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Basic Information
Name: Alexandros Leftelias Evangelos Elias Phloropoulos

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Social Class: Nobility

Occupation: Engineer, Inventor, Illuminator, Alchemist

Race: Human (Vampire)

Nationality: Morrimian/Ashokan (Morrimian Father, Ashokan Mother)

A swordbreaker, or single edged short sword, the reverse edge being a series of notches into the metal which are used to catch a blade on. The weilder then twists their own weapon, snapping the opponents blade. He is also more than capable of using a crossbow effectively (this happens to be his weapon of choice) and keeps a heavy crossbow loaded and waiting on his workbench. Just in case. Her name is Clarice.

A modified flintlock pistol with silver embellishments that is usually thrust through his belt. It fires energy, rather than lead shot and is fueled by inserting magically charged objects into the caged grip, or from drawing directly from the user.

Physical Appearance:

Alexandros stands at 6'2, with an average build leaning towards the gaunt side. Coupled with his height, it gives him a typically lanky look. He is slightly muscular from military training with the sword but not overly so as he does not spend excessive hours at it. His face is typically angular with a thin pointed nose and high cheekbones that speak of his Ashokan heritage, his mouth not prone to smiling, though it has been said that he is in possession of a particularly devilish one, should it be drawn from him. More often than not he will be missing most of, if not all of his eyebrows.

His skin is naturally olive toned, though pale from lack of sunlight, and he tans easily. His eyes are a steely grey, his hair is dark and wavy, though it appears to hold a mauve tint in light. He's recently taken to wearing his hair cut to above shoulder length and parted on the left, and pushed back from his forehead in a most unruly tangle. Combined with his beard, which is short and resembles a goatee following the line of his jaw, it serves to give him something of a roguishly dashing appearance. Often he allows his hair to grow to the middle of his back, keeping it in a loose plait, and tends to go clean shaven. He enjoys dressing classily and putting on a show but for the most part, when involved with his passion, he simply doesn't care. His clothing is often burned or torn in places. Being a wealthy noble means that clothes are expendable. He usually makes sure he's brushed up before he leaves the house though.
Most of his 'formal' clothing bears the emblem of his family, which is a shield with a small green bird in flight over it, and he also wears a pin of said bird on his collar.

Alexandros bears several scars, one pale line beneath his left eye where he nearly lost it to a sizeable chunk of glass after an experiment backfired. His chest and the tops of his thighs are likewise marked with numerous little nicks where the lacerations were. A punctured mark on his right shoulder and one in his hip tell of being shot twice by arrows, the latter being barbed and leaving a puckered wound. Around this too is a faint stippling almost to the armpit where he was hit by shrapnel when one of his explosives detonated too quickly on a catapult, pelting him with splinters of wood.
He has recently mangled his hand in a crash, and is now missing the smallest and part of the one to it, fingers on his left hand. He's taken to stuffing his hand in his pocket or wearing gloves to conceal the fact, since it makes him so self conscious. He also has a large deep scar above his right hip where he took a sword chop into his side.
His left shoulder also has a tendency to dislocate on impact. He is, perhaps surprisingly, not a clumsy man by nature, but it has been known to happen.


As a vampire, there is little to speak of that is particularly 'special.'
His canines are a touch longer than perhaps is ordinary, and when venturing in daylight, he tends to wrap up well, to the point that no skin is on casual display. Typically, the sunlight causes him to immediately break out in a scarlet rash and become fatigued and achy, as if suffering from systemic lupus, or photo sensitivity. Continued exposure will, within a few minutes begin to take a more drastic effect as his skin will char and burn away to ash. The more intense the light level, the faster this takes effect, a sudden high burst of UV being capable of killing him in less than a second.
He cannot in fact, turn into a small flying rodent, nor is he allergic to garlic or silver.

