Abandoned Cathedral

If one follows the Kaadian Way through Morrim, they will inevitably come across a spot of land near the mountains that seems especially desolate. Plants refuse to flourish here and the sky is almost consistently overcast. Overlooking this dreary landscape is a cathedral that sits atop a rocky outcrop from the mountainside. Its exterior is blackened with age and the windows are cracked and grimy, if they are there at all. How exactly this place came to be abandoned is a mystery, and one would be hard-pressed to find information on what sort of place the cathedral was before that. If one wishes to explore this place, perhaps seeking sanctuary or maybe something darker, they can climb up the weathered steps carved into the stone, pick through the dead trees and bushes and push open the creaky double doors. Most anything of value from inside has been looted, though there are still a few statues carved into the walls and rotten pews that might not even be safe to sit on. Of course, great caution is needed here, for even if the floor doesn't give in it is evident that the types of people and creatures that would be here might not be the friendliest.

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