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Aniketos Hesperés

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September 7th, 2011, 2:09 pm #1

❧ aniketos hesperés
Age – 31
Gender – Male
Alignment – Lawful Neutral, primarily, with a Chaotic streak
Social Class – Sovereign
Occupation – Sotoan Council Member- Former Member of Auberon’s Destiny
Race – Human
Nationality – Sotoan

❧ physical appearance
Aniketos has been blessed with great beauty, for which he is notorious. Though he is in his late twenties, he goes to great pains to maintain the appearance of flowering youth: he keeps his chin closely shaven, his skin pale and his body limber. This also results in a sort of androgynous appearance, for though the structure of his face is clearly masculine in its boldness, his bones are still fine and his manner still delicate. His nose is thin and pointed, but it does not protrude too far from his high-boned cheeks. His lips are full and bright, sitting over a small, slightly indented chin, which rises from a well-defined jaw. Perhaps most noticeable about him, however, are his eyes, which are wide and amber, appearing gold as honey in the sunlight. They are shaded under long lashes and delicately arched eyebrows. His hair is tawny-brown and curly and usually kept at chin-length. He keeps it clean but intentionally lets it look artfully unruly, to keep with his youthful appearance.
Aniketos is leanly muscular, with a body like a sliver of moon, but still powerful. He is about 5’9”, with a long neck. He often stands in contrapposto, with one hip jutting out to the side.
He is known for his light-footed walk, and for going about with a jacket unbuttoned, a cape fashionably off-centre or a loose shirt sliding down to reveal a graceful white shoulder. In this way, he always seems to be half-dressed, a look he propagates with great care- he buys the most fanciful clothes he can find and then wears them casually, attempting to reveal his body to the world in a way that seems accidental. People tend to find this either entrancing or ridiculous, or some combination of both. When talking to someone else, he tends to tilt his head to the left, lowering his eyelashes and smiling attractively if he is attempting to persuade them to do something.
However, he is not always foppish and playful. He can change his demeanor entirely within moments- becoming serious or angry in a way that is most surprising. In such a state, his pale face more resembles marble, his eyes smoulder like embers. He holds himself differently, seeming to tower and stare down on others. His voice, so carefully-phrased and playful, can become threateningly low and firm, with each well-chosen word stabbing as precise as a stiletto.
When dressing for a serious occasion, he tends to choose tighter-fitting clothes which are cut to accentuate his shoulders with sharp lines. Navy, red and gray are his favourite colours for such clothing. This has a way of making his youthfulness dissipate; Aniketos can thus enter a mode where all boyish-ness is forgotten and authority and ambition take over.

Armour – (See picture below). Aniketos' armour is made of tough leather. It comprises of a cuirass, a cingulum with several layers of hanging leather straps, epaulette-like spaulders, greaves, vambraces, leather gloves, boots and a cape. The leather is all dyed deep indigo and embellished primarily with silver with some details in gold. A six-pointed Hesperés star is emblazoned across his chest, and below that, the Sotoan goddesses of sea and wind carrying banners. Aniketos' cape is a deeper indigo than the rest of his armour, nearly black, and edged with gold and silver.
Weapons – He normally carries a knife with him, for the sake of convenience and protection, though he has many knives to choose from. When heading out to battle, he carries a longsword, named Eiletheia, which is elegantly cast with knotted designs on the hilt and handle. Similar designs have been etched up the blade.
However, his preferred weapon is a bow, given to him by Shrista. It is name Iokheira, after a famed Sotoan heroine, and is made of indigo-dyed wood, carved with delicate leaves. Moonstones are inlaid on the wood and the bow is capped with mithril at either end. Aniketos was also gifted a matching quiver, complete with the Hesperés star embossed on the dyed leather.

❧ personality
Aniketos' personality has changed a lot over the past few years. He used to be a most unruly character, with an affection for drinking, mischief and promiscuity. He has a history of making a fool or hero of himself while drunk, stories of which have become old favourites in conversations about the politician. The Sotoan people have a hard time forgetting the time he and a bunch of friends crashed an old flame's banquet and stole half the silver cups off the table, to no protest from his former lover. Much speculation has gone into the fate of those silver cups, but the most solid theory (and the true one) was that he gave them out as party favours as a banquet of his own. Some who remember a bit farther back will recall the time in the army he led a phony raid on the other half of the camp, an incident which resulted in a lot of panic, seven injuries and a lot of spilled soup. Those with a truly good memory will recall the rumour told by his closest friends, which is that one of the first times Aniketos ever got drunk as a teenager, he fell out of a tree and broke his arm. There is also a lot of speculation that Aniketos had something to do with the pair of legs that appeared above the production of Argis in a theatre in Reine. When Aniketos is faced with these stories, he tends to handle it as he does with many things: with composure and humour and careful replies.
He also has a history of intimacy with people of all sorts of genders and races. In this way Aniketos has never discriminated, the reason for this being that his lust does not grow out of an entirely selfish desires but a true curiosity about people and a vivid, if brief, affection for the ones he likes. Sex is merely one way of expressing such interest and admiration. Aniketos is a good ally to those who have interested and amused him; he hands out favours like pennies and is quick to compliment quick-thinking, beauty, wit and a good sense of humour, even if these are turned against him in the form of insults.
The downside of this has been a lukewarm attitude towards lasting relationships, for he often gets tired of people once they lose their initial surprises. Thus there are few that have stayed with him for years, and those that have aren't always treated well, but almost as commodities.
However, things have changed. Aniketos has stopped drinking in great quantities, he is less wildly social and less unruly. What has replaced this is a relative self-assuredness in several choices in his life, namely his love for the drow woman, Shrista Ssapavin Barriurden and his hatred of another drow, Neriasis. Rashness and unreliability have been replaced with careful, focused intent on these people. In the case of Shrista, he shows an exceeding gentleness and is more lacking in composure than ever with her and whenever speaking of her. In the case of Neriasis, he is carefully calculated, putting his renowned tactical abilities to use with obsessive thoughts about how to bring down this enemy. More generally, Aniketos has learned how to be untrusting, at times even paranoid, and how to treat himself with moderation. He is more tired, more upset by certain memories and a fair bit quieter and subdued in conversation. He has turned time from socialisation into time for paperwork and thought and Shrista. Rumours about him have died out as he has become more private, though it is common knowledge that it is the mysterious drow woman who has caused this change.
Some things have not truly changed however. Aniketos has a temper: not for everyday insults and honest accidents, but for intentional malice, ignorance and stupidity. His temper is destructive and and well-planned, for he is aided by tactical and political abilities.
Aniketos also continues to be a staunch lover of Soto. He has a strong devotion to the country and its people and is quite adept at winning people over with such rhetoric. His actions are often controversial but his proposals tend to win through and the public often find themselves to be in support of whatever actions he performs, even if only in hindsight. One of Aniketos' most famous actions was the raid launched on a camp of Ashokan refugees in the winter of 5AR. The raid was successful in that it caused the deaths of many refugees and the dispersal of the rest, and was originally shocking and controversial but has often been spoken of favourably since, if only out of admiration for Aniketos' talent for military work.
Another famous action was Aniketos' deposition of the corrupt general Gilead Saturninus Barillus. This was even more well-received, especially since it resulted in an overall reform to root out the web of corruption once inherent in Soto's military.

