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The Player

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Is this character from somewhere else? Where? Yes. Modified from another board I play on to see how this character will deal with being in such a strange and different place.

The Character

Name:Myka Schade
Faction:To be determined by RP
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Blue
Celebrity Playby:Emma Stone
General Description:
    A little on the petite size, don't let her fragile look fool you. She small but powerful. With a somewhat average height and weight for a human woman she's not exactly exceptional. She has muscle tone but not bulk or hard definition. She has the right curves in the right places for a woman, even if she might prefer she had more in the boobage department. Back home a Wonder Bra would take care of that. Here, though, it would be more challenging.

    Typically you can find her dressed for the job, biker boots or combat boots, dark jeans, and a vintage rock concert t-shirt with a black leather jacket over that. That flaming red hair of hers is usually pulled up in a ponytail or left to lay in the shaggy layers around her face. Fierce blue eyes can go from dancing and jolly to icy and cold in a heartbeat. A few freckles dot here and there over the bridge of her nose and cheeks and her mouth is usually going. She tends to talk a lot, and it's usually something smart assed or sarcastic.
Distinguishing Features:
* Scar on her neck that looks like a jagged bite that's healed over
* Tattoo on her left butt cheek that is of a heart between two smoking pistols and some vine work and roses around it
* anti-possession tattoo on her lower right pelvic area
* double pierced ears
* various small scars from fights over the years but nothing too significant
* ambidextrous - can use her right and left hands equally well.
    * Booze (except vodka)
    * Men (love 'em and leave 'em type of gal)
    * classic rock music
    * The Beatles
    * challenges
    * computer hacking
    * making a difference
    * saving people (innocents)
    * nerdy fangirl stuff (Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, comic books in general, Lord of the Rings, etc)
    * shooting
    * hand to hand fighting
    * reading
    * gadgets (having them and creating them)
    * Camping
    * The woods
    * Vodka
    * Monsters
    * Demons
    * Ghosts, etc...
    * clowns
    * snakes
    * mushy romantic relationship stuff (mostly cause she's scared of it)
    * Being where there's no wifi
    * not being able to solve a problem
    * To find her way back home
    * make vampires extinct (it's a revenge-y thing)
    * to live to see 35
    * Getting close to someone and getting hurt (them leaving, them dying, etc..)
    * vampires
    * painful death
    * losing her soul
    * failing to save someone
General Personality:
Sassy, brassy, and a little smart-assy. That's the surface Myka that she likes everyone to see. She's quick with the sarcasm or pithy remark and doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks of her. She likes to appear as somewhat shallow and not caring about anything or anyone too much. Sure she's easy to get along with and could make for a great drinking buddy but not the gal you turn to for deep seated emotional needs. This facade is one she typically keeps up.

But if you were to go deeper you might see the depth of her emotions and feelings and realize what a farce that devil may care attitude she shows on the outside is. You might see that even though she comes across as fearless, deep down a lot of things frighten her. She is, however, far too stubborn to let that stop her. In her mind, to show these things would be to reveal a weakness and in her life she has learned the hard way that appearing weak was like blood in the water to the things that liked to kill humans.

She also tends to be a massive flirt with just about anything of the male gender, even sometimes jokingly with the female gender, even if her interests rest solely with those that possess the Y chromosome. She appears to be shallow and fickle with her emotions and in most cases to not have any deep emotions. She's more likely to have multiple flings and then leave town if things started to get too serious. Being in Door will prove to be quite the challenge when it comes to that though. She's not above flirting to get what she wants either, information, access into places she normally might not have access to, etc.. Being a flirt is simply in her nature.

But again, this is just scratching the surface. Underneath it all, even though it scares her, she wants to be loved. She wants to have those epic romances that she has read about in her books and seen in her movies, but she knows it's stupid and improbably so why look for something that's just going to crush you in the end. She's had a lot of bad luck with losing those she cares about and seen enough ugly, violent, and evil in the world to think that anything can last. It would take a patient and/or determined man to break through those barriers.

