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Hello, I am back for a change. I had a feeling I'd get around to making this post (sooner or later).

While revamping (working on and off) my Azure Dragon species, I thought about how their specific draconium came to be on Draconis.(Not spoiling that atm) Then, it lead me to thinking "What is draconium anyway?, we don't really get the full picture in the show." This lead me to the long post I am making now.
Here are some reminders as you read this post.

1. I do know that what I'm sharing can be jarring,sensitive and well, uncomfortable for people to read/discover/come across. Simply because we only understand things based our own personal level of understanding.

2. With #1 in mind, I will be explaining from my own understanding. This also comes from my own experiences outside of the internet. Some will agree, some won't, some will understand, some won't. Some will like this theory, some won't. That is fine. I am open to conversation.

3. My main interest is sharing the love a story with other's who love it. I want to start up conversation, ideas , creative juices.

4. This is a theory, and I am simply presenting it the best way I can. I need things to be simplified to understand them. So I'll be doing my best to explain it simply.

5.Pardon me, I'll make a bum out of myself and assume that most people on this forum have watched all 39 episodes of Dragon Booster. If not, possible spoiler alert.

6. This is also a look into my thoughts about how I want to redo my Azure Dragons. Spoilers.
Do keep these in mind. Now onto the theory
(All Sources listed and linked at the bottom)
What could draconium be?

What is Draconium?
In the Dragon Booster universe, draconium is a conductive metal which looks crystalline when mined raw. (Misjudged,Faster then Fear) However, it is unclear in the show what it actually is. (1)It is a conductive metal which looks like crystal (2)It is refined into battle and racing gear, which is metal. Draconium appears to be a naturally occurring metal or crystal(gemstone). Like iron or diamond. It reacts to another life force or energy. On the planet Draconis, both dragons and humans have draconium in their bones. On Earth, it is the equivalent to calcium in our bones. As we humans of Earth absorb calcium through our food, the humans and dragons of Draconis absorb draconium through food and the environment.
For dragons their mag abilities, speed and power come from the draconium in their bones. The term 'mag' refers to the magnetic ability of the draconium. The dragons are capable of attracting and repelling objects and other living things that contain draconium. It is shown that humans are not born with mag abilities, but can learn them under specific guidance/training.
Draconium exists in 13 different colours. Each has their own attributes and-with dragons and humans- effects the personalities of them. (Keeping in present day Dragon City)

Can draconium be both a metal and a crystal(gemstone)?
-crystal is used in two different terms. for the crystalline structure of metals and gemstones. also the generic title for semiprecious stones and gemstones
-metals are hard/solid, opaque, malleable, thermally and electrically conductive
-gemstones are hard/solid, range from transparent to opaque, not malleable, *possibility of thermal or electrical conductivity
-draconium is hard/solid(metal), transparent(crystal), malleable and becomes opaque afterwards(metal/gemstone), thermally and electrically conductive(metal), reacts to life force or energy (**crystal/gemstone)
A: Draconium fits more into the metal category. Specifically being thermally and electrically conductive. Draconium could be specifically a metal with crystal/gemstone attributes/abilities.
*For this I found an interesting article about conductivity and crystals: ... re-053453/
**The reaction to other life forces or energy explanation will come later

If Draconium is a metal with crystal attributes, what about the 13 colours?
-metals usually come in a specific set of colours naturally, some are named and represent a specific colour. the metal gold could be gold draconium, iron is grey and could be grey draconium. but there is a limited amount of metal colours, and it may not cover all other 11 natural draconium colours
-crystals/gemstones range in every colour visible to human eyes and are part of specific species/families. Specific gemstones are ruby,sapphire and emerald. Corundum contains many colours. Red is called a ruby, every other colour in corundum including blue is called a Sapphire. Beryl is another with multiple colours, green beryl is called Emerald.
-It is a possibility that a green beryl and green corundum could both be called an Emerald. I think this is due to the simple/preferred names of the gemstones-ruby,sapphire,emerald-being thought as part of one crystal/gemstone family. I find that the research on the difference has been mixed facts/opinions (I am not sure)
-The corundum and beryl families may not have all 13 colours to use for draconium
-*Quartz crystals can come in all colours too, usually through growing with other metals/elements or merging with other crystals,or other means
A: Draconium would most likely be a crystal/gemstone in terms of the different colours. But metals do have the solid fact of conductivity where crystals are not or unknown (with the related link above)
*Quartz had an important role with my Azure Dragons, I'll come back to this.

So, is it a metal or a crystal? I have to go into another set of thoughts to answer this.

Crystals and metals have metaphysical properties, they are used in pseudoscience/spiritual practices.
-both metals and crystals as an individual solid have their own unique properties, and they do share properties with others of its kind. Like human and dragon personalities
-being part of a crystal family/species might give the gemstone some root capabilities, but the variety of that gemstone gives it its own unique aspects (All dragons have mag abilities, speed and power, but their draconium colour sets them apart in personalities and unique breed abilities)
-In order to list any of possible crystal/gemstone metaphysical properties, a specific family/specie has to be chosen that fits with Draconium's role on Draconis.