❧ political aspirations
Aniketos envisions Soto as something greater than she is today. He believes that she is deserving of more land, of more prestige, of more fame for her military and navy. He also would love for people to see him at the head of such actions, to gain fame and a sort of immortality for doing so. He also loves the excitement of bombastic actions, which sometimes results in decisions that are more flashy than they really need to be. This is where a lot of his work and speculation has gone. Though smaller works bore him, Aniketos does try to keep up, but is often forgetful of paperwork and particularities. Aniketos operates on the assumption that cohering to legality and common morality are optional when great works are at hand, which explains a lot of his works.
Country Relations –
  • Angkar – Aniketos was friendly towards Angkar when Hemlock was king, given that they had a positive relationship. However, the recent upsets in the country have hims unsteady and suspicious. He is liable to learn to trust Angkar again and to give Queen Eulalia a chance, as the country does such profitable trade with Soto and is too far away to be potential property.
  • Ashoka – Through interactions with Ashoka's Moghul, Orion, Aniketos has learned to be suspicious of Ashoka. He is ideologically opposed to the authoritarian government and wishes there was something he could do to bring it down, but is currently powerless to do anything about it. He thus treats Ashoka with an outward respect, but he is careful and attentive to any vague rumour of military movements from the country, as he fears that there may be secret intentions against Soto. However, due to an odd friendship with the country's High Inquisitor, Sophia, he is less paranoid about this than before.
  • Morrim – Aniketos maintains an outward friendliness towards Morrim, but it is a cool, distant friendship for him. He was against supporting Morrim through her period of famine. Publicly, the reason for this was that Soto has matters of her own to devote time and money too, but the real reason, which is occasionally speculated but not well known, is that Aniketos has a far-off visions of expanding into Morrim, at least in part. Thus it is in his interests to keep the country weak if possible, and to make no explicit statements of friendship.

❧ history
Aniketos was born to Kyrillos and Euanthe Hesperés, who were made doubly wealthy by their union. Kyrillos was a respected general, part of Auberon’s Destiny and Euanthe was from a merchant family with holdings on gold and silver mines throughout Soto. Aniketos was an only child- Euanthe tried to conceive several times after his birth but this always wound up in miscarriage. As a result, she cherished Aniketos, fulfilling his every whim and letting him run rampant, except for those moments when she randomly clamped down on his excessive freedom for fear of his wellbeing. Throughout Aniketos' early childhood, Kyrillos was often away and so Aniketos grew up being unfamiliar with him. He fostered a dissatisfaction with his father and a vague contention with his mother, mostly because he resented those moments where she mothered him too much. When Kyrillos died when Aniketos was 10, he didn't seem to be too bothered and never made much of an effort to find out about the man. The remorse for his blasé reaction to the loss of his father has never quite caught up with him, but occasionally Aniketos experiences a flourishing curiosity and tries a little bit to find out about his father. This often results in a vague sense of disappointment when Aniketos finds that his father is not who he would want him to be.
He grew up in Reine and thus he knows the various hideouts and niches in the city from his various escapades over the years. From a young age, he was very outspoken and demanding, sometimes openly disagreeing with his tutors or refusing to attend lessons at all. He was popular and influential among his peers, who loved his daring and anti-authoritarian nature. He discovered drink at a young age, as well as sex, and flourished greatly off of those two activities.
By the age of 16, Aniketos was involved in Auberon's Destiny, and was spent several years as a soldier in various encampments around the country. At the age of 19 he was named successor by his lover, General Sera Ramios (a position which is synonymous with guildmaster), who then made a bid for the Council. The bid failed, at first. While Ramios continued his efforts to become a Councillor, Aniketos was involved in training exercises in the ruins of Solibar. Finally, Ramios was successful and, at age 22, Aniketos became general and guildmaster of Auberon's Destiny. He had hoped for excitement but was thoroughly disappointed, as Soto was no warfaring nation. So, he enjoyed the other benefits of his position- power, sex, and relative freedom from disapproving superiors. He also learned to be a powerful speaker, drawing on the lessons he was taught as a child and applying this to practical situations. He was adept at manipulating the system, finding out who was important and currying favour with them, sometimes even getting into their bed to gain power. With these various skills, he managed to get elected as a Councillor at the age of 24, a job with more benefits but less excitement. He has often tried to stir up some sort of conflict- he is forever scheming, sometimes trying to pit people against each other or trying to climb to a position of higher power. And, if he is lucky one day, he may be able to come up with something much, much more dangerous.

