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General Rules

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COURTESY Please exercise courtesy and tolerance with others both in and out of the game. Common RPG courtesy rules apply here.

GRAMMAR, spelling and punctuation are extremely important.

QUALITY Hurried, poorly thought-out posts are not acceptable. Do your best work. Also, keep posts above a two-paragraph minimum.

DEVOTION Once you take on a role, it's important to follow through. Stay true to the character, be mindful of his/her thoughts and traits, and allow yourself to be entirely devoted to each.

ACCURACY Your character(s) are highly expected to look/behave/think/speak according to their era, location and station.

PERMISSION If you have life-altering ideas for your character(s), it is necessary to ask an admin first. While you control their fates, the administration has final say on major events.

CHARACTERS You may apply for up to five characters, but they must be balanced between noble/service and canon/original. It is preferred that you occupy a canon before an original.

--You must be active and have 10 in-character posts before creating a new character
--Until further notice, there is a ban on new "upstairs" original characters. We need to fill our open canons, and we need original Downton staff members!

REGISTER with your nickname and not a character name when applying for a canon. When you are accepted to play a character, your name will be changed by an admin.

INACTIVE characters will be archived after a month of in-character inactivity. A reminder will be sent out after two weeks of in-character inactivity.


- When starting a thread, be sure to title and tag. The title goes in the "Topic Title" and the tag goes in the "Title Description".

- To tag is to invite someone into your thread. If the thread is meant to be a free-for-all, simply write "Open" in the title description. If you want a more intimate thread, simply tag the character(s) you'd like to involve. For example, in the title description you would type, "Tag: Matthew and Sir Richard"

- Please remember that it is very difficult to keep a secret at Downton Abbey. There are ears everywhere. So, if you have a secret you'd like to be overheard by someone just type, "Tag: Thomas, open to one eavesdropper" or something along that line. Or, if you'd like people passing through your thread but not staying to chat, simply type, "Tag: Edith, open to passersby". It's more fun and enhances the RP experience to create opportunities for others to join in on some level.

- If it's not allowed in the series, it's not allowed here. Even language OOC.

- Stay true to canon.

- Do not ever write out another person's actions. This is referred to as godmoding and will not be tolerated.

- Stay well above the two-paragraph mark.

- Weaknesses and trials, everyone has them. Your characters should not be exempt.


- Signatures must be roughly 250x500 pixels, but I'll allow some wiggle room.

- Avatars must be exactly 200x300 pixels