Alexandros is a relatively withdrawn person, not much given to small talk or the majority of social etiquette, though he tries. Though he was raised a noble, he spent a good time as part of the Mirrimian army, and old habits die hard. He drinks, he swears and curses, and on the rare occasion has been known to spit, though he's mostly had that slapped out of him. He often comes across as cold and aloof, or clinically detached and incredibly apathetic. Mostly he just doesn't really know how to respond. There is a warm heart in there, somewhere, though he's often troubled, battling his conscience, and does or says these things unthinkingly, almost uncharacteristicly so.
Though passionate about his work he appreciates that not many understand the finer points of engineering and schematics in detail, nor are willing to hold a philosophical debate, let alone do it while he works on some new mechanic or fills the room with vile-smelling smoke. He is polite enough to visitors but spends much of his time alone creating things, working with the military to form better defences and training his own personal skills. He is a lonely person, lacking many close friends and receives mixed reception from the nobility and commoners of Morrim. His nature is polite enough to remain distant with strangers, though his speech holds a touch of the commoner shown here and there in slang words and the enjoyment of a crude joke. Yet he comes from the nobility himself and cannot truly be accepted by the lower classes, and though respected for his military duties in the upper classes, his constant contact and affiliations with those in the lower separate him somewhat from those of the upper as well.

He enjoys dancing and music and is a fair musician, being adept at playing the piano and harp, though that has become more difficult with the loss of the fingers on his left hand. He is relatively soft spoken unless he's had a fair bit to drink, which isn't uncommon, since he's notably got a problem with alcoholism, and becomes brash and outspoken, and incredibly arrogant. It is rumoured that once drunk however his sword skill increases, that he becomes far more adept at using a bladed weapon when he can barely stand for the room spinning than he can when he is sober. Known for shutting himself away for days at a time in his rooms, his housemaid often worries about him, what with the random explosions and scent of smoke, crashing and clanking that come from behind the doors, they also fear to go in for what they might find, and generally stay out.

It is also rumoured that said rooms are riddled with traps, and that he is a dangerous person to consider attacking because he carries explosives around in his pockets, though this is thrown into dubious light however for what person in their right mind, no matter how eccentric would carry something that could blow them to smithereens on their person?
He will however speak his mind, especially if he disagrees with something. This is likely a trait picked up from his uncle Zeno. He's generally not afraid to call people out on their stupidity, which has gotten him into trouble a couple of times.

Alex happens to be known to be an irritatingly hard catch at court, for the simple reason that he scorns the frivolous displays and tittering nobility. His elderly mother often sets him up to visit ladies with hopes that he will marry, but he as of yet remains a bachelor.

He is the second son to Demitrios Phloropoulos and his wife Maria, having one older brother and two younger sisters. From an early age he learned that his family was wealthy, but his father taught him that if he was to have something then he must earn it, as an attempt to teach him to be hardworking for the future he had planned. Being a relatively traditional family, as second son Alexandros was to be sent to join the Morrimian army once he came of age, and much of his youth was spent learning things that would otherwise be useful in the future, such as the finer points of horse riding, swordplay and mounted combat. He also received tutoring on subjects such as mathematics, music, art, history and philosophy, the last of which he excelled in, the majority of these subjects being such that they should prepare him for taking over the management of the estate in the event something should happen to his older brother, who was to inherit, and for his mother's sake, make him more presentable in the court should she choose to make it known he was looking for a suitable wife.

Once he was of age he was sent away to the army where he was discovered to have a talent for engineering, of which he was taught in, and has in his time serving, both built, repaired, and dismantled or sabotaged enemy war machines. His fascination in engineering bred from this and when he was wounded on the field and discharged, he all but vanished until recovered again..with several new inventions of course.

During the war, his brother, father and mother contracted a wasting disease, both his brother and father passing, while his mother barely survived, and left as a shell of her former self, the younger daughters already being married and no longer living at home. After the funeral Alexandros took up the management of the estate, and began appearing in the courts, which he made a point of doing at least once a week at first to appease his mother, then gradually less, until it was once a month, then stopping almost entirely. He had become a recluse and stayed in all the time, forgetting to eat, refusing to sleep, while he worked on the things that he said would 'change the world.'