Recent Events –
  • At the very end of the winter of 5AR, Aniketos led a raid against the Ashokan refugees that had taken up residence in Soto. The raid was successful, though Aniketos' friend Lord Rathurn was killed. Aniketos was also struck in the calf by a magical arrow while fighting the refugees' leader, Yangin Kanruh. The initial wound nearly felled him, though he continued fighting out of sheer strength of will. He refused to remove the arrow for quite some time, insisting on taking on other duties (such as interrogating a prisoner, Dalim Wolfborn, for information regarding Evalee Aislin Scott, who betrayed the raiders' cause to the refugees) and fell ill with a fever soon after it was removed. In the throes of this fever, Aniketos nearly died, wandering as he did through scenes of darkness and fear. He came out of this, however, with a renewed determination to achieve his goals for his life and for his country.
  • Earlier that year, in the summer, Aniketos met, by a chance, a drow named Shrista Barriurden. They slept with each other, though Aniketos thought it unlikely that they'd meet again. They did, however, and Aniketos decided to hire her as his bodyguard. She was present for the raid on the refugees and Aniketos' brush with death. The two eventually became rather close- Aniketos gifted her a set of armour emblazoned with the Hesperés crest, she gave him his bow and some seeds for the Star Lantern flower which grows deep in the Underdark.
  • Aniketos and Shrista adopted three kittens, which are by now fully grown. They are as follows:
  • Aniketos led a violent takedown of the General Gilead Saturninus Barillus in the summer of 6AR and following this, successfully rooted out corruption in the Sotoan military.
  • In the following autumn, Shrista and Aniketos fought enough for her to leave, being led away by Kaahn, her demon. She was pregnant with Aniketos' child, a fact which Aniketos was not sure of until a few months later. Over that winter, Aniketos turned towards heavy drinking and sex to deal with his problems and only rose midway through summer.
  • He had given up hope of ever seeing Shrista again when a rival of his, Tekun, appeared at his door and announced that Shrista had been kidnapped by Argos' guildmaster, Neriasis. This occurred ostensibly because of a disagreement between Aniketos and Neriasis. Aniketos and Tekun managed to save Shrista and banish Kaahn, but by then the baby had been born stillborn. Aniketos took Shrista into his care and, after some time, recommenced his relationship with her. His hatred for Neriasis simmers on, waiting for the right moment to boil over.
❧ miscellaneous
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Aniketos' Abilities

Abilities Thread

Simple Abilities
  • Seduction – Aniketos is a master of seduction- highly manipulative and highly attractive, and willing to try his abilities on anybody as long as there is some benefit for him.
  • Poison Immunity – Aniketos has made himself immune to some of the most common poisons, such as belladonna, hemlock and several types of snake venom, an ability which he acquired sometimes by magic, sometimes by taking small doses of the toxin to accustom himself to it. However, more obscure poisons will still affect him, as well as inorganic substances such as arsenic.
  • Magic: Shadow Cords – Aniketos can conjure dark cords into being and use them to manipulate objects or restrain people. These cords can be cut and can break if pulled hard enough.
  • Toxicology – Somewhere along the years, Aniketos managed to pick up a disturbingly vast knowledge of various poisons, how to acquire them, use them, detect them and counter them. No one is really sure whether he's actually used this knowledge or not...
  • Magic: Temperature Manipulation I – Aniketos can alter the temperature of air, water or objects, altering it by as much as 20° C in either direction and maintaining a flow of magical energy for up fifteen minutes. This is mostly for the sake of comfort- he can warm up a bath this way, or cool down the air around him on a hot day, although this ability has the potential to be used as a way to distract the enemy in a combat situation. The higher the volume of matter he is manipulating, the more energy he expends.
  • Weapons Training- From his time in Auberon's Destiny, Aniketos has picked up a fairly extensive knowledge of various weapons, meaning he can wield most common weapons with ease. He is most talented with the bow and arrow, a trait which has of course instigated many Cupid-related jokes at his expense.

Intermediate Abilities
  • Persuasion II – Having refined his techniques, Aniketos can use his words and body to bring people to his side or to get them to do things, so long as they aren't terribly stubborn or set in their beliefs.
  • Mental Shield – Thanks to lessons learnt as a child, Aniketos can defend himself against mental manipulation such as mind-reading, compelling and possession. This skill requires some concentration and a bit of magic, which Aniketos is normal quite accomplished at when necessary (but not when inebriated, asleep or sexually distracted) and is an effective defense against all but the most skilled perpetrators.
  • Essence of Blindness/Arrows of Shadow – Aniketos can conjure a magical substance that can be smoke-like, a viscous liquid or solid. It appears to be made of absolute shadow, and if ingested, inhaled or otherwise absorbed into the bloodstream causes one to experience momentary blindness for ~15 seconds. This has a stack-on effect with each subsequent strike. Most often Aniketos will use this in an arrow form (the arrow dissipates over the course of the effect, leaving the wound open to bleed), or he will coat his sword with it. The substance dissipates after 1-2 minutes if not used. It has a one-time effect but Aniketos can conjure it 10 times in a row before tiring, less if he has been using other magic. Those with magic resistance may be able to avoid the affects.
  • Magic: Influence Mood – Aniketos can use magic to subtly influence a person's mood. This does not necessarily facilitate and entire moodswing, nor can it completely change someone's opinion about something. Instead, it is a "nudge" in the correct direction, such as making a person angrier, happier, sadder etc., which may then have an influence on their decision-making. This is normally undetectable except to those who can sense magic or mental manipulation. Those with mental defenses will be able to protect themselves, and those who are especially stubborn, passionate or opinionated may justify the "nudge" as a passing thought with no connection to Aniketos.
  • Archery Proficiency – Aniketos is well-trained in the skill of archery and has an accuracy of ~25% more than an average archer (at up to 50 yards), a range ~15% beyond what an average archer achieves (usually up to 400 yards, though his shot will be less accurate the farther he shoots). Aniketos also has nice, well-muscled arms that many find attractive because of this.
  • Magic: Telepathy I – Many say that Aniketos has an uncanny ability to sense other peoples' moods, and this is due, in part, to his ability to "read" others' emotions. So far, he cannot interpret complex emotions, and detecting exact thoughts isn't really possible, but he can figure out things such as "sad" or "angry" or "euphoric" or "horny." There is a chance that he could misinterpret something or fail to find the reason for the emotion; for example, jealousy might be seen as anger, and he would have to know a bit about the person or read their body language to understand that he emotion is, in fact, jealousy. Those who can sense infiltration of their minds might be able to catch him at this and can resist him or send confusing signals, but usually this is undetectable.
  • Magic: Ward – A magical shield surrounds Aniketos and can protect him from a fair bit of harm. This is accomplished by blocking objects moving at a certain speed towards Aniketos' body (anything above roughly 10 mph, which is about the speed of a punch)- objects/blows heading quickly towards his body will simply seem to bounce off without causing harm. It takes about ~10 normal blows with a weapon/~5 powerful blows with a weapon to degrade his ward to the point where one can take shots at his body. It takes Aniketos up to 24 hours to fully recharge his ward (time depends on the amount of damage done).
    The ward does not defend against gusts of air, direct magical attacks, energy attacks (ie. fire, electricity) and objects enchanted to break down wards.
    Since the wards protect against things moving at a certain speed, there are certain odd side effects. For example, heavy rain will slide harmlessly off the ward without touching Aniketos, keeping him looking nice and fresh in bad weather. If someone were to jump on him to hug him/fling themselves at him in a lustful frenzy, they might just bounce off awkwardly. If Aniketos falls off something and is going too fast, he will bounce a bit before making contact with the ground and thus be protected from harm.
  • Summon: Shadow Shapes – Aniketos can summon beings apparently formed of solid shadows. These beings take mental instructions from him and can last indefinitely, though with a minor energy drain from Aniketos (enough to make him a bit more tired than usual but not completely debilitating.) These creatures can take just about any shape and can shift, combine, split, etc. as necessary, though the total mass of the summoned creature(s) is limited to the mass of an average man.
    The shadow shapes can move through darkness undetected, they can carry things and engage in fighting to an extent. They take only a little damage before dissipating, usually about 3-5 blows, and so if Aniketos uses them for fighting, he tends to use them as ranged attackers. The shadow shapes can make weapons from their own bodies, including arrows, which dissipate in a minute (may be worrisome for those who have been struck as this allows for a free flow of blood). In the case of arrows, each arrow slightly diminishes the size of the shadow shape. Shadow shapes have no magical capabilities other than changing their form, and they don't think independently or make noise.
    More often, Aniketos uses these as spies or messengers, for they can move quickly and undetectably.

