Need Paddlers for Philly Oct 23 - [ MD-DC-VA-PA-NY-ON]

Need Paddlers for Philly Oct 23 - [ MD-DC-VA-PA-NY-ON]

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October 21st, 2010, 2:57 pm #1

We need paddlers for the Philly Fest this Saturday, Oct 23rd for our University team -- The UMUC Virtual Dragons.
No expenses on your part -- all covered.

Due to the festival date change, we lost too many of our paddlers.

Since this team is more a festival team at this point, people are not yet used to a firmer commitment; however, keeping the boat moving forward will help build this team up and bring renewed interest.

So, we need some paddlers who hopefully are strong team players, can jump in and blend right in with the team.
Of course, if we get seasoned A-B division premier paddlers, it would be nice, but so long as you are able to keep sync, add power, have had a few premier level racing bouts under your belt, we can use your help.

Please -- serious commitment only.
Yes or no, we are so short on time, we can't afford for "feeling" things out.

What we offer
All expenses are paid for, so you just let us know about about you, your experience and interest, and we'll put you on the roster.
Most likely we will have a team shirt for you, but wear a black shirt just in case we run out of size.
Shirt will be yours.
There will be snacks & drinks for the team, possibly something to each for lunch (I am not sure what).

You have to sign the online waiver to GWN once you're on -- so please please keep tight communication with us.
You also have a University waiver to sign for us, but that's when we meet, not as urgent as the GWN one.

Travel Plan
We have a 50-seater charter bus from College Park/Adelphi Maryland.
So, if you are from the MD/DC/VA area, just come and hop in.

If you're Philly local, or from other areas, we'll just meet you there.

NYC & Canadians are also welcome --we saw team Chaos in the first round but they disappeared from the new date schedule. Perhaps their team couldn't come to the changed date either --any members wanted to join in? We do the same style.

Please Send:
Gender (if your name is unisex)
Contact Info
Any pertinent information to help us fit you in.

We will finalize everything by Friday afternoon, meaning we should (hopefully) have had the boat filled and your waivers signed long before.
In case we cannot take you (the numbers are full), we will let you know by Friday, 6pm.

Please let us know ASAP. We need to get you on the roster and your waiver signed electronically by today-tomorrow.

Thank you!

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