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[list=1] [*] Have fun!
[*] Respect the staff and their decisions.
[*] Respect other members and their work.
[*] Do not cheat or plagiarize your work. [This includes copying previously written work and pasting it here on Summit]
[*] Do not Godmod and act invincible every time you get in a fight.
[*] Write until your heart's content
[*] If you have an issue with someone on the site, contact a Mod or Admin immediately.
[*] Harassment will not be tolerated in threads or in cbox.
[*] If you have a question, we encourage you to ask it.
[*] We run this site with a three strike system. First issue you will get talked to. Second time is a final warning and 24 hour ban. Third strike, you're out.
[*] If you are unsure about anything else, please contact an admin. We are easy going and understanding. [/list]
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