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Official Android Saga - The Nightmare Begins

Dr. Gero
The Bomb!
The Bomb!
Joined: June 18th, 2017, 2:27 pm

June 18th, 2017, 4:54 pm #1


Amenbo Island sat in the wide open ocean all by it lonesome near South City as the bright sun shined down upon it. It was a beautiful day on the island and its inhabitants were going about their normal daily routines. It was still in the early hours of the island as everyone was getting their day started either by going to work, just waking up, or opening their businesses. Vehicles of all sorts slowly started to fill the streets as travel was also getting started around the island. Everything was at peace and daily routines were set in motion. However, unknown to the citizens of the island, their beautiful day was about to be turned upside down as a tidal wave of terror would soon be washing over their entire life from this moment forward…

“AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!” A young girl could be heard shrieking out in terror as she dropped her purse in pure shock. Her eyes were wide as he mouth was open agape as she then tried to form words in her mouth. But no matter how much she tried, nothing but gasps of air and indistinct whispers formed between her lips.

Standing several feet in front of her, an old man wearing some baggy and fluffy clothes and a tall black hat held another man out in front of him with one hand as it was gripped tightly around his neck. As the old man held the other off the ground, his victim gasped for air as his eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head before his entire body went limp. As soon as it did, the old man then gave one quick swipe as he threw the man several feet away from him with no effort. Standing tall, the old man, then slowly lowered his arm back to his side as his eyes moved to the girl on the sidewalk. Taking several steps backwards in a panic, the young girl then stuttered for a second before screeching loudly again, before her screams were muffled by the old man’s hand covering her mouth in the blink of an eye….

Meanwhile, inhabitants of the island walked down city streets and traveled down the roads in their vehicles as they were ultimately unaware of what terrors were transpiring. As parents walked their kids to school, and others traveling down elevators in their high rise apartments, innocent people were getting their energy absorbed and killed by the evil android. With the streets now filled with cars, an elderly man turned the corner of a local busy street and started his travel down the now well occupied road. As he hummed to the beat of the music that was coming through his speakers, his innocent expression then formed into a look of surprise as he then slammed on the brakes after seeing the old android standing in the street in front of him. However, his car was not lucky enough to stop in time as he collided into the old man causing the front of the car to fold in on itself and around the elderly android. Looking unphased by the hit, the elderly android simply raised his left hand in the air before slamming it through the hood of the car. With a quick pull, the android with the tall black hat ripped the engine out of the car effortlessly as he held in the air, while it leaked oil and fluid all over the front of the car.

Panicing, the old man fumbled to open the car door in order to get out, however he was not quick enough. Looking upwards the old man in the car held a shocked look on his face as he saw the android right outside his door. With a quick motion, the android crashed through the window of the car and gripped the driver by the throat and proceeded to slam him through the roof well past his shoulders. Holding the man in the air, the android then started to drain the man’s energy as all the other driver’s on the road looked in horror at the sight at hand. Screaming and running for their lives, the elderly andoid slowly turned his head as he saw the escaping victims run for whatever safety they could. Pedestrians on the side of the street saw the other people running as they looked on curiously.

“Hey, what is it? Whats going on?” An onlooker asked from the sidewalk.

“RUN! Someone is killing people!” A runner replied back as they whizzed by.

“Hmph.” The elderly android noised as he saw others running away from in and out of the immediate area.

With fast and consecutive energy blasts being shot from his eyes, Dr. Gero effortlessly began to shoot down the citizen’s who were running away as the yellow blasts shot through their bodies, entering through the back and exiting through their front, killing them instantly. Within seconds, everyone running was now on the ground motionless and dead. People of all ages, sizes and shapes now littered the city street the elderly android stood in.

Releasing his grip on the man in the car, the driver slumped down as he fell back into the car dead. Taking a few steps forward, the android raised his head as he set his eyes on the tall buildings and skyscrapers nearby. Suddenly, his eyes started to glow for a few seconds before unleashing more devastating eye blasts from his pupils. Cutting through the air, the energy blasts struck the buildings and skyscrapers causing explosions to erupt one after the other as flames spat from its sides wildly. Pieces of rubble and building rained down as the charred pieces landed on cars and the sidewalk cracking the ground on impact. Rotating his head the elderly looking android continued to shoot more and more blasts from his eyes as he targeted more buildings to his west and northwest rapidly. Screams of horror and fear echoed from afar as the now engulfed buildings raged with a hot flaming inferno that would soon destroy and cripple the building if not addressed quickly and properly. Inhabitants and workers of the buildings screamed as the fire raged around them while others headed for the rooftop as fast as they could.

