The Royal Wedding - April 26th

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Estelle's eyes followed Eleanor's back to where Richard was stood. They striked Estelle as an odd, yet functional, couple. Who was Estelle to judge? She was an American widow, who happened to have so much money she could buy herself a new beau, yet she was at a Royal Wedding with no date, and working! She was nonetheless happier for Eleanor and Richard. Estelle noticed how busy the Abbey was becoming as Eleanor spoke, taking the words right out of the American's mouth. "You just took the words from my mouth, darlin'." Estelle made sure her hair was in position by prodding it with an index finger.

"Then I shall take mine. Goodbye Eleanor." Estelle nodded at Eleanor, wearing a simple smile upon her face. It was almost time to start work, and the nerves began building up again. Estelle's simple smile turned into a large, toothy one as Eleanor gave, yet again, another confidence boost to her. "Thanks, darlin', I sure will see you there." Estelle bid farewell to Eleanor again before wandering off to find her designated seat, which was no doubt next to a woman who would sing ahead of everyone else at the mass hymns while being out of key or next to a man who would sweat profoundly and cause a stench so bad it would have Estelle wanting to gag. When Estelle found her seat it was a relief to find a young woman, possibly a two to three years younger than Estelle, occupying the space next to her. "Hello." Estelle raised her dress as she side stepped into the pew, letting it drop once she sat down.

Inside of her purse were several sheets of paper that had been folded over and three small pens. Estelle removed them and tested each one, preparing for when she needed to use them - no pen could go dry during this event or she would have nothing to report back to Sir Richard with. All pens ago, Estelle waited eagerly for the remainder of people to take their seats and for the ceremony to begin.

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Jeff nodded in agreement when Edith, tilting his head as she then answered his question about the royal family. His eyes lit up immediately when she said that not only had she been presented to the king and queen, but had also danced with the groom at her debutante ball. “You danced with the prince? I had no idea who I was dealing with.” he teased. In the beginning, he had felt so terribly out of her league—they came from two completely different worlds. He still felt that way to a certain extent, but whatever lapses in confidence he occasionally had were overshadowed by his faith in their love and the life they’d started to build together.

“That must have really been something. Were you nervous?” He tried to picture her at the ball—lovely, of course—a bit younger, but every bit as elegant and graceful as she was now. The traditions they had in England really did seem like something out of a book or a fairy tale. When he was eighteen, he faintly remembered escorting some girl to his high school dance, but that was a pretty ordinary American experience. He wondered if Ella would do ‘the Season’, as he knew it was called. The idea made him proud but also apprehensive—for the time being, he was glad she was just a baby.

He looked up as Edith’s cousin, Lizzy, approached and he smiled, nodding his head in greeting. “Hello, Lizzy.” His eyes shifted to the older, graying man who approached—Carlisle, he recalled Edith mentioning, the newspaperman who had been engaged to Mary. He didn't claim to know much of the man, but there was something about his demeanor that he wasn't exactly comfortable with. Edith seemed unfazed and she knew him better than he did, so he wasn't too worried. “Of course.” He smiled as she kissed his cheek and squeezed her hand, watching briefly before turning back to Lizzy. “How have you been? I hope well?”

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Lizzy grinned greatly, when greeted by Edith, making sure to also smile at Jeff as well, as he greeted her. "Why thank you dear.. So does yours, you do have great taste" Her eyes glanced over at Jeff, as if to compliment her taste in men as well. He was American after all.
Acting like she was perfectly fine had become a habit a long time ago. While she was married it was a necessity and in a way it was now too. It hadn't been that long since Theo left and even though it didn't leave her heartbroken, she was still saddened by it. It was only The Duke's betrayal that had even been enough for her to give up the facade. But now that was behind her and she had no trouble smiling. Lizzy had always felt more energized with people around her, it made her happy and too occupied to worry about herself, and now was no exception.

The small group was approached by Sir Richard Carlisle, only shortly as he stole away Edith. It was no secret that Lizzy had never liked him, at least not since he treated Mary the way that he did. Lizzy might not be all that fond of Mary, but she was still family and that still mattered, no matter how distant.
That left her and her sons with Jeff and Amelia, which was great company as well.
"As well as can be" She answered with another smile. That was the truth, she was as well as a woman who had just been robbed of a dear friend and who was cut off from the man she loved, could be. That was just a more polite way of saying so, without having to explain it all. And with her sons on her arms, she wouldn't want to discuss it anyway. George excused himself, when he caught the eye of some of his friends. Lizzy let him go and leaned a bit more on Paul in stead. "You are well too I hope, and the twins as well" Lizzy gestured to the both of them, when she spoke. To her children were not a thing that should be seen and not heard, like others did. Children had just as much of a right to be heard as adults did.

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