Azahara :: Dragonriders vs elves


7:32 PM - Aug 10, 2016 #1
From rags to riches and back again
After their homeland was destroyed, the dwarves: killed a god, made an all-powerful sword out of its heart, mind-controlled the queen of dragons and created a curse that bound dragons to serve them for eternity.... With their massive army of dragon riders the dwarves of Keshangor took over a good half of the world and now live comfortably off tribute from the hapless villages they conquered. The elves of Oslangamil weren't too happy about the death of their tree-god, so they have been at war with Keshangor for over two thousand years.

This war (predictably) resulted in both kingdoms being reduced to ashes and now there is talk about the younger races rising to take their place in this shattered world.

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