Looking over at his fat counterpart, the elderly android then placed his hands behind his back. “Let’sus see what the rest of the island is up to nineteen.” With those words, the two flew off and out of that area of the city leaving behind death and destruction.

WC: 1,093

Official Saga Notes:

1) Dr. Gero and Android 19 have arrived at Amenbo Island two months after the expected dated by Future Trunks.
2) Dr. Gero has absorbed the energy of multiple citizens of Amenbo Island.
3) Many people have died due to Dr. Gero's multiple Eye Blast attacks
4) Raging and uncontrollable fires are engulfing two buildings on the West side of the Island, and three buildings on the North West side of the city. Innocent people are trapped inside of these buildings.
5) The androids whereabouts are currently unknown on the island.


1) Dr. Gero
2) Android 19
3) Cabba
4) Piccolo
5) Tyga
6) Cali
7) Dende
8) Cooler
9) Roja
10) Zaccai
11) Amory
12) Escar
13) Son Gohan
14) Krillin
15) Shiva
16) Tien
17) Chiaotzu
18) Goku
19) Pan
20) Beerus
21) Tights
- Follow the above posting order. Remember this Saga is under the 48 hour rule! If the person before you has not submitted a post after 48 hours you are legally allowed to skip them and start a post for yourself. If you are skipped after 48 hours, you will not be able to post again until it is officially your turn next time around. With that being said, if you know for a fact you are not able to post within the 48 hours, please let one of the staff know so we can let the next person post to move the story along quickly.

Android 19
Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat
Android 19
Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat
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June 25th, 2017, 7:17 pm #2

With the elderly android on the assault in one part of the city, the overweight light skinned Android 19 began a course of action of his own. As a small group of people waited at a stop light in order to cross the street, they were all unaware of the evil behind them. Lifting his arm upwards, the fat android reached out and grasped one man’s wrist as he then folded it behind his back. From there the android lifted his other hand quickly as he reached around and covered the man’s mouth tightly, preventing him from screaming out as the android then proceeded to drain his energy from his body. Within a few quick seconds, the man went limp as his eyes rolled backwards in his head. Dropping his now useless body on the ground, the android then took a step forward as he did the same thing to another man until his energy was drained completely for the android to use. With a smirk on his face, Android 19 then purposely dropped the man as his body made a loud thud noise as it hit the ground.

“Hmm?” A woman said in a curious tone as she looked over her shoulder and saw the two men motionless on the ground in front of her. As she did, she started to let out a quick shriek of panic before Android 19 muffled her mouth his hand and raised her up into the air while his smirk remained on his face.

Quickly, a young man with headphones on took his eyes off his phone as he looked up and turned around to see the commotion. Gritting his teeth, the teenager then pocketed his phone quickly before throwing a punch at the fat android, watching as his fist made contact with the android, however it was swallowed up by its overweight cheek. Before the teenager could retract his hand, Android 19 then used his free hand to snatch him by the throat and lift him off the ground as well to join the lady. At this point, the three remaining citizen’s turned around and saw the android holding up two people in the air as their energy drained helplessly from their bodies. Behind the overweight android, the two men’s bodies could be seen motionless.

“What the hell!?” An older gentlemen yelled as he started to take slow steps backwards in a panic.

“AGGGHHIIIE!” A woman yelled as she brought both her hands up to her face.

“OH… OH GOD!...” A young dapper looking businessman added as he dropped his briefcase as his eyes widened.

With a quick sparkle in his eyes, android 19 then shot an energy blast from his eyes as they completely engulfed the three pedestrians, killing them instantly where they once stood. After a few more seconds passed, the two victims that were in android 19 clutches finished squirming as they were then dropped to the ground, drained as well.

Standing in place, Android 19 then looked down at his right hand as he observed the red in color gem placed in the center of his palm. Clenching his fist, the overweight android then smirked again before his attention was drawn to the sounds of explosions going off. Lifting his head up calmly, android 19 then lowered his hand back to his side as he looked towards the direction of the commotion, only to see several skyscrapers and buildings crumbling at the center of the attacks as flames started to engulf the areas of the buildings that were hit.

