form the elements, particularly water of which she is highly vulnerable to.

Bast may literally consume any flammable material to boost her energy levels back to a healthy point, though she prefers to eat things that taste good, like pastries and sweets, which are her favourite. It goes without saying that alcohol will substantially cool her blood, which is at a boiling temperature. It may also cause her to combust. Things like water, and a lack of oxygen are incredibly harmful to her, and will cause her to extinguish.
  • Optimistic
  • Passionate
  • Stubborn
  • Flirtatious
  • Bold
  • Hot-blooded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Errant
  • Easily Attached
  • Affectionate
  • Critical
  • Self Doubting
  • Foul Mouthed

Bast was born of a greater elemental, which was summoned and trapped within a prison of human design, the prison itself being later named the Telhamite Stone. Thepsis, the greater elemental, was bound to the mage of which Bast only knows to be referred to as 'the master' and trapped dormant within the stone until it was recovered by the Dulasiin and taken to the caves within the mountains of Morrim. On using the stone to create the lights that would give them the life they needed to grow and harvest their own produce and thus survive within the deeps of the caves.
Each time the power was tapped into, the greater elemental's power waned a little confined to the prison as he was, and he began to disperse, his children escaping out in a multitude of forms into the caves. So long as Thepsis remained in the stone and they were still bound to him, they would survive until he either released them from his service or was freed from the stone.
One of the lesser elementals that took form was Bast. The mage that harnessed the power of Thepsis originally used his wild planar power to create and bind many lesser elementals in varying shapes and forms for different functions. Bast was considered but one imperfection in a line of similar feminine entities though for what purpose she can now only guess at as the knowledge that was once collective has become vague and in places nonexistent as their flames have gradually been snuffed out.
She remained in her place lighting the caves and living among the people until the interlopers came and removed the stone in a trade for the wily earth spirit Calliope. When the girl escaped, Bast took it upon herself to bring her back, and if not her then to retrieve the stone. At the very least, if she couldn't do either of these to sustain the people that she had loved, then she would attempt to free herself that she might give them what life she had in her to keep them going.
Since leaving however she's realized that despite reading all the books she can get her hands on via the missionaries, nothing in those lines of text has much relevance in comparison to the reality, and she is very much at a loss as how to function properly in the world. Without a real place and very little idea where to start, she set off in what she hoped was the direction of Kinaldi. During this trip she was apprehended by a group of slavers and on refusal to allow them to 'collect' her, she roasted the first one to grab her and fled across the plains until they gave up trying to pursue her. Instead the dying burnt man spat the venom of his last breath into a curse upon her head which seems to have manifested itself not into something terrible, but inconvenient in that she can't enter a house uninvited.

Recent History:

Bast found the nymph Calliope after she left the caves outside the Ashokan city of Eldahar, where she confronted her on leaving the Dulassiin to their fate. Calli refused to go back, and Bast submitted to an air of defeatism, being unwilling to force the woman if she didn't want to, having little desire to return herself after a taste of the outside world.
She resolved to free her other half from the stone and meet Thepsis in a battle of wills, whatever the outcome, else she would isolate herself in the inevitable event of her approaching death.
[+] spoiler
  • Water is physically damaging to her, as is a lack of oxygen. Both of these things have a very real potential to kill her. As a result, she's afraid of the rain and makes a point to avoid large bodies of water where possible. If submerged in water or a large amount is thrown on her, she will reduce to a small star until rekindled, or until she goes cold and dies.
  • She can literally eat anything, though prefers materials that are easily burned, therefor does not worry overly about sustenance. This does not prevent her suffering from the same problems such as poisoning etc that most people do.
  • As an elemental, she can be bound to a single person if they have a strong enough will and are magically capable of performing the rite. In this case she can also be summoned and held to perform tasks as she is bidden ot the master. Bast may also be banished to either a select containment or her former prison, the Telhamite Stone.
  • She carries a small metal puzzle box that she obtained while in the caves of the Dulassin and kept because it seemed important, that when turned or held for a length of time will begin to cause the holder to suffer headaches and possible hallucinations, believing they are being whispered to.
[+] spoiler
To be added to.
Thepsis is a greater fire elemental having been known to be trapped within the Telhamite Stone that now rests atop the Black Tower in Morrim. Within the last century he was dragged from his residence in the Inner Planes and severed from his own natural soul, greatly diminishing his power, and allowing him to be contained within the prison without breaking out, where he fell dormant to protect his own vitality. Over time, this vitality has been steadily decreasing, lacking the essential core that keeps him going, and giving his otherwise burning body an ashy exterior as he steadily cools.

In the opposite hand, there is Bast, the soul of the elemental shaped into a person and through what Thepsis would call a profanity, given a name and an identity, effectively splitting him into two beings, which are very much polar opposites. Thepsis is incredibly violent, and dangerous, and typically of a fire elemental seeks only to consume and destroy, while his counterpart is the life giver. While he cools, she grows hotter.

He must not be released.

