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After only a couple of days, Arielle’s wrist had healed completely due to her being a werewolf. She was blessed with an increased rate of healing, which made her happy because it meant she didn’t have to work at hiding the bandage for long. It also allowed her to hunt again, and be able to dig through the rubble of Deadtown without it hurting.

There had to be something useful in this rundown town. Arielle knew plenty of people had gone through it, but there had to be something left that could be used to build a tent. So far, none of the wood had been a good size or shape, or had simply been too rotten. What Arielle was hoping for was some lightweight metal and cloth. The tent would have to be carried when the Raiders moved, after all.

Without thinking, she picked up a rotten beam and tossed it aside while continuing to dig through the pile. The beam looked much too large for someone her size to be able to lift, but it took her only a moderate amount to move it. Since she arrived in Door, it was nice not having to hide her strength; it seemed a lot of people had their own differences from regular humans, which simply made her one of many instead of a freak.

“I think I found some cloth,” Arielle said quietly, tugging on a corner of what looked like the end of a brown colored tarp. There was still a pile of stuff on top of it. “I-if it’s in good shape, we could use it, but, um, I still don’t know what we can use to hold it up.”