Slowly floating upwards in midair, Android 19 then flew towards the explosions as he kept his eyes on the city streets below, preying on whoever he saw on the way there. One by one, the android continued to drain stragglers that seemed to be running away the explosions as well as whatever was causing them. Citizens screamed and yelled as they ran as fast as they could to avoid the intense and horrific chaos that was transpiring. This was looking too easy for the light skinned android.

After draining several other people quickly as possible, Android 19 then dropped the little girl he had in his grasp as he proceeded to make his way towards his elderly counterpart.

“Freeze! Stop right there!” A police officer yelled as he drew his gun from his holster and pointed it at the overweight android. “I said freeze! Don’t you move! Got it!?” The officer yelled as loud as he could as he slowly made his way to the little girl laying on the ground motionless.

Looking over his shoulder, Android 19 then slowly turned around as he faced the police officer with a serious expression. Step by step, the android started to walk towards the police officer as the officer continued to shout commands, telling the overweight android to stop.

“One more step and I’ll shoot!... I swear!” The officer yelled.

As Android 19 continued to walk towards him, the officer then pulled the trigger on his handgun as a bullet whizzed towards the overweight android. In a quick motion, Android 19 snatched the bullet out of the air as he hen crumbled it into tiny pieces with a strong squeeze. Watching in amazement and shock, the police officer hesitated to get another shot off as he quickly found the android’s hand gripping his neck as he then used his other hand to swat the gun out of the officer’s hand. Lifting him in the air like his other victim’s android 19 then started to walk back the way he came holding the man out on front of him. Once the overweight android got in between two buildings he then finished draining the man’s energy as he then cocked his arm back and threw the motionless and energy deprived man into the building to his right, causing the man to crash through the wall hard. Once he did, Android 19 did not hesitate to fire off an energy blast that quickly chased after the man, causing a violent explosion to erupt inside the building, blowing it up from the inside out, killing anyone and anything inside.


Walking through the fiery wall of the burning wreckage, Android 19 emerged unscathed as he meet up with his elderly counterpart, android 20 who was standing in the street. Standing next to him, Android 19 watched the fires start to swallow up the buildings in the distance. With the elderly android’s command, the overweight android followed his counterpart as they quickly vanished from sight…

WC: 1,088
TWC: 2,181

Official Saga Notes:

1) Dr. Gero and Android 19 have arrived at Amenbo Island two months after the expected dated by Future Trunks.
2) Dr. Gero and Android 19 have absorbed the energy of multiple citizens of Amenbo Island.
3) Many people have died due to Dr. Gero's multiple Eye Blast attacks and Android 19's attack.
4) Raging and uncontrollable fires are engulfing three buildings now on the West side of the Island, and three buildings on the North West side of the city. Innocent people are trapped inside of these buildings.
5) The androids whereabouts are currently unknown on the island.

Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
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June 25th, 2017, 7:21 pm #3

Please read over the following rules about this Saga before you post!

1) Have fun
2) Don't be a sour puss
3) No complaining/No bitching.
4) You CAN die
5) Follow the post order! (Once Staff posts after everyone's intro post, that will be the concrete post order.)
6) 48 hour rule on skipping posts. If the person before you does not post within 48 hours you can skip them and make your post.
7) For separate battles follow a post order accordingly (or all agree on one) and post the battle in a separate thread in the Saga since it is its own forum.
8) You must be presently on Earth to enter.
9) You cannot enter late in the Saga.
10) If you have two characters by all means, feel free to write with them both.
11) Things can happen out of no where to move the plot forward and help keep things interesting...
12) Remember, these are androids, you cannot sense their power level

*Final Rule: Staff noticed this with the mini event... MAKE SURE you have a valid and legit IC (In character) reason you are doing things, or know about things. You as the character's pilot know whats going on. This does not mean your character does as well. If this is abused we will have you re write your post. Again, IC reasons are important and makes things more fun. If you are at the Lookout, you are not gonna know what is happening at Goku's house outta no where. Get creative!

*If you acknowledge, understand, and will abide by these rules, feel free to start your first post!*

Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
Very Extreme!
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June 26th, 2017, 4:55 am #4

Cabba watched the speck of Trunks's ship vanish into the sky with a little bit of uncertainty. The fact that he wasn't going with his friend to Namek was a little concerning... but he trusted the man to get things done. He, Daiz-san, and the future fighter's mysterious father were more than capable folk. Together, they'd be able to gather the dragon balls and wish for whatever Daiz-san wanted. Hands on his hips, the boy turned his back to ever more distant spacecraft in the sky and made his way back into Capsule Corporation.