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Joined: February 13th, 2014, 3:28 am

February 27th, 2014, 11:48 pm #2

First Five Abilities
  • Eternal Flame - Immune to flame based magical attacks, and highly resistant to extreme temperatures that she can survive comfortably in lava. She also glows in the dark as bright as a regular torch, so long as she is physically healthy, and cannot 'turn it off.'
  • Burning Soul - Bast is constantly warm to the touch, to the point that unprotected contact will result in a painful burn on bare skin should she raise her temperature. When emotionally excited this may result in combustion of herself.
  • Cipher - Bast may manipulate words to alter into another language or composition so long as they are written down, and will learn new languages and ciphers at a phenomenal rate.
  • Blind Threshold [Curse]- Bast is unable to cross the threshold of any domain or dwelling that is not open such as a tavern or inn, or blessed under the domain of fire.
  • Void Shift - When she doesn't want to be noticed, Bast can essentially 'fade' into the background, or slide out of people's notice and make it more difficult for them to remember her later, so long as she concentrates on the sensation of not wanting to be noticed. Doing this during the day is more effective than at nighttime because of her glow, but she can with some minimal pain dim her glow during the process in the evening. When faded, though she steps back from normal notice, she leaves a prominent 'echo' of eldritch magic to those who may notice such things. This probably has something to do with the puzzle box on her person.
Simple Abilities
  • Little Box of Horrors - Bast's Puzzle Box is a small cube of some unidentified material that both resembles at times, metal, or stone. The sides are thought to be roughly 2.75 inches each, though trying to measure them is impossible as one always gets different readings for each side every time, and the numbers are said to move on the instruments or change to unknown symbols. It is made of many tiny interconnecting pieces like a tiny labyrinth and functions in the same manner as a Rubik's Cube. A wrong move causes the box to be reset. It also gives off a repulsive aura of wrongness.

    On each move, the user may experience headaches or migraines, an increasing paranoia, sudden bleeding with no apparent wound, (no physical apparent physical damage or lasting pain, e.g nosebleed) whispers inside their mind, and hallucinations or mental visions, or temporary extreme terror or loss of sanity (Decrease in sanity lasts for 5 minutes only, no longer). Carrying it will induce nightmares, and an increased awareness of the void, or eldritch and death magics, and gradually wear away sanity over time as well as causing the user to become fixated with it the more it is used.
    The fixation works in much the way that when you try hard not to think of something and it continuously works its way into mind, until you can think of nothing else.

    Should the user decide they can take no more and pass it on to someone else, the effects will diminish in time relative to the length of time that it has been with them. E.g, If they carry it for one day, they must not carry it for one day to completely remove all the effects that begin to work on their mind. If they carry it for two days, then they must abstain for two days, and so on.
  • Unstable Matrix - Bast can reform her shape by condensing into fire and changing herself into small animals or objects. On changing back she must eat to regain her energy as changing from a small creature back to her human state is quite taxing. Taking on the shape of an animal may grant her differing abilities to the usual, at a reduced rate to others, e.g Turning into a bird may allow her to fly but she lacks the strength or speech of her human form.
    Her favorite forms are a salamander (usually clouded variety in brownish red with gold splotches), and a Bronze Mau. (1 + 2)
  • Flame Ward – Bast may infuse an object or person to become resistant to the effects of fire, both magical and natural. The effect lasts one hour, and contact with extreme heat will cause a tingling sensation on a living target not unlike pins and needles to a lesser extent. While under the protection of flame, the target may not catch fire or be subject to burns. Does not protect against magma or molten metal, which may still harm target. Extensive blasts of magical fire from a higher level affect resistance to heat by lowering it the stronger the spell is.
    E.g Resistance from magical fire at simple level is 80%. Intermediate is 65%. Advanced 35%.
Intermediate Abilities
  • Redox – As long as there is a goodly supply of oxygen around her, Bast may perform a variety of actions relating to the consumption of oxygen. Without the oxygen, she is immediately extinguished, thus requires some to at least exist in her material form. She may not use more than one property of her Redox at a time, and must stop using whichever she may be utilizing at any point if she wishes to use another.
    • Skyrocket - So long as she is healthy, Bast may cycle currents of warm air to make herself levitate at a maximum of 4ft off the ground in her human form. The lighter she is, the higher she can levitate, so her cat form would be able to drift on the air much higher than her human shape. Alternately she may burn her own energy in conjunction with the consumption of air, causing flames to erupt from her hands and feet and launch herself like a meteor to travel great distances quickly. Travelling in this mode is not viable in any other shape than human form.
    • Expansion - Bast may expand her size up to that of a house providing she has enough oxygen to do so, or alternately shrink herself to the size of a pea. Not recommended for use in places where the air is thin, or scant, as she could easily extinguish herself if she used up all the air in a small cavern for example.
    • Reconstruction - Providing there is enough oxygen, and she has consumed enough fuel to be healthy, Bast may regrow any damaged or severed limbs on her person. Using this skill takes quite a lot out of her, and she will need to eat after its use.
  • Firecracker – Bast may control active fire sources, or form flames from the energy of her body to hurl as a projectile at a target, or wash with a cone of fire at close range. The cone extends to a max of 10ft with a 1.5ft width at the end, where it is widest. When hurled as a projectile, it screams and fizzes like a firework, appearing bright blue in colour, and are hot enough to melt iron. The fireball will travel until it connects with a surface, and causes a small explosion with a 10ft radius at the impact site. Essentially she could throw it and it would keep on going, but the farther it moves away the more erratic it is, and is likely to go off course. After roughly 40ft, her aim peters out and the projectile is highly likely to fly erratically and strike the ground, or other obstacles.
  • Knock – By utilizing the circuitry inlaid in her skin, and particularly her hands, Bast can bypass magical seals and locks up to an intermediate level. There is a small chance that she can remove the seals on an advanced lock (25%) but more often than not it will fizzle out or cause her to suffer a painful shock in the backlash on failure.
  • Unstable Core – Bast may condense her form to motes of fire and expand it rapidly to change her shape to something bigger than herself, roughly the size of a large horse. Additionally changing up from a smaller size, no longer taxes her unless used several times in succession in a short period of time. E.g Changing to something larger 5 times in one hour will leave her weakened and needing to consume some form of fuel before she can do it again.[Upgrade to Unstable Matrix]