    Magic: Interdimensional Storage Space – Aniketos can open a portal to a small space (120 cm tall x 200 cm wide x 50 cm deep) where he stores various objects. This space has wooden shelves on which are stored the various objects Aniketos has collected. No one else can open the portal, though if Aniketos were to open it, they could reach inside. Theoretically, a living thing could be kept in the space, but it would be cramped and dark and the portal would have to be opened at regular intervals to allow air in. When the portal is closed, there is no indication of the space's existence, and Aniketos can open the portal whenever and wherever he pleases.

    Objects stored in the space as of February 3rd:
    • His longsword, Eiltheia.
    • His favourite bow, gifted to him by Shrista, and ~30 un-enchanted arrows in a quiver, as well as 10 incendiary arrows
    • 2-4 bottles of fine Sotoan wine (varies)
    • 1 bottle of high-quality port
    • 1 bottle of whiskey
    • 2 bottles of mild poison (makes a person feel ill upon ingesting, though lethal in large doses)
    • 1 bottle of lethal poison
    • 2 changes of everyday clothes (1 warm weather, 1 cold weather)
    • 1 change of fancy clothes
    • his favourite gray wool cloak with red silk lining
    • money (the exact amount varies)
    • a golden necklace with a lapis lazuli pendant
    • 1 leather canteen of water
    • 1-3 day's worth of food (varies)
  • Notability – Aniketos has become well-known around Soto and the rest of Soare, and so, at any given time, he may be able to rally passersby to his cause through a combination of his reputation, charisma and magical mind-meddlings. Thus, in Reine, he may be able to rally ~20 people. In Madrid, ~15 people, in regional Soto, ~10, in Morrim, ~5, in Ashoka ~2. Obviously, this doesn't work in Angkar.
    His attempts to summon up help may also have the effect of causing some people to be against him, especially in Ashoka.
    The number of people he can rally depends obviously depends on how many people are present- if he's in the middle of nowhere, he obviously can't conjure up support from the air.
  • Magic: Speed II – Aniketos can use magic to speed the rapidity of his actions by ~40% for about 2 minutes at a time, with several minutes' break between each casting.
  • Essence of Fear/Arrows of Fear – Aniketos can conjure a clear substance which can be an easily-diffusing gas, a thin watery liquid or a silvery, translucent but unstable solid. This magical substance causes feelings of overwhelming fear when inhaled, ingested or absorbed into the blood stream, with effects lasting ~1 minute. Most often Aniketos well use this in an arrow form- the arrow is shot, hits something solid, and instantly becomes gaseous, affecting those within a ~5 foot radius (may be wider in case of wind). The substance dissipates after 1-2 minutes if not used. It has a one-time effect but Aniketos can conjure it 10 times in a row before tiring, less if he has been using other magic. Those with magic resistance may be able to avoid the effects and those who are good at quashing their own fears or are very resistant to fear may be able to shake themselves out of it.
  • Magic: Temperature Manipulation II – Aniketos can alter the temperature of substances such as air, water, metal, etc. with the use of magic. He can keep up the flow of energy for up to 30 minutes to maintain or alter a temperature. How fast something heats up is, of course, dependent on the properties of a substance (eg. metal heats faster than wood) and the amount of substance being manipulated (eg. a teacup full of water would heat faster than a bathtub). Thus the temperatures he can achieve are highly variable. Aniketos can perform tasks such as boiling water, heating his bath, keeping the air around him at a comfortable temperature, setting pieces of wood/paper on fire, freezing water and giving people minor injuries with hot and cold air.
  • Magic: Forced Verities – Aniketos can use magic to compel someone to speak only in truths. What the receiver generally finds is that they may try to form the words of a lie but will instead blurt out the truth. Usually they won't even know what's happening to them, unless they are able to sense magic and mental manipulations. Those who can resist magic and mental manipulations will be able to avoid effects accordingly. This spell doesn't require much energy and can be used almost indefinitely unless a person resists with magic.
  • Magic: Jointlock/Arrows of Paralysis – Aniketos can conjure a deep blue substance which can either be a viscous liquid or a solid which, upon being ingested or absorbed into the bloodstream, causes one's body to paralyse in its current position for ~5 seconds. Most often Aniketos will use this in an arrow form (the arrow dissipates over the course of the effect, leaving the wound open to bleed), or he will coat his sword with it. The substance dissipates after 1-2 minutes if not used. It has a one-time effect but Aniketos can conjure it 10 times in a row before tiring, less if he has been using other magic. The effects are caused by the release of the hormones that keep a person still when they're asleep and dreaming, thus causing paralysis. In this way the effects cannot be mitigated by a resistance to magic.
  • Connections – Aniketos knows many people, and those people know many people. The result of this is that Aniketos has an unnerving knowledge of the lives of plenty of important people and, when he doesn't, he can easily find this out. This is, of course, strongest in Soto, but applies to Morrim and Ashoka to a smaller extent. Applies to Angkar only a little bit- finding information on anyone who isn't high profile is difficult for him. His knowledge is also compounded by the fact that he can send out Shadow Shapes to spy on people.
  • Magic: Telekinesis I – Aniketos can use his mind to lift and move objects/people/animals that are within a 100 foot radius of where he is. Those with guards against magic can resist this spell. The length of time for which he can use this spell is dependent on the size of the object and the speed at which he propels it. At most, he has been able to use it for an hour, but on average he managed up to fifteen minutes before tiring.
    The maximum speed with which he can move an object is inversely proportional to the weight of the object, as expressed by this equation:
wrote:Where: x= speed (in kilometres per hour) and y= weight (in kilograms)