The whole place was enveloped in chaos. Scientists and visitors alike were scrambling in and out of the lobby, shouting and crying and praying to gods Cabba didn't know.

Brow furrowed, he elbowed his way to the lobby's main desk, where a receptionist was feverishly assuaging the worries of a dozen people. Over her head, a television was playing footage of a blurry looking cloud of smoke, which rose over the ocean like a dark scar on the horizon. The text dragging along beneath it was hard to read, but Cabba could make out a few of the key words.

Amenbo Island... Under attack... Suspected act of terrorism...

Something about that name — Amenbo Island — sounded familiar. Cabba stared up at the monitor for a second, his eyes narrowed in scrutiny while he searched his memory. Trunks-san told him something about Amenbo Island, right? What was it?


Oh, no.

The Androids.

Ringlets of cobalt fire bled off of Cabba's heels as he tore through the ceiling overhead; his arms broke through the roof and he tore into the open sky, flying south toward the island in the distance. He needed to get there, fast — before too many people got hurt. If he remembered right, Trunks-san said that the androids were responsible for killing almost everyone in his time, his father included. He'd come back to warn everyone, but gotten the date wrong.

Two months late, they'd finally come. Cabba didn't know if they'd already killed him once, twice, or however many times in however many different timelines — but he wasn't about to shirk from danger for fear of getting burned. He was as strong as he'd ever been, and as he flew over Basil City, he could only surmise that he was one of Earth's best hopes at surviving the hard times to come.

That didn't mean he was alone, though.

Cabba poured it on thick as he passed over the outskirts of Basil City, broadcasting his power like a beacon of hope to those he was coming to save. More importantly, he could only hope that someone — even if they were at odds — would notice it. Moving at such great speed, across such a vast distance, Cabba could only hope that Caulifla-san would pick up on the urgency of his signal and understand the urgency.

Combined with the news broadcasts going out, and the sheer speed at which he was crossing the continent, he figured it would be hard not to figure out that he was going to help. Whether it was to fight the androids or rescue the trapped, he didn't yet know.

Truth be told, he couldn't feel the androids. In fact, all he could feel on Amenbo Island was a rapidly decaying population. Folks were dying in droves, due to the fires spreading throughout the city, yet to be seen by the boy who didn't know they were there. All he could feel, all he wished he couldn't feel, was the void left by those who lost their lives in the panic.

"Please, hold on!"

Cabba, as he passed over the coast, could only hope that the friends he'd made along the way were coming to help.

He was getting closer to the city now, and he was still a little ways away... but anybody approaching from the North would've been hard pressed to miss him as he beelined over the ocean, flying like a comet toward Amenbo and those who sought to destroy it.

Deleted User
Deleted User

June 26th, 2017, 5:11 am #5

The lookout was Piccolo's second home, well.. His only home, the green nomad never truly had a place to stay before and since Dende had come to Earth he had felt that being close to his own kind was the best. He also enjoyed the solitary training he could do out in the open area of the lookout with no distractions. Kami was growing weary, skeptical as to what was happening down on the Earth below and Piccolo was feeling it too. It had now been two months since the expected time in which the boy from the future had told them that the androids were going to attack. A devastating attack that would in turn bring the destruction of Earth and the death of most of Earths strongest warriors. But was the boy telling the truth? The powerful young saiyan had defeated Frieza and he had a vast knowledge of everyone that was there that day... Could it all have been a hoax? No... Piccolo had seen another boy from the future say the exact same thing... A boy who was very familiar to the Namekian, that was a Gohan from another time, older and stronger than the one he knew.

As Piccolo meditated on the thoughts that came to him, the ideas that he had of what the boys from the future meant surely Gohan would never lie to him no matter what time he came from... Then where was this devastating attack? Where were the androids? They had been keeping an eye on the island that they were rumored to be attacking but there was nothing strange about it, no attacks and definitely no androids... Not until this very day, as Piccolo trained to heighten his senses he felt something sharp hit him but upon opening his eyes it was gone... Then Kami left the building in the center of the lookout and shouted for his other Half.