Carpe Deim is her motto. Seize the day because in her line of work people tend to die young and bloody. In her view of things you might as well enjoy everything you can, when you can, while you can. It tends to make her somewhat impulsive.
Important Inventory:
*twin Desert Eagle .45's
* two clips of wooden tipped bullets that have been soaked in dead man's blood
* two clips of silver bullets
* Bowie knife
* iPhone (for all the good it'll do her here)
* Locket with family's picture and Guardian's picture in it
* silver flask with bourbon in it
* plastic bottle of Holy Water
For the first eight years of her life things were normal. She was the youngest of four children in a happy family. Her mother stayed at home and raised the kids while her father was an investment banker. They had family dinners, school, ballet practice, Temple, etc. It was the American Dream. They lived in a big house in a nice neighborhood and had all the latest toys and gadgets. But the summer of her eighth year things changed. Everything changed.

They were on a camping trip in the Catskills. The first few days were fun; identifying plants and trees and seeing wildlife that they didn't get to see in the suburbs. They went fishing and grilled the fish over the campfire. But the third night things changed. People came to their campsite and at first they seemed alright if a little scary looking in their denim and leather jackets. But within fifteen minutes there were screams that filled the air. She saw her family torn apart and murdered. She tried to hide in the tent under a sleeping bag but they found her. She heard one of them say they wanted a child and this was the only way they could have one. There was some argument outside the tent and she remained quiet as a mouse.

It didn't matter though because in seconds the tent was ripped in two and the man and woman were standing over her. They had blood all over their faces and sharp teeth showed on the male. He snagged her up and no matter how much she thrashed and twisted and hit and clawed he never dropped her but he did growl at her. The woman seemed delighted by her behavior and laughed with delight. They took her back to the house by the lake where they kept her for three days. She was shackled to a bed in a room with toys and dolls and all things girlish. There were photos there of the family that had lived there before. Her room was the only one that had a window that wasn't boarded up. For three days and nights she refused to eat or speak. They tried to force her and the cuteness of having a child seemed to be wearing off for the woman. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the bodies of her family and in a terror of fear and sorrow she curled up in the middle of the bed and didn't move.

The fourth day brought something different. She heard the ruckus outside and the shouting. There was something different about it. Things crashed and walls were thumped. When it all went quiet her door opened and with the sunlight streaming in on her she saw the man in the doorway holding the bow pulled tight and ready to let the arrow fly. He hesitated as he looked at her and saw her gauntness and the sunlight on her red hair and pale skin. She was dirty and starved and had tear streaks on her cheeks but it was clear that she was not a vampire.

The man took her with him. Explained he was a good guy, "more or less" - as he said it. She didn't speak for a long time still. She was took traumatized. Knowing her family was dead and not knowing what to do with the kid the hunter took her with him. She reminded him of the daughter he once had. And so her new life began.

Over the next few months he finally coaxed her into speaking. It was the chocolate bars he'd bring her. He would go out and disappear for long periods of time as they traveled around but he always brought her back a chocolate bar each time. Eventually she began to linger as he worked on his old Dodge Charger and he'd subtly get her to help by handing her this or that to hold and eventually it made her curious.

It wasn't the life she had known. It wasn't perfect. But it became a comfortable routine. Overtime he taught her things like how to fix a car, how to use a gun and a bow and a knife and the proper care for each. He taught her how to defend herself in hand to hand tussles as well. He taught her about monsters when she began to ask about them. She'd already been exposed to the horrors and ugliness so Ron thought she had the right to know the truth and to know how to protect herself. Especially when he was out on hunts. Over the years she became his research girl. She would pour over books and then websites once she got her first computer. She learned everything she could in school and applied it to their life when she could. She was always better at shop class than home ec but where she really shined was in computer lab. She took to it like a duck to water. Everything about computers just seemed to fit together in her mind like a jigsaw puzzle snapping into place.

Despite being a good student where the work was concerned she had disciplinary issues. While it was common sport to pick on the new kid in school they weren't ready when the mousey little redhead took on the biggest bullies and set them on their asses. Fighting was typically frowned upon by the school administrators. Her smart assed comments and come backs to them were even more frowned upon.