I searched the internet and crystal books I own to come up with some crystals that could be used as a base for dragonium. The main three were Quartz, Corundum and Beryl. (Almost all of this is on papers in my research binder). I included 'Other' in case if I discovered something else that could work.
Lets keep in mind, too, that the main 5 draconium colours (Gold,Black,Red,Blue,Green) were used to make the rest of the draconium colours (Purple,Brown,Orange,Light Green,Light Blue,White,Grey,Turquoise)

Quartz:13/13 listed draconium colours had this section filled in. However, some crystal's colours could be used for another colour of draconium. Good, but not the best for this purpose.

Corundum:9/13 listed draconium colours had this section filled in. However there are a few listed crystals that are possibly synthetic. I was looking for something that had all its crystals/gemstones forming naturally. Like quartz, some colours could be used for other draconium colours. Don't think I'd be using this type.

Beryl: 10/13 listed draconium colours had this section filled in. Like the others, some colours crossed over into other draconium colours. Beryl can be colourless which could work for Grey of White draconium. However, not both. And I do not know if white beryl exists naturally or synthetically. Can't use this one either.

Quartz looked like my best option, until I discovered a type of crystal I didn't know about.

The information in the link you may not understand or you may not want to read it. That is fine I will not force you. However, the crystals are explained much better in a scientific and pseudoscience/spiritual way than I could from memory. If you don't read, I will simply be summarizing below based off of the gaps for draconium. (And my own understanding)Here is the link about Andara Crystals. ... s-updated/

Summary of Andara crystals:
(1)High vibrational energy
(this means it's crystal body is rooted in this physical dimension, but its crystal conscious/spirit-energy-is rooted in the higher dimensions. Which are vibrational)
(2)Made of Monatomic metal elements
(elements made up of one atom. Monatomic gold is a white, powdery substance for example. The monatomic elements are superconductors:an anti-gravitational force)
(remember, is draconium a metal or a crystal?)
(3)The crystals are Heliocentric. This means it refracts the light it absorbs towards its crystalline centre.
(it draws the person's consciousness towards the centre of the crystal)
(4)Can bring electromagnetic balance
(restoring one to their true self or cleanses any unwanted energies, this is done by the crystal's electromagnetic energies/frequencies connecting to the human body's own electromagnetic energies.)
(5)Enhance mind-body coordination, helps to give a more focused thought process
(6)Transmutes energy into matter/activates energy channeling ability
(this is done through intention. All energy works along intention)
(7)Expanded sensory ability and access information beyond the 5 senses
(this includes increased intuition and telepathic abilities)
(8)Advances the spiritual development process
(9) Come in lots of colours
(NOTE:It says in the link that these crystals are rare. So there's not many of them. There are scammers out there selling slag glass and labeling them Andara crystals. I think that they are out there, but there aren't very many. Draconis could be a different story...)

What the hell has this got to do with Draconium?
Let me explain...

1. Energy is vibration. The same goes for draconium energy. Rob Travalino states in a few answers to the Q&A fans sent him years ago backs this up.
”Psi class gear and black dragons exert a far more subtle influence on their riders...”
“...the balance of the gold draconium in the humans and the dragons, made an entire world of technology work just by though and presence.”
2. Almost all the Andara crystals could have traces of monatomic gold in them. With Gold Draconium being the source of all the other 12. In terms of colour, white holds all the colours of the visible spectrum, and monatomic gold is a white, powdery substance. Draconium has conductivity, and the dragons can change gravitational effects using their mag abilities. (Magging on gear and keeping it mag locked, mag jumping etc)
3. Having a chuck of Andara crystal and looking into it draws your attention into it's centre. While these crystals are 'Good' in alignment. I'm sure they could be 'corrupted' with different intentions or experiences. Like sealed spirits of ancient war dragons, perhaps?
4. Electromagnetic balance? Restoring to it's pure original state. Sounds like what Beaucephalis needs do “to turn all dragons back to gold.”
5. A trained human can use the mag-claw abilities. But you need to focus while preforming them
6. Energy is intention, and draconium energy can be channeled by the dragon or human in the form of mag abilities. Of course, having the ability and knowledge of these powers comes with responsibility. You intention matters, what do you use your abilities for?
”Able to make mental connections with their rider, these PSI-CLASS dragons can 'feel' the intentions of those who ride them.”
8. Going into the Academy to learn this changes both dragon and human. The human grows inwardly-their mag abilities, connection to their dragon etc. While the dragon grows physically. To quote Rob again from one of his answers:
"...but only humans who balance both the purity and innocence of the dragon with the more advanced if you will, human aspects; can truly make the lead to leadership and greater balance and understanding. The Academy and Elite Class hopes to do just this...”
9. Could have all 13 draconium colours

It was a tie between Quartz crystals and Andara crystals. My original plan was to use Quartz before I found the Andara crystals. Reason was this:
Quartz can some in most colours based on the 13 draconium colours. All the 13 are natural occurrences. Azure draconium is a hybrid of Gold, Black and Blue with traces or Orange (possibly White too). Aura quartz is a type of quartz crystal that can come in different colours, shades of blue being one of them.. You take a Clear Quartz and heat treat it with the metal Gold.