"Piccolo go now! They are attacking... I can't sense them but people are dying every second." Without a second to waste, Piccolo had enveloped himself in the white aura and took off towards the Earth. The speed in which he traveled was as fast as he could fly, hopefully others would know this too... But how? They were androids, they didn't have a presence like them. Piccolo wanted to fly to the Kame House or even to Capsule corp but Vegeta had already left to go into space... "That stupid prince, what was he thinking?" Piccolo could sense Goku's presence but would he know to head to the island now? Either way, even if he was the only one there he was going to have to try and fight at least maybe he could hold them off and send a signal for everyone else to join him.

Sensing any other power signatures, Piccolo closed his eyes as he headed straight for the island. Why did it have to be today? He started all the way on the lookout and had to fly to one of the southern most islands of the Earth. There was no way he was going to be first, if anyone else had any other way of knowing they would have surely beaten him there and Piccolo could sense at least one power signature that was flying like a bullet towards the island, faster than he was anyway. "Please be on our side." He thought to himself as the unknown power signature moved further and further away but closer and closer to the island.

WC: 588
TWC: 588

Deleted User
Deleted User

June 26th, 2017, 5:17 am #6

Tyga had been angry ever since she had come back alive, so much bullshit had happened and she had died trying to be a hero. A lot of good that did the planet betrayed her, they chose to kill her without mercy as she clinched her fist before slamming it into a wall, such filthy fucking trash heroes. She would never forgive them for their actions, no she could never forgive them, taking her life after she attempted to save the planet, they would all suffer one day for their actions. As she walked the streets she noticed many people staring at TV screens, she was not sure what was being shown but it appeared to be the news.

She began to laugh at the reports of so many dying as her maniacal laughter would fill the area she was in, good these scum didn't need a hero to save them. They deserved to all die and burn to ashes, this entire universe deserved to be sundered into nothingness. Still she was curious how this would turn out, she may even get a chance to get revenge on those who caused her death, maybe that man would be there and she could take advantage and kill him when he least expected it. Playing a false hero could be useful to her as she smiled widely, still she had no idea where this place was.

She began to look around maybe she could find some sort of map for this world, a map that could show her where this island was. She could see two people that seemed to be covering the reactions of the city folk, they appeared to be news reporters this was perfect she could get a answer from them.

"Do you know where this tragedy is taking place, I am not from around these parts so I do not know where this island is."

The pair looked at her oddly she was not from around here would not matter but they would pull out a map and show her as she would smile before taking off blasting into the sky. She would head there right now, time to save the people as a wicked smile crossed her lips. There was no intention to save anyone it was only to appear to be good, no this time she was out for blood and if a chance arose to take one of the heroes out they would die by her hands. They would pay for their actions, how dare they do what they did to her.

Her anger was from more then just the heroes, the memories of her time in the lab, she had to get revenge as she began to manically laugh while flying through the skies, turning to face the sky, yes today would be such a fun day. She would flip around and continue at her fastest speed toward this island, the feeling of death and the smell of blood, ah this was wonderful, the town was being panted red. This was a beautiful sight to behold as she could see the sky burning, so many lives had already been taken.


Brianne de Chateau
Blowin' Up the RPG!
Blowin' Up the RPG!
Brianne de Chateau
Blowin' Up the RPG!
Blowin' Up the RPG!
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June 26th, 2017, 5:19 am #7

Caulifla sighed, it had been days since her meeting with Cabba but her heart still ached, she knew in her heart this was the only choice. He would never go with her choices she may have to make, the tough choices he could not choose so she had been on a drinking binge. She was now inside of a bar drinking a lot of whiskey as she slammed down her twelfth shot, the bartender looking at her before motioning she was cut off. She glared at him as she placed the Zeni on the counter, what did he know she was perfectly fine, she could drink so much more as she stepped outside the bar moving in a tipsy like fashion.

She would walk around the corner as she felt ill before vomiting in the ally beside the bar, she was still angry at what had happened but she had to get it together, as it stood now Cabba could easily stop her if he desired. She had to get stronger and one of the things he said hit her hard was she really jealous of him being this strong, did she feel anger because he was. No, she was sure that was not the case he simply could not see the bigger picture, the fact he still did not wan to kill Frost and realize a universe cant be left without a ruler made her sad.

