Living History, What Is It?

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Living History, What Is It?

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Living History.
What is the purpose of living history? This is not an easy question to answer, because living history can serve a different purpose for different people. Basically living history enables people to experience life in another time, this can be any time from early man to the 20th century. Living history encompasses many activities, & these activities offer an opportunity to learn period living skills & crafts & survival skills.
What is Experimental Archaeology? Experimental archaeology is the using of primitive tools to complete a task. Sometimes it can include making the period tools as well. This can be anything from making fire with flint, steel & tinderbox, to building a ship & sailing it. The purpose is to discover & learn how particular tasks were achieved using primitive tools. Historical Trekking is also experimental archaeology.
What is Historical Trekking? Historical trekking is hiking & camping in a particular historical fashion. 18th century historical trekking for instance is trekking & camping using only 18th century clothing & equipment. It’s purpose is to discover & learn how certain people travelled in a particular period & how they survived. Historical trekking covers many crafts & skills.
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