SAVE on Dragon Boat Rental in Toronto!

Iron River Racing
Iron River Racing

9:14 AM - Mar 20, 2018 #1

We are Iron River Racing, Toronto's premier dragon boat venue. Check us out online: and we can help you save on your 2018 dragon boat season!

We are a non-profit grassroots-run club in our 3rd year, providing full-service dragon boat rentals and coaching at the most affordable rates in Toronto. We offer the highest quality equipment, most flexible service, and National Champion coaches.

Bring your team to our venue and you can save 40-60% over Sunnyside Paddling Club, every year (we've locked-in our rates long term)!

Best of all, our serene river setting is surrounded by beautiful nature and uniquely protected from rough water conditions. As you may know, high water levels in 2017 caused major disruptions to the dragon boat season at many paddling clubs on the lake, including a month-long closure for numerous teams. But the waters at our venue remained calm and the season was completely uninterrupted for all of our teams!

With the changing climate, these extreme conditions might be here to stay, meaning a real risk to the paddling community. We are here to make sure you don't lose another dragon boat season or your ​members' ​hard-earned money. With us, your season is safe​.​

You can use our online request form, or email us. Act fast as we have availability for​ only​ ​10 new crews in our 2018 calendar!

Happy Paddling from Iron River Racing!