She had noticed a store front nearby with the tvs showing some sort of footage, was this some sort of movie, no this was the news... something terrible was happening on some islands called the Amenbo Islands. She had no clue where that was but the footage she saw, this was no joke even with her changing she would not let so many innocents die if she had a chance to save their lives, where the hell was this place located though.

She ran toward some nearby people and began to ask but no one really seemed to know, that was until she felt a powerful ki signature coming rapidly past her location, as she looked up she knew who this was it was Cabba and he was in a hurry. He must be heading there, she would suddenly take off and begin to rush after him, he was going so fast but she would not be far behind him.

She would eventually come to his side as she managed to catch up, the look on his face, it was about what she had seen on the news. This of course was the worst day she could have chose to binge drink, however no way she would let that stop her from defending innocent lives as she would speak up to Cabba.

"Are you heading toward that news report, I saw it when I left the bar... I may not be exactly sober but no way I am letting all those innocent lives be lost if I can save them. If I cant save this planet what hope would I have to save our entire universe, let us work together at least this last time, I think we both agree this is important."

She hoped he would agree with her, she was very worried from what she saw on the news, something sinister was going on and whatever it was gave her a bad feeling. What sort of monster would they encounter, she was not sure but one thing she knew is they were up to no good. She could feel the lives vanishing ahead of her, the anger was welling up inside of her, whoever was killing these people would pay with their life as she clinched her fist.

"So many lives.... this is terrible Cabba... I will not allow this to continue... I have not been this mad in a long time, do not try to stop me I wont let anyone live that would cause this suffering to the innocent. Never again will I stand by and let lives be lost, to follow order and rules, I wont allow this to ever happen in front of me again."


Deleted User
Deleted User

June 26th, 2017, 7:18 am #8

The Lookout, a place of pure tranquility and peace yet in this unforgiving time it shall soon become one of the most catastrophic events in earth's history. Up in the clouds where the floating upside down hersey shaped structure laid Dende would be inside the temple practicing a few Dragon Clan based moves that Kami has been teaching him as it was one of his sole purposes of even staying on earth in the first place.

As he would be meditating his eyes slowly opened blinking a few times as his vision was rather vague due to his constant concentration. Dende heard several voices outside the lookout's temple, one sounded like Kami and the other was surely Piccolo, as he listened closely twitching his ears a few times he would then rush outside to see what the situation was.

Before he knew it he would see Piccolo flowing of emitted white aura heightening his speed by doing so as he blasted off in the southern direction for some reason. Dende became completely puzzled as this time life wasn't as encumbered as he usually thought it was, trully he knew something was wrong by Kami's expression, his fist balled up, his eyes widened in the direction Piccolo went in.

Dende ran over to Kami and pulled on his purple rags to get his attention, as Kami looked down he tried to revert his face into more of a smile to assure that Dende wouldn't get what was going on but he instinctively had questions. Dende would stare at Kami worried," Master Kami, what's going on I over heard you and Mr.Piccolo talking about something and know he's just flying off somewhere, is there anything I can do?" he'd ask feeling helpless at the moment.

Kami couldn't bring himself to even say a word to Dende as he didn't want him trying to get into something he isn't ready for yet Dende was still his prodigy so he had to come clean. Kami would then kneel down towards Dende holding his shoulders to prepare him for what he's about to say," Look Dende, this isn't easy for me to say however there are evil beings causing destruction in a city off coast in the south and we've may have to suspect these are the androids, I ..ive used my far sight ability and ive seen them.. humans have been already killed know and we must find them a put a stop to this before something else occurs, I wasn't able to actually see them but I saw the people being completely beaten" he'd say having a bit of fear in his tone.

Dende was baffled to hear that the androids may be behind the destruction of a city, innocent people dying by the hands of these fiends" Master Kami, what can I do to help keep everyone alive and safe!" he'd say with his fist balled up as he didn't want to appear as some bystander. Kami simply shook his head down from side to side not allowing this to happen," Your abilities leave you defenseless on your own, you cannot help the others in this battle, but you must stay alive, they'll need your help to heal there wounds along with leading them some day as the god you'll soon become my student, it's a burden staying up here and not on the frontlines but your better up here than down there, trust me Dende" he'd say getting up and looking off into the distant.