He still builds for the army, and is particularly noted for inventing weaponry and siege machines. He has in the last five years however sold the estate and moved further out into the wilds in a much smaller and less grand home. He argues that as it is only himself and his mother, they do not need an excessive amount of rooms, he rarely invites anyone to stay, and except for the staff, they have no one to fill the rest of the house. Truly however, the memory of the family he lost haunts him, and had been eating at him constantly in the house where they had all laughed together, dined together, lived together. He wanted to be away, somewhere further from the city, so he'd have no excuse to go visiting prissy women in their enormous finery, or presenting himself in whatever lace and ruffles his ageing mother thought made him look 'marvellous,' be it her concern or otherwise that he was unmarried, and wasn't honestly interested in doing so.

Alexandros frequently makes trips into the city of Kinaldi to acquire materials and 'talk shop' to those who would pay for his services, for whatever reason, as well as take care of any business that the army might require, if called in.

As an aside, one of the mentors he had when he was a teenager was his uncle Zeno Phloropoulos, the brother of his father, whom he still keeps in contact with and is on friendly terms.
Additionally, he generates money for the family (other than his inheritance) by selling concotions created through his knowledge of alchemy, as well as alchemical products, though he rarely sells anything to be used for healing purposes, as well as 'night flowers', or as we know them, fireworks. (Illuminator) They tend to be expensive as well as difficult to make correctly and he only sells them to buyers he has personally met, and believes he can trust as used in the wrong situation they can be highly dangerous. This doesn't put him above making shady deals like this, in which he expects the buyer to be honest with him what they want his good for, and hopes they don't intend on blackmailing him. The last one who did received a none too pleasant social call from 'Clarice'.

And, though he has lived in Morrim most of his life, he feels no real ties to it other than the army, so were the circumstances (and no doubt coin) right, he would just as well move and work for someone else were they to offer him a better proposition.

- He would have been married five years previously to a noble in the region of Morrim named Arrianne Nouchalis, but wouldn't give up his profession for her, which she deemed unsafe. He's barely seen her since, but she is married and had two children now.

- Recent events include him jailbreaking a friend (Cricket) out of an Eldarhar prison, and burning it down in the process, not to mention the deaths of several guards both caught in the fire, and simply cut down as they tried to stop him leaving.

- He was recently involved in the quest to recover the Telhamite Stone and restore Morrim's ravaged land thanks to the effects of the Eye of Zanna.

Excellent horseman, inventor and entrepreneur, enjoys Romani girls particularly if they are dancing as well, lacks finesse of speech expected in the gentry, claustrophobic, atheist, argumentative, dislikes his name - especially being called by the full version which his mother is quite good at doing when he annoys her, which happens often, se has named his favourite crossbow 'Clarice', though he's not exactly published why. Generally dislikes animals except his warhorse, Spot.
He enjoys the company of both men and women, though he has not made this known to his mother.


Father: Demitrios Phloropoulos(deceased)
Mother: Maria Phloropoulos
Uncle: Zeno Phloropoulos
Siblings: Magdalen (youngest sister), Talia (younger sister), Godwin (elder brother, deceased)