However, the Andara crystal fills in the most gaps in relation to draconium energy. And (if you read the link you already know this) they are created with monatomic elements (metals) and heat to create the crystals.

What do I think Draconium is?
I think draconium is a crystal such as the Andara crystals. It can come in most colours. The main reasons are they're made of monatomic gold, and fill in the gaps on dragon's mag abilities. In terms of turning the crystal draconium into a metal, I'm think a form of alchemy could do the trick. And I quote Rob again..
"Yes, humans and dragons ALL have traces of gold draconium in their bones from the environment but when dragons and humans evolve, they use a form of alchemy to change the other trace elements in their bodies to GOLD!"

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this has sparked some creativity in you.

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Thats a very interesting theory there and I see you've put a lot of thought into it. :D

I think that draconium is like radioactive elements like Uranium because they both create vast amounts of energy, but Draconium isn't dangerous and doesn't give people and dragons radiation sickness and cancer. And they both glow too.
Uranium is a metal but it actually looks a bit like a crystal. The description that Draconium is a 'crystal metal' might be more to describe its appearance rather than its properties. I found this picture of Uranium on the internet and I think it looks heaps like the raw Draconium in Ep 12 Misjudged.

Here's what I know about Draconium: it is a special crystal metal found in the soil of Draconis and eventually it became concentrated in the bones of the Gold Star dragons. Then humans began breeding the Star dragons for different traits like speed or power and this changed the colour of their Draconium, resulting in the thirteen colours.
Draconium radiates vast amounts of energy when in the presence of a lifeforce (which is why the statues in the Dragon Temple under Penn Stables glow when Artha walked past them) and this enegry gives the dragons their incredible speed, strength and mag abilities.
Due to living along side dragons for so long, humans have trace amounts of Draconium in their bones too, which makes them have a Draconium influence and able to learn to channel mag energy.
And the more pure Draconium is, the more powerful it becomes. The more powerful it is the more like magic it is as well.

I also reckon that Draconium a very unique element and it has no equivalent on Earth.
That my theory but your theory is a good one too <_<

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Awesome idea, pheonix97!

Uranium does fit in the glowing and vast amounts of energy category. And yes, both this and the Andara crystals are present on Earth, but are rare or hard to get. Draconium-Id say- might have an equivalent on Earth, however I have no knowledge if such a metal exists. In terms of my theory and your idea with Uranium, its possible.
That's also a beautiful photo of a Uranium specimen!
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If you're looking for a crystal metal, look no further than Titanium Quartz.

While it doesn't fit some of the categories for Draconium, I'd say that it's a good visual starting point.

It's also lighter than an equivalent piece of regular quartz or many other stones of similar size. And if you want to get into radioactive metals and elements, might I suggest Crystal Bismuth? It's safe to handle and doesn't glow, but it also shares in the crystalline metal component.

Both of these are more multihued than Draconium (and I may be biased due to owning a piece of each), but I thought I'd share my two cents on the matter.
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Hey Tanglemorph, that titanium quartz looks cool and has lots of different colours just like draconium :)

I also found something interesting called Piezoelectricity, which is basically certain crystals that generate electrical energy. This is an explanation from a website I found:

What is piezoelectricity?
Squeeze certain crystals (such as quartz) and you can make electricity flow through them. The reverse is usually true as well: if you pass electricity through the same crystals, they "squeeze themselves" by vibrating back and forth. That's pretty much piezoelectricity in a nutshell but, for the sake of science, let's have a formal definition:

Piezoelectricity (also called the piezoelectric effect) is the appearance of an electrical potential (a voltage, in other words) across the sides of a crystal when you subject it to mechanical stress (by squeezing it).

In practice, the crystal becomes a kind of tiny battery with a positive charge on one face and a negative charge on the opposite face; current flows if we connect the two faces together to make a circuit. In the reverse piezoelectric effect, a crystal becomes mechanically stressed (deformed in shape) when a voltage is applied across its opposite faces.

In most crystals (such as metals), the unit cell (the basic repeating unit) is symmetrical; in piezoelectric crystals, it isn't. Normally, piezoelectric crystals are electrically neutral: the atoms inside them may not be symmetrically arranged, but their electrical charges are perfectly balanced: a positive charge in one place cancels out a negative charge nearby. However, if you squeeze or stretch a piezoelectric crystal, you deform the structure, pushing some of the atoms closer together or further apart, upsetting the balance of positive and negative, and causing net electrical charges to appear. This effect carries through the whole structure so net positive and negative charges appear on opposite, outer faces of the crystal.

So basically some crystals like quartz can generate and conduct electricity, perhaps it might be interesting to find out if Andara crystals create piezoelectricity?

I like my uranium theory but the main problems with it are that its harmful and cancerous (and draconium obviously isn't) and it only comes in greenish, silvery colours.

This certainly is an interesting topic with lots of stuff to think about :D

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I figure this is the newest thread I could find and I feel like a ghost in the machine digging through all of these forum posts. Is anyone else still out there? 

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