For example, an object weighing 1 kg can be moved at 100 km/hr while an object weighing 50 kg can be moved at 2 km/hr.
  • Magic: Danger Detection – Aniketos has learned how to "scan" the minds of those around him without actually intruding on their minds. In this way he can detect if anyone has ill intent towards him, though any other emotion or thoughts will be largely unnoticeable. Those with heavily guarded minds will be able to prevent him from finding them out.
  • Magic: Suppression – Aniketos can use a spell that dampens people's ability to use magic. It can be cast at a distance and is physically soundless and invisible. Interestingly, this is largely a psychological spell- it convinces people that they can't use magic while having a slight effect on people's abilities to use magic. For the first five minutes, the target will actually be unable to cast any spells, and after that the effect tapers off over the next five minutes. It is the psychological effect that is more pervasive, for even after one is technically able to use magic again, they will feel as if they can't. This effect can last indefinitely- to get out of it, one must think their way out of that way of thinking or persist in attempting to use magic.
    This can have an affect on shapeshifting spells, though it depends on the kind of shapeshifter. If the person in question has gained shapeshifting through magic, then the effects will works they do with other kinds of magic. If the person is technically able to shapeshift as a racial ability without using magic, but still associates their ability with magic, this spell will convince them that they can't use it, even though they can. If the shapeshifter can shift as a racial ability and doesn't think of it as magical, then the effect will not take place.
    This spell will work the best on people who are in a negative state of mind (ie. tired, frightened, self-doubting). Those with an intermediate level of resistance against spells and/or telepathy will be able to resist this or fight back. Those with lower levels of such resistance will be less effected and the effects will wear off quicker.
  • Magic: An Extra Sense – Aniketos can use magic to sense his way around an area with a radius of up to 50 feet. This sense is akin to "feeling" ones way around with their mind. For example, if a delicious cake was hidden under a box, he'd be able to tell it was there. Thus solid obstacles present no trouble to him. However, some objects, especially unfamiliar ones, may need the help of his other senses to know what they are- he can only distinguish shapes, not colours or scents or sounds with this sense. The sense works in complete darkness and can be used on people who have made themselves invisible. However, it can be befuddled by magic that works specifically against magical senses and by unnoticeability spells.
  • Magic: Teleportation – Aniketos is now able to teleport places, but only with great effort. What he needs to do is create a visible circle (using ink, blood, salt, etc.) big enough to surround him and anyone with him with specific runes that hold the information of where he needs to go. On top of this, he needs to sit in the centre of the circle and meditate on the exact spot (which means he has to have been there before). If the runes are wrong (which is probable: he learned them as a child and it's a bit rusty or if he is distracted or just not fully thinking it out he could wind up some place vastly different from where he wants to be, or near the place but with some terrible twist (such as being 20 feet in the air). Taking another person with him requires extra concentration because he has to think about their placement in the destination as well. Also, if there is anything outside of the circle, even limbs, it will likely get lost in transit. All in all, this can take any time from twenty minutes to an hour or two, so he doesn't do it terribly often.
    However, Aniketos has greater ease teleporting between his pre-set teleportation circles. All he has to do in this case is think of the circle itself rather than the surroundings, though there is still added strain if another person is with him. The locations of his collection of teleportation circles are:
    • The office of his house in Reine, Soto.
    • His office in the Guildhall of Madrid, Soto.
    • The basement of his castle (in construction) near Hohoemi, Soto.
    • The basement of the Golden Champion Inn in Ildri, Angkar.
    • The main room of a boarded up dump of a house in Eldahar, Ashoka.
  • Telepathy: Mental Connection – After some training from Aethelmare and subsequent practice on his own, Aniketos can make a mental connection with another person. This can serve several purposes, the easiest of which is the sending of messages directly into another person's mind. In this case, the barriers around a person's mind won't prevent him from doing so unless they specifically are designed not to- it's like shouting over a defensive wall rather than trying to breach it. These messages can take the shape of words, feelings, sensations, sights and memories.
    Another application of this is ability is the rooting out of someone's thoughts, secrets and memories. This kind of probing will be prevented by mental barriers, though Aniketos has a 50% of breaching simple level mental barriers for this purpose, as well as as 25% chance of breaching intermediate level mental barriers. Magical resistances may also have an effect, depending on their nature. Once through, the way in which this melding of minds may be perceived is highly variable and dependent on the recipient's psyche. For example, with Aethelmare, it was as if Aniketos was wandering through a labyrinth of corridors with doors behind which images of Aethelmare's memories were hidden. Aethelmare could lock, disguise and move these doors and when he wished to communicate with Aniketos, his voice would ring through the halls. This is, of course, but one of many possibilities- one could imagine themselves fighting Aniketos, they could imagine sending monsters at him or making him wander through a dark and dangerous forest. In these situations, the abilities of both parties can be used but the victim has a distinct advantage in that they can alter their surroundings as they please. If they defeat Aniketos, or if Aniketos is distracted by happenings in his physical surroundings, he will be forced to withdraw from a person's mind, but the person can not use the connection as a springboard into Aniketos' mind, as he has defenses placed around his own psyche (see above, the Mental Shield ability). Whatever the situation is, the person will almost certainly feel Aniketos' questing mind, unless they are asleep, unconscious or befuddled by magic.
    It is worth noting that while Aniketos has a knack with these sorts of things, he is still a novice and may be tripped up and closed out by those who have the appropriate training or have the correct aptitude for the protection and regulation of their minds. As of yet, this ability does not allow him to control someone thoughts or actions.
  • Inspiring Presence – Aniketos is, of course, a natural leader- there is something about his oratory abilities, his appearance, his fame and/or his confidence that tends to make people strive to perform better. Thus, when leading a group of people in an activity (such as a fight), Aniketos tends to increase their moral, upping each individual's efficiency and fighting strength by up to 25%, even up to 50% for those who like him or who are Sotoan patriots. Of course, if an individual doesn't like Aniketos or just doesn't have the kind of personality that's affected by the actions of others etc., they won't be affected as much.
  • Ward: Magic Resistance – Over time, Aniketos has improved his wards so that the help to protect him from magic as well. Thus, simple-level spells/enchantments will not affect him at all, intermediate-level spells/enchantments will be 50-25% less effective and advanced level spells/enchantments will be up to 25% less effective (though many are likely to bypass the ward entirely). Even so, as with his ward against physical attacks, this ward can be worn down over time and can be broken down by 10-15 hits from offensive simple level spells, 5-10 hits from intermediate ones and up to 5 hits from advanced ones. This ward is separate from the one against physical attacks, so some interesting situations may occur. For example, if his normal ward is broken but his magic one is not, an object that has been enchanted may still hit him but the magic won't affect him. These protections do not keep Aniketos safe from non-magical fire, lightning and other forms of energy but if these are magical, he will be safe. Normally, the ward will also hinder healing spells, but he can drop them at will if need be. When damaged, the ward will take up to a day to return to full strength.
Advanced Abilities
  • Wrath of a Hesperés Man – One of Aniketos' strongest motivating forces is, of course, his anger, and thus he receives a boost to his various abilities and magic when he is angry. Combative spells may be improved in strength, range and length by about 30% while his general movement and fighting abilities are significantly improved, and recharge time is halved. However, his personality-based skills (eg. Persuasion, Seduction) and spells requiring concentration and mental focus (eg. Mental Connection, Teleportation) will be negatively affected. This can be a problem when he can't calm himself down enough to use any of these skills correctly.
  • Telepathy: Mind Control – Using the Mental Connection ability, Aniketos may dominate a person or find a weak point in their mind and thus have some degree of control over them. This is most efficiently used for bringing about physical motion, at which point he can withdraw somewhat from the landscape of a person's mind and focus on them externally, manipulating them like a puppet. Once he has pulled out of a person's mind, it's very hard for them to fight back: they must use sheer force of will or else infiltrate his mind. Influencing a person's thoughts is much trickier because he must remain within the realm of the person's mind, using mental weapons and imagery to bring about an end. For example, if he wanted to make a person desire cake, he would bring about an image of cake in the person's mind. For something more elaborate, such as making a person want to side with him in an affair, he could implant an image of himself or his family crest in the person's mind. This works best when a person is unable to resist these mental manipulations (eg. asleep, unconscious, under a spell and so on).
    The same stipulations that occur with the Mental Connection ability also occur here.
  • Magic: Essence of Agony/Arrows of Suffering – Aniketos can conjure a glowing red substance which, in its most commonly used liquid form, is thick and viscous like blood. As a solid it is hard, like metal. To form it as a gas requires twice as much energy and then it appears as a thick red mist. If inhaled, ingested or absorbed into the blood stream, this substance causes a person extreme pain; it feels as if their very veins are pumping fire, an effect which lasts ~3 minutes, reaching its peak at about halfway through and then tapering off.
    The substance will dissipate after 5 minutes if not used and it has a non-stacking one-time effect, though Aniketos can use this spell maybe 10 times in a row if he has not used much magic. It may be resisted to some extent by those with a magic resistance, though even those with barriers may feel some pain. The best way to deal with this ability is to be able to ignore or shake off pain, though any abilities that are triggered by physical damage will be ineffective here.
    Oftentimes Aniketos will conjure this as an arrow, which, when it has hit its target, will melt into the bloodstream. However, even if only a small amount of the substance enters a person, such as through a cut from a knife coated in the substance, it will have roughly the same effect.
  • Armour: Mission Suit – Having realised that there are uses for non-showy protective wear, Aniketos has acquired a modified black jacket and pants of the type normally used for sword practice. The jacket is heavily padded, with a straight collar that protects a substantial portion of his neck. The pants are less padded, for mobility. Both were imbued with magic in their creation, and so the fabric breathes well and is as resilient to attack as well-made chain mail (though when worn by Aniketos it would rarely face damage due to his Ward ability).
