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Weekly Challenge Rules [center]
New weekly challenges will pop up each week and whomever grabs them first will be awarded the chance to complete them and have their shot at the rewards. To grab a weekly challenge, simply click on the image for whichever challenge you choose, then post a reply in the challenge topic stating your desire to take the challenge! If you are the first one to do so, a member of the staff will give you a stamp of approval and you'll be free to go and RP the challenge!

[color=coral]All Weekly Challenge RPs must be [u]at least [/u] 300 WC
You may only complete [u]one Weekly Challenge per week [/u]!
If you fail a Challenge, you must sit out for 1 Week before you can grab another one! [/color]

All weekly challenges will be Universal, meaning that no matter where your character is currently located, you can complete these challenges and have some fun!

Weren't fast enough to grab one this week? Don't worry! New challenges will be posted next week so come back and try your luck again! [i]Better act fast! [/i]
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