Christians And Slavery

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Shared from Q and A at Logos Bible School with Pastor Tan.

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Since the slavery practice is wrong, why did not Paul or other NT
writers condemn it altogether clearly but rather teach slaves to
remain submissive to their masters and seems to remain silent on the
slavery system?

Paul was functioning at the level of the revelation of society at that
time. It is one thing to have a personal revelation but it is another
thing to wait until the whole community catches onto the same
revelation for its implementation. Try advocating democracy to the
empires of old when kings were the judge, jury and executioner and
your life might be very short indeed. Many are the times when those
who are ahead in revelation have to wait until the rest of the world
catches up with them for its full implementation. This truth applies
to everything - natural and spiritual revelation.

Slavery seems to be tolerated or even encouraged by God in the OT,
appreciate your comment.

God always tolerate and seek to reveal what He could to each
generation and society. Daniel did prophesy that knowledge will
increase, and indeed, it has and society is better for it. Revelation
is progressive.