    On top of this, the Mission Suit has an enchantment that becomes active once it is worn by someone: an Unnoticeability spell. Thus people in most circumstances will pay no mind to the wearer; even when he is clearly out of place, say in a restricted area, he will seem to the observer to belong there, even if he talks to them, or they will simply fail to notice his presence. Subsequently the person will have no memory of him. The spell is negated, however, if he attacks a person or otherwise does something drastic, or if the person knows what he looks like and is very intently looking for him specifically. Abilities such as increased observance or perception, abilities sensing specific intents (such as danger-sensing abilities, though Aniketos of course needs to be intending danger in that moment) and so on will also allow a person to notice Aniketos.
  • Longsword Proficiency II – Aniketos has grown more skilled with the blade, and so is near untouchable in a one-on-one melee fight. Of course, multiple enemies and untenable circumstances impact his abilities, but Aniketos has surpassed the level of simply holding his own and now stands at more of a chance of victory than anyone with a similar level experience (Aniketos has ~11 years experience with the longsword)
  • Spell: Shadow Slice – This spell swings what appear to be hardened shadows in a swift swooping motion, and can be activated anywhere within a ten foot radius of Aniketos. The blades disappear as soon as they are created, and are thin, meaning they cut thin but deep wounds. Thus, bleeding is not immediately a problem for the victim, but the damage is deep and difficult to heal. Since this spell works better in shadowy areas than bright ones, Aniketos can cast this spell within a person's armour to greater effect, getting directly at their skin. This, of course, can only be done if there are no magical effects preventing it. This spell can be used up to 5 times every two minutes so long as Aniketos is at full power.
  • Magic: Telekinetic Whirlwind – With this ability, Aniketos can take telekinetic hold of all objects weighing under 20 lbs (9 kg) within a 20 foot (6 m) radius of himself and send them flying about in that radius in a coordinated fashion with a speed such that it is possible to dodge an object if you're attentive and pretty good at it (I was having trouble pinning down a number, but it's a bit less than the average speed of an arrow. The thing to notice, though, is that there's stuff flying everywhere so if you're in the storm you'll be lucky to get out of it unharmed if you don't have some useful abilities). He can discriminate as to which objects are picked up and where they go (which is good because he can keep them away from himself). Objects that are enchanted to stay down/to be immune to telekinetic manipulation will stay; objects that are fastened in place will shake and may work themselves free; it is feasible to grip an object such that it doesn't fly away. The whirlwind lasts up to 5 minutes and, if used for a full 5 minutes, requires an hour's recharge time before it can be used again. This means that if he uses for 1 minute, then stops, he can go back and use it for another 4 minutes, then must wait about an hour to be able to use the spell at all again.
    Funnily enough, this telekinesis may affect living subjects weighing under 20 lbs, such as cats, which would result in many dead cats in the right circumstances.
  • Magic: Essence Wall – As seen above, Aniketos has a variety of essences that he can call into existence and make into whatever shape he pleases. He can take any essence and conjure up an amount of it equalling 750 ft³ – a common conjuration being a 15' x 10' x 5' wall. Once this is done he cannot use that particular essence ability again until it is recharged, and he cannot conjure another wall for an hour, unless he does not use the full 750 ft³. He may use an admixture of essences and so half-deplete them. Gaseous essences are affected by movements of air.
    Essence of Jointlock cannot be made into gas, and as a liquid is significantly reduced in volume, therefore it doesn't make much sense to make a wall of it, unless the people he's targeting has their mouths open or is covered in wounds. Essence of Agony requires twice the amount of energy to be made into a gas, so Aniketos can only produce 375 ft³ of it. All the regular effects of the essences apply in their regular durations with their regular weaknesses.
    Aniketos may produce these essences in their solid forms if he simply wants a solid wall, in which case he can only produce 150 ft³ of it (15' x 10' x 1' is a good arrangement), and he can command that solid material to dissipate into gas.
  • Magic: Laice – Laice is a shield that Aniketos can conjure into existence for an indefinite period of time so long as she remains in his hand. It is named after an ancient Sotoan female mystic turned battlemage. Laice is mutable after conjuration and can adopt any shape between a buckler and a tower shield, and is transparent. It looks a lot like sugar syrup mixing in water: constantly shifting and rippling. With respect to physical blows Laice acts in like a normal shield, though in the case of being deteriorated by these blows, Aniketos can dissipate the shield and re-conjure it. Laice also absorbs spells, so long as Aniketos manages to catch these spells on its surface, and the magical energy that was expended in the spell is transferred to Aniketos so long as he is holding the shield. Laice can absorb an amount of magic equivalent to ~10 simple-level spells, or ~7 intermediate-level spells, or ~4 advanced-level spells per hour. After this point Laice transfers no more magic to Aniketos, but is still effective in protecting against them. If he is not holding the shield, Laice can store that magical energy until Aniketos – or another picks it up. Laice is also completely immune to damage by fire/heat and electricity.
    Laice floats weightlessly in mid-air when Aniketos lets go of it, and automatically dissipated if left untouched by him for five minutes, even if another person is holding it.
  • Magic: Ward II [Upgrade] – A magical shield surrounds Aniketos and can protect him from a fair bit of harm. This is accomplished by blocking objects moving at a certain speed towards Aniketos' body (anything above roughly 10 mph, which is about the speed of a punch)- objects/blows heading quickly towards his body will simply seem to bounce off without causing harm. It now takes about ~15 normal blows with a weapon/~10 powerful blows with a weapon to degrade his ward to the point where one can take shots at his body. It takes Aniketos up to 24 hours to fully recharge his ward (time depends on the amount of damage done).
    The ward does not defend against gusts of air, direct magical attacks, energy attacks (ie. fire, electricity) and objects enchanted to pass through down wards. There exist spells and enchantments that can break a ward, but as this is an advanced ability, simple-level enchantments will have no effect, intermediate-level enchantments will degrade it by 25-50% and advanced abilities will degrade it by 50-70%
    Since the wards protect against things moving at a certain speed, there are certain odd side effects. For example, heavy rain will slide harmlessly off the ward without touching Aniketos, keeping him looking nice and fresh in bad weather. If someone were to jump on him to hug him/fling themselves at him in a lustful frenzy, they might just bounce off awkwardly. If Aniketos falls off something and is going too fast, he will bounce a bit before making contact with the ground and thus be protected from harm.
  • Magic: Essence/Arrows of Bravery – Aniketos can conjure a deep red substance which in a gaseous, liquid or solid form. This substance, when inhaled, ingested or absorbed into the blood-stream, inspires a feeling of bravery and confidence which will only fail on the weakest of hearts or in the most terrifying of situations. Aniketos will most conjure this as a gas if using it on friendlies, because it's not like he wants to stab them with bravery. The feeling of bravery lasts 15 minutes due to magical inspiration, but that feeling may take root and continue in a person of their own accord. It's also worth nothing that it might make some people stupidly brave, which, in the case of a battle, could lead them to charge forth and break ranks and probably kill themselves.
    The substance will dissipate after 5 minutes if not used and it has a non-stacking one-time effect, though Aniketos can use this spell maybe 10 times in a row if he has not used much magic. Anyone affected by Aniketos' Inspiring Presence, ie. anyone allied with him who has a degree of respect for him, will automatically be affected by this ability whether or not they have magical defenses, but enemies with magical defenses will be resilient to this. Why would he want to use this on an enemy anyways? Well, he might at some point want to make an enemy really stupidly brave, which in the right situation would only encourage them to die while also shooting them with an arrow.
  • Magic: Reapportionment – Aniketos can subtly adjust the feelings, energy and pain of up to one hundred people at a time. He would use this on his allies to inspire morale, energy, relative painlessness etc. in demoralised, suffering and exhausted individuals by slightly sapping it from other individuals. This merely "levels out" the general emotion of the group of people, casting some tiredness, soreness or fear onto sturdier individuals while inspiring the weaker individuals. Reapportionment of pain is in no way equivalent to healing a wound; it is simply causing ignorance of the wound. This does not create a greater total amount of morale etc. in the group; if everyone feels demoralised, if everyone is wounded and exhausted, then there's not much good Aniketos can do.
    He may also use this to create unevenness of emotion, energy and pain: sapping those things from one part of the group and pouring it into another. In this way, Aniketos could pour all the energy, mental strength and ignorance of pain into part of the chosen group of people, while casting the negative side effects on another part of the group. He may use this to weaken an enemy while strengthening his own, or he may cause a significant imbalance in an enemy force, eg. making the front lines weak and scared while making the back lines reckless and prone to breaking forth.
    The time this takes depends on what he is trying to accomplish. If he is leveling out, then the time depends on the unevenness of emotion around him. If he is trying create unevenness – which is in general a more difficult process – then the time depends on the extent of the unevenness he is trying to create.
    Emotions caused by Aniketos' Essence spells are fair game for this ability, for even though they are magically induced, they are genuinely felt. This does not, of course, apply to effects of blindness or paralysis; those can't be transmuted.
    Those with abilities granting magical resistance to mental interference will have varied degrees of resistance to this ability, as will those with sturdy minds. The exact extent of that effect should be determined by conversation between players, as it's hard to make generalisations here. The only case in which magical interference may not apply is if they are under the influence of Aniketos' Inspiring Presence. Anyone with any degree of awareness towards psionic influences will probably feel Aniketos lightly skimming over their mind.
    Now, it is important to note that Aniketos will be highly incapacitated by the use of this ability. He must act as a conduit for all those emotions: he will feel all that pain and emotion mixed the flashes of bravery and well-being and all while experiencing flickers of his subjects' experiences. This tends to reduce him to a writhing, potentially sobbing ball, and so he must be heavily defended while using this ability. He must be strong enough in his mind to deal with this confusing and often terrible experience; if he can't handle it, he'll drop the spell before it is complete.