But where Ron really began to get grey hairs was when puberty kicked in and caught up to her. A late bloomer, it was in high school's later years that the boys teased her less and courted her more. He chased off more than one from the various motels they would stay at in their travels. They would yell and argue with one another but eventually they forgave each other. She knew it was just Ron and her against the world.

She met various other hunters over the years in her guardian's work. She'd assist with research and of course pout when they wouldn't let her come along on the hunts. She tried to defy them once and that was when her fear of clowns came along. They were in Eastern Utah investigating a report of a monster eating Ute tribes persons. She defied them and went after the creature herself. It turned out to be a Siat, a cannibalistic clown monster. Of course she found out too late as she'd been strung up in a cave to be saved for a later feast. By luck alone Ron had found her notes from her research and he and the hunter that was with him found her in time and killed the monster with the help of the charm the Ute medicine man had given them.

After that he never had to fight with her to stay at the motel.

She provided them with fake IDs and other hunters as well. She tracked patterns and leads and eventually graduated high school. She never went to college though. Over the years she'd come to think of Ron as her father. He was the only family she had. He was patient with her and had his own way of getting her to do what was right and best for her. Things were great until a few months ago when he went out on a hunt and never came back. She waited for days. Days turned into weeks. She tracked his cellphone and found his body.

It took her a long time but she was able to build a pyre for him and send him off in traditional hunter's fashion, burning his body to prevent him becoming a ghost or rising again as a monster.

Heart broken she wandered a while, here and there, taking on odd jobs as a mechanic or helping other hunters. She she packed up the Charger and headed to Willow Valley, Arizona to look into information she'd gotten that could be a lead on the vampire that killed her family all those years ago.

She found a nest alright but it wasn't the one she was looking for. It didn't matter. The only good vampire was a dead, dead one in her mind. She found them in an abandoned warehouse and as she was giving chase to one through doors she found herself in a solid white room with a red door. Despite feeling the hairs on her arms stand and a chill run down her spine she readied her gun that was loaded with vampire poisoning bullets and barged through the door, ready to shoot. As the door slammed behind her she looked around and found herself in a cell. The red door was there but it would not open.

RP Sample:
    Okay so she might have dragged her feet a little, for a very short while, forcing her steps through the ingrained fear of the freakin clown on the door. Her concern for the little girl was greater than her own fear and she knew it. She caught glimpses of the man she assumed was the kid's father as he slipped through the Funhouse doors and cussed again. Great. Even more civilians to deal with. She wouldn't let him get in her way though. This monster was going down tonight. No more kids were gonna be taken from this place or their families.

    There was hesitation again as she paused before crossing the threshold of the Funhouse, having flirted her way past the boy taking tickets and giving him her 'number' which was really just the number to the local Pizza Palace. "Dammit Dammit dammit." she hissed under her breath again and stepped in, fighting off the thought of being eaten by a giant clown.

    What time she lost in all her hesitation and fighting down the fear and panic outside the funhouse she made up for once she was inside. She took a moment at the moving stairs, her brain timing and calculating the rise and fall of the steps like she would a video game and nimbly she hopped across them, her smaller feet giving her an advantage as she hopped from one up step to the next.

    She hopped to the end and landed in a crouch, effectively ducking the blow of air and seeing the floor under the cloud of manufactured smoke from her lower vantage point. Moving and staying low she crouched as she moved through the sandbags, pivoting and standing as she was clear of the smoke, pulling out the thin silver looking stiletto from her boot she moved forward quickly. The blade had ancient Germanic markings along it, a loaner from a collector of odd antiques. Well he didn't know she'd borrowed it yet. He'd been a little distracted the night before and was probably still buzzing for landing a chick half his age. But it was worth it if it helped her take out this thing. A Ratten­fängerhaus if she was right.

    It was the creature that the legends of the Pied Piper were based off of. A trickster that offered a service and then took the children when the debt wasn't paid. It was a ruse, the service part, the creature knowing that the payment would never come but leaving the people with such guilt that they typically didn't come after him. They mourned and blamed themselves for not having watched their children better. All that delicious suffering only made the pay offs sweeter. The thing sucking the life force that was so strong from the children and leaving them a husk of themselves, dried out and shriveled. This blade was supposedly the only thