Julianne Blaine-Wattles Memorial

Annoying next door!
Annoying next door!
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Julianne Blaine-Wattles Memorial
(presented by John Brocks)

In memory of our much loved "Jules" who was one of our most active music scouts, she found dozens of new artists to play on EKR. Jules sadly passed away this February.

Tony Carey---Running With The Lions
Planet TexXxas---Low Down And Dirty
Ela---Don't Mind
J.R. Blackmore
Over The Rainbow---Stargazer
California Transit Authority
Preacher Stone---That's Just The Whiskey Talkin'
Forrest MacDonald---Going Back To Memphis
Guy Manning---Ships
Steve Thorne---Kings Of Sin
Kathie Touin---Home
ISIS of Anubis---Abandoned
Loving The Sun---Rain Falls Down On Earth
Irina and Storm---Tragovi Proslosti
Factory Of Dreams---Voyage To Utopia
Roswell Six (feat. Lana Lane)---I Am The Point
Delaney---Love Tears
AOR---You're My Obsession
Jack Yello---Dawn Of My Time
Toccara---Place Under The Sun
Naughty Boys---Don't Turn Around
Jupiter Society---Beyond These Walls
EBC Racing-Team---Silver Arrows (Racing On)

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