Dende honestly wanted to cry but he didn't even though he wasn't able to be side by side with his companions just yet he would still try his best to give faith to the power of the heros of this era, his passive like abilities were his specialty so if anyone was of need in being healed he was perfectly able to do so. Dende nodded at Kami walking away from he would then stand at the edge of the platform looking in the direction where Piccolo flown off to he then gazed down at the clouds having his hands cuffed in his lap he would close his eyes speaking mentally in his head," Heros.. protect them.. protect the people from these tyrants, you've became victorious countless times so keep doing what you do best, keep each other safe as well, please.." he'd say having his palms clenched together.

WC: 715

Deleted User
Deleted User

June 26th, 2017, 3:30 pm #9

Cooler had been training on a nearby island when he caught wind of the explosions. Narrowing his eyes, he realized that something was going on, and considering the gathering of Ki Signatures near the area where the explosions were coming from, he realized that this was something big. Whatever was going on, he decided he should get involved as it would not only be a test of his new abilities, but it would allow him to also potentially meet up with the fighters of this world. Deciding he should get involved, he powered up and took off towards the island where the explosions were coming from.

As he got closer, he could pick up the unmistakable Ki Signature of Caulifla, the Saiyan woman he had been intimately close to. He didn't know why she was here, but he had to guess she was also checking out what was going on with these explosions. He could sense the lives being lost in this attack, and felt that he would need to make sure that this was taken care of before it became too much of a problem. Attacks like this shouldn't be allowed to take place, not when he had the power to put an end to it.

He finally arrived at the island, and found a tall cliff to observe things from in peace, making sure to keep his Ki Signature suppressed so that nobody could sense his presence. He saw the explosions, and the destruction being wrought on this island. The strangest thing was that he couldn't sense the beings responsible for this destruction, since he knew these violent acts were the result of Ki attacks of some kind. Either they could hide their Ki Signatures in any circumstance, or they were unable to be detected for some unknown reason. Any of these scenarios was bad.

Deciding to get a closer look, he took off and landed in the city, some place close to the source of the destruction, but in a way that would obscure his presence by hiding in the shadows of one of the city's many alleys so he observe everything that goes on. If Earth's fighters had faced off against his brother, they likely wouldn't take kindly to his presence on Earth, and as such he would have to take careful steps to avoid making them an enemy at a time that wasn't beneficial. He still had so much to do, after all.

"I'm curious to see who is making such a commotion. Do not disappoint me, I'm looking for an adequate test of my abilities" Cooler mumbled to himself as he made sure to keep his Ki suppressed so he couldn't be detected. He would have liked to have his Armored Squadron with him, but alas he sent them on more information gathering runs and they wouldn't make it here in time. While that was disheartening, he was stronger than all three of them, so they wouldn't be needed even with the amazing teamwork and coordination they had.

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June 26th, 2017, 11:44 pm #10

Anyone near the island would feel another source of ki energy rocketing towards the small piece of land at high speeds. Said source of ki energy arrived over the island's skies in a trail of blue ki and shot towards the city flying right pass the two saiyans levitating in the sky completely ignoring them. He had bigger things to worry about then having a chit chat with others right now. He was aiming to go for the source of it, but according to the rest of the z-fighters androids don't have ki energy to sense. It seems that in order to find the culprits, he would need to follow the source.

Not long ago, he was in his school in West City. It the middle of morning classes before his phone gave him the alert about the news broadcast. Normally, he would ignore such alerts during class, but it was one of those unproductive classes that he was in. Lucky for him or otherwise he would have known about the attack. He was gonna get Saturday detention, but that didn't matter right now.

The sight and sound of a nearby explosion would grab his attention instantly. "Is that where the androids are? I'll have to check myself to find out." Yuki said thinking out loud before rocketing off towards the source of the explosion. He probably should wait for the other Z-fighters to show up in order to have back up, but he couldn't afford to wait any longer. Not with so many people dying. Bastards. What purpose was there killing people who had no way of defending themselves?!

Yuki arrived at the source within seconds to find a few buildings to be engulfed in flames and the cries of innocents filling the skies. Yuki looked to be relaxed with his neutral expression, but in reality was becoming VERY pissed off. So much that he almost pierced his skin while clenched his fists. He was on the west side of the island right now and there were flames on the north west from his view point. He will have to deal with this first before moving towards the others.

Rocketing towards the nearest building, he would enter through one of the windows and search for anyone still alive by sensing or their ki. The fire did little to stop him, but he was having trouble seeing through the flames.

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