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Aniketos' House
As far as mansions go, Aniketos' house is rather small, as he has chosen to live in the middle of Reine, rather than further out as many other nobles do. However, he makes up for this in extravagance- it has two stories and a roof furnished as a large patio of sorts; the frontage of the house is constructed with marble, and the front door is ebony, inlaid with gold and mother-of-pearl designs depicting the Hesperes family crest (an eight-pointed silver star) held up but the pale Sotoan goddess of the sea. A hall runs down the centre of the house on both floors, and the various rooms branch off, hidden behind ebony doors. The lights in the house are magical, emitting a steady glow which can be extinguished with a wave of the hand and a bit of magic. The building is locked up behind 8 foot walls which keep out a lot of the noise from the street, and guards are posted at the iron gate at all times.

The First Floor
The Gardens
Aniketos enjoys collecting exotic plants, and has payed a fair bit of money to have them imported from all over Soare and Angkar and have them cared for by trained gardeners. Among his collection are arum lilies of all colours, coral peas, hibiscuses (his favourite being the lantern hibiscus), spider lilies and the only peach tree in Reine. Among these exotic plants (some of which have to be brought inside for the winter) are some of the more regular fare- roses, pansies, dogwoods and lilacs. Providing some rather unusual groundcover is kidney creeper.
Paths wander through all this greenery, with little nooks furnished with stone benches, the occasional statue of Sotoan gods and a few little fountains.
Towards the back of the estate is the kitchen garden, which contains many herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, valerian, basil and such, as well as produce-bearing plants, such as tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, garlic and others. While the plants here are not exotic, it is quite pleasurable to stroll through here among the fragrant herbs...that is until you reach the privy.