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First Five Abilities:
  • Sabotage - Breaks down traps, locks and various mechanical devices so they no longer work. As an aside, this can be used to alter larger machines so that they break, malfunction or backfire on use.
  • Detect Traps - Detects trap within a 10ft range of self. Dismantling said trap depends on the difficulty and detecting it only spots it, nothing more.
  • Overcharge/Overdraw - Grants the ability to store the users own energy into an object for later use, or draw on the objects current energy. Animate objects gradually regenerate over time, unlike inanimate objects which merely serve as vessels, and have different capacities based on size, material etc., e.g. A copper coin has a smaller capacity than a shoe, and attuned materials have more potential than untouched raw ones.
  • Escape Artist - Alexandros carries many things in his pockets and coat. One such happens to be an explosive compound that generates an acrid stinging smoke, useful when one is desperate to get away from a situation. Use in small quantities, large amounts may be...well, more dangerous than small amounts. Inhalation of smoke is not overly harmful and has a similar affect to tear gas.
  • Alcoholism - When Alex gets drunk, his swordsmanship improves significantly. While he is he passably average when sober, his reflexes increase 2x as fast as the regular human when inebriated. His style is unpredictable, and providing his can stand upright, he can fight.
Simple Abilities
  • Flashbang - Thanks to the 'gift' he was left by a certain rogue hijacking his shipment, he was able to analyze the make-up of the components for a flashbang. It is a small, pressure sensitive red ball than when enough force is applied to it, it releases a bright blinding flash and an obnoxious cracking sound. May cause blindness - temporary, up to five minutes - and a headache for those closest to the flash.
  • Channeling - Alex can use his body as a channel for energy, using himself as a siphon for someone else (e.g directing magic to a specific part of a machine from someone else) or linking himself to another energy or force and using his own strength to guide and direct it, or store that energy. This ability also causes 10% of all spells to be absorbed should they make contact with him, including healing spells, lessening their effectiveness. If he is being used as a magic siphon then 10% of the energy is 'lost' as it is absorbed by Alex himself. If someone is trying to heal him it will come across as a slight resistance to their effects.
Intermediate Abilities
Intermediate Abilities
  • Channeling - Alex can use his body as a channel for energy, using himself as a siphon for someone else (e.g directing magic to a specific part of a machine from someone else) or linking himself to another energy or force and using his own strength to guide and direct it, or store that energy. This ability also causes 25% of all spells to be absorbed should they make contact with him, including healing spells, lessening their effectiveness. If he is being used as a magic siphon then 25% of the energy is 'lost' as it is absorbed by Alex himself. If someone is trying to heal him it will come across as a slight resistance to their effects. [Upgrade]
  • Overcharge/Overdraw – Alex may draw large amounts of energy from both living and inanimate objects providing that he is touching them. Drawing too much will cause the subject to die and deteriorate as glowing ash. In reverse Alex may overcharge a subject until there is so much energy that they literally dissipate as the particles can no longer hold together without releasing the energy contained.
    He may only transfer as much energy as is contained within his being, unless using himself as a direct channel from a larger source, which takes substantial concentration. Draining himself too far or taking in too much, will of course, result in death.[Upgrade to Overcharge/Overdraw] [PC Permission Required]
  • Enchantment: X-ray Vision - Alex's goggles are not just for show, they grant a unique visionary aid that allows him to see through solid objects. The strength of the vision is based on the focusing gauge - the runed metal ring on the outside of the lens - and is adjusted by twisting it to activate the enchantment.
  • Rune Scribe - Scribing a rune or series of runes into an object locks energy to the mark and attunes the object it is attached to, to the purpose or element defined. The scribe must be very specific in what the runes designate or the message could be misinterpreted and go horribly wrong. E.g. Attuning a weapon that fires raw energy with the runes to convert stored raw energy to solar on firing will create the enchantment of firing light based projectiles. Simply scribing the runes for fire and light would not work, the object would likely explode on use.
  • Drunken Swordsman - While drunk, Alex's reflexes are increased a further 3x more than a regular human being. His swordsmanship is swift and precise...when he can hold onto his blade. [Upgrade to Alcoholism]
[+] spoiler
  • The Green Bird – The Green Bird is a ship. Specifically it is a flying ship, powered by magi-technology developed by Alexandros, that serves as a power source to negate weight and boost buoyancy of the vessel when active. The power source is a replicated artifact with much modification, that acts like an energy cell, that can connect to the rest of the ship from the pilot's station. Once connected to the bracket built to hold it, the magical current is distributed throughout the ship itself, granting the effects that enable it to fly. A tailwind may be provided to enable short bursts of speed to outstrip other craft, but in doing so will drain the power of the energy cell.
    In order to give the ship the buoyancy it needs to levitate, the cell must be firmly set into the bracket. Without energy it may still stay airborne, but will have no ability to provide itself with a tailwind and must rely on the elements. If drained, it takes a minimal of three hours to recharge unless filled from an external source.
    If the cell is damaged, the ship will lose all ability to fly, and likely plummet to its destruction.

