PlayerPro problems on Samsung Galaxy S4

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Just traded a Motorola Atrix 4G in on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Running 4.2.2 and loaded the current version on PP from the Google Market and I am having a few issues (some on which have been mentioned in other threads). I also use the DSP Pack, have audio buffer set to large and music is stored on a Sandisk 64 GB Class 10 MicroSD card.
#1 The lock screen that I was accustomed to seeing on my Atrix will not work on the S4. It is activated and doesn't display once locked (my normal lock screen Widgetlocker displays instead).
EDIT: I fixed this problem by going into the android lock screen settings and changing the lock screen to swipe. I turned it to none when I installed Widgetlocker to deactivate the android lock screen. This needs to be on for the PP lock screen to work.
#2The music will just stop playing randomly for no apparent reason even while locked and no other apps running.
#3Randoms songs will skip for a millisecond and then continue. The S4 has plenty of power and should not suffer from buffering issues. The S4 is 100x faster than the Atrix and I have to chalk the issue up to a PP software issue.
If these issues can be resolved I will once again be in love with PP but as of right now I have some mixed feelings. Let me know if there is any additional information needed for resolution of the issues.

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