The Great Chamber
This is where Aniketos usually hosts larger parties- guests can lounge on the chaise longues, eating food and drinking wine taken from the long, polished table at the end of the room. Several low tables are also provided, and several sculptures of gods and heroes decorate the area (most notably the Sotoan god of wine). The walls are decorated with a frescoe of scenes from Sotoan legends, with an emphasis on the landscape surrounding the gods and heroes.

The Drawing Room
Used for smaller events, such as formal meetings with politicians or conversations with friends. Furnished with some crimson comfy chairs, a few well-polished tables, some wall-hangings and a fire-place, this room is quite cozy.

The Bath
This room is Aniketos' pride and joy- the bath is more like a pool, nearly 5 metres long. The floor is tiled, with each tile painted to look like grass, complete with flowers, birds and butterflies. The tiles in the bath are painted to look like pebbles, with fish, and the image is completed with walls and ceiling frescoed to look like a landscape and the sky. Thus the room looks like a serene little pond on a hill, surrounded by greenery and the expanses of the Erth'netora forest stretching out far beyond. The pool has steps at one end, and is about waist-deep there, and chest-deep at the other end. It is heated from below by a hypercaust (rather like a furnace under the pool, where wood is burned underneath and the heat warms the water). A cabinet by the side of the pool holds towels and a variety of different oils taken from plants, which can be used to scent the water. (Aniketos' favourite is orange blossom.)
Sometimes Aniketos will open this room to parties. ;D Steameh.

The Dining Room
Used when Aniketos is eating by himself or with several visitors- just a nice polished table and some fancy chairs, a few more wall-hangings and a nice large window looking out into the garden.

Areas for food-preparation and cleaning, relatively clean. Herbs hang from the ceiling in the kitchen, drying, and many barrels of wine are stacked in the store room.

Servants' Quarters
Self-explanatory. Some notable members of the staff are Nephele, the head cook, an older lady who will readily reprimand Aniketos if she thinks he's being an idiot; Onesimios, the head gardener, whose practical knowledge of exotic plants likely outstrips that of anybody in Soto and Ione, a shy young girl in the kitchens who Aniketos treats a bit like a niece, forever giving her sweets and presents.

The Second Floor
Aniketos' Bedroom
...Where all the action happens. ;o
Pretty much the largest room in the house, with Aniketos’ expansive bed at one end, an assortment of chairs and a table for breakfast at the other end. There is also a nice fireplace and tasteful decorations of wall-hangings and sculptures and an elaborately carved bureau. The room is quite...purple. The bed-spreads are purple, the curtains are purple, the chairs are purple. This is the one room where Aniketos has let himself go with his favourite colour, with plenty of embellishments in gold.

The Study
Used by Aniketos as a place for paperwork, letter-writing and also magic practice. A desk and chair are placed at one end, and a wide window gives a nice view of the gardens. There is an open space for Aniketos to practice magic in, and a straw dummy in case he wants to practice combative magic.

The Library
A quiet room with rows of books on a variety of subjects- especially Sotoan legends and histories of Soto. Not very large, but comfortable, with some plush chairs.

Aniketos uses this room for small parties, usually restricted to men. It is outfitted similarly to the Great Chamber, but smaller.

Guest Rooms
Aniketos often has visitors, and so he has five rooms furnished with nice enough beds and the like, though they can be converted for some other use in a pinch if need be.

The Roof
In the spring and summer, Aniketos has the roof furnished similarly to the Great Chamber for the purpose of luxuriating in the nice weather. He has a marquee set up to shelter people from the shade, and torches to light up the night.

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Pretty face, curly hair.

Aniketos' armour. Ignore the derpy face.

Beautiful pic by Dnan. <3

2014 Elly Awards art by Dnan!