    Everything about the ship's design speaks of speed, it is swift and light, and designed for that aspect more than any other with a shallow hull and streamlined curves, built more like a mistico or large cutter than a merchant ship, and though it can carry cargo it does not carry particularly heavy articles unless reinforced to do so. It bears a single mast to utilize the wind to push it along, which at higher altitudes may be considered dangerous for the speeds that can be encountered. On either side of the hull, additional triangular sails are rigged to catch the wind that may be raised or lowered depending on how much speed the vessel needs to attain. At the back of the ship, a section is closed off as it acts as the 'controls.' The wheel is situated on the deck as expected, and surrounded by a small metal latticework pavilion, creating a shelter overhead. The wheel is part of the lower front wall of this, and is sided by multiple levers which control the ability to hoist and lower sails, drop the anchor, and controls to manually input directions for the cannons to fire. It also contains the brackets for the cell-core, and the emp generator's discharge.
    In order to activate the tailwind, a switch must be tripped which drains energy from the cell through the bracket's sygaldry into the room contained below, where most of the runic inscriptions are located; because it is the most protected part of the ship. This is also where the propulsion engines are, which appear as a 4x4 set of inset square cells in the back of the ship. When the tailwind is active, they emit a light green glow, like a lightning bug. This room can be accessed through a hatch in the floor behind the control station.

    Should the cell-core run out of energy, Alex can place his hand on it and channel energy directly into it to fuel the ship, much like his flintlock. Doing so past the limits of his body however, may result in death.

    Furthermore, the ship is capable of being manned by a single person, if they have the working of the complex array of levers and the wheel situated in the pilot's station, which guides the angle of the sails when in the air, not the rudder. Two are better than one however.
    Generally the ship is not designed to carry more than a handful of passengers at any one time, but this is on the premise that it is also carrying cargo. Without any cargo, it could carry up to as many as thirty passengers including the pilot, comfortably. Fifty if you want to be crammed like sardines, though he could certainly carry more if people didn't need to sleep or lie down, or used the deck instead. The more weight it carries, the more power it requires to move it. It's also probably not safe to sleep on the deck, at least without significant protection.
    The sails that it flies are green, and its name is scribed along the side with a flash of colour resembling a roc, and a flag to match. These may be changed out when transporting something or someone of import, such as the royal colours of the current monarch.

    When it comes to combat, the green bird is more likely to run than fight, being a lighter vessel, and is not prone to ramming the enemy unless they are smaller, or the pilot is insane. It is equipped with six grappling guns, which may be used to shatter through the hulls of ships and buildings, and drag vessels together for boarding. (See skill, Grappling Gun)
  • Reinforced Hull Plating: Green Bird - The ship is made of wood, but inside there are metal struts running through the makeup of the hold crawling with runes. It is important that they do not become damaged, else they fail to work and provide the benefits to the ship until they are repaired. These bands are made of brass and silver, and decrease the ship's weight and increase the total physical damage resistance of the ship by 40%. (Impacts that would cause the hull to splinter for example may be 40% less likely to cause it to break, but will still weaken the structure.)
Weapons and Tools
  • Weapons Expert - Alexandros is capable of making, and using the following weapons and tools:

    Simple Abilities
    • Parawings – Brass and silver framed construct wings that the wearer slips on over the shoulders like a backpack, and tightens across the chest with a sturdy leather strap. When active, the area between the struts expels magic in a mass of writhing runes that slows fall speed of the wearer by 60%. Negates fall damage when worn, unless the runes are damaged, then it will cease to function.
      The Parawings do not grant flight, only slow the descent of falling people or objects that it's attached to.
    Intermediate Abilities
    • Liquid Fire - Alex has discovered the secret to an oily sticky substance that when in contact with a surface, clothes, etc, sticks to it and once ignited burns with an intense heat, producing thick smoke in the process. It can be used to fill small clay grenades and ignited afterwards, or used with a siphon.
      The siphon in question is a metal container that he wears strapped to his back inside a leather holster containing a large amount of the fluid with a pump lever built into the side in which he must use to build the pressure and force the air through a tube on the other side, connected to a steel nozzle with a built in latch to trigger the opening of the safety valve on the siphon. A small box built just below the nozzle with an open front for easy access to the wick can be lit to ignite the fluid as it is ejected from the nozzle. If the safety valve is down, no oil will be emitted. It's very heavy and quite dangerous to use. (obviously)
    • Runed Flintlock - Weighing approximately ten pounds the pistol has a firing range of 75-100 meters and instead of firing lead shot, runs solely on magic. It appears to be a fairly simple design though the butt contains a hollowed catch with a metal grille over it designed to match the filigree work. It is designed so that a vessel charged with energy can be slotted in to power the weapon, presumably something small and about the size of a coin. In event of a lack of ammunition the gun will not fire unless the wielder channels raw energy into it in order to power it which will eventually cause exhaustion or even death if the user isn't careful.
      The charge fired behaves in the same manner as lead shot and will punch holes in plaster walls, flesh etc, and is raw energy unless the 'ammunition' is scribed with a specific rune designating a particular elemental attunement. The amount of charges also depends on the capacity of the vessel being used for ammunition, the more inferior the material the fewer charges there are to fire.
    • Explosive Shot – Runed silver contact that inserts into Alex's flintlock, and holds enough energy to fire off 25 shots before it needs to recharged or replaced. If the runes are damaged, it ceases to function correctly, and fires the default energy shot instead. Each shot sticks to the surface it comes into contact with as if applied with a strong adhesive and detonates within 3 seconds. The blast force is tantamount to a fist of black powder. The contact is roughly the size of a large coin with smooth convex surfaces and a heptagonal edge.
    • Gravity Boots – Gravity boots behave when worn as though the direction of gravity is always pointing down, thus allowing the wearer to walk on walls, and providing increased traction to prevent unnecessary slipping and sliding about. The boots themselves are more an exo-skeletal reinforcement that go around the bottom of the foot and ankle, and hug the calf. They are composed of etched and weighted metal bands, that attach to the back side of the leg, being adjustable at the front via means of thick leather straps. These bands are runed to nullify the weight of the boots, redirect the gravity to a constant downward angle, and increase traction to prevent slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. Should they become damaged or the runes marred, they will cease to work. The bands are made of brass with silver inlay.
    • Grappling Gun – The Grappling Gun literally does what it says on the tin. It is a large grapple that opens in a star form after punching through or attaching externally to an object in order to latch on, connected by a chain to the gun, which can then be retracted swiftly to pull things to the user or the user to the point of origin. A standard human sized shot can travel up to twelve meters and will instantly retract, dragging whichever is lighter to the other unless the trigger is held in. Once released, it pulls the chain back in. The Gun itself is like a large canister with a guard piece around the back of the hand.
      The chain is launched via a spring loaded trigger and retracts with a powerful automatic crank. The chain is stored internally, through a dimensional storage compartment designed specifically for this purpose, and trained to the signature of the weapon. If the internal machination is damaged it may cease to work entirely. If the runework is damaged, it may become significantly heavier when suddenly burdened with twelve meters of steel chain.

      This device may be made on a greater scale to outfit the Green Bird, acting as Grappling Cannons. The use of said cannons may cause damage to the ship. Use With Caution.
    • EMP Shield – Creates an effective bubble around the point of origin that can deflect heavy projectiles 10 times before needing to recharge, which takes approximately an hour. If broken, the shield detonates, disrupting all magical sources and interrupting spell casting within 100ft of the outside of its shield, frying anything within the blast radius. The damage is not physical but magical, and can be discharged prior to the shield being broken.

      Impacts cause the shield to light around the affected area and sound a high ringing tone. The shield adapts to whatever it is attached to surrounding it/them with a five foot radius. It encompasses their form with an aura that when viewed by someone who can see magic, will be able to see a constantly moving stream of runes trickling across their skin. The shield does not prevent people from walking through it, only projectiles.

      The artifact appears to be a flat ten-sided disc a couple of centimeters short of the average human handspan, made of interlocking metal plates that wind inwards like a serpent's coil. The center plate may be depressed to detonate the shield. The outer ring may be rotated to arm or disarm it.

      When attached to the Green Bird, it must be situated on the bracket that holds the power source to encompass the entire ship, or attaching it to the floor will simply encompass one plank. The wearer may not use more than one, as they are prone to faulting and discharging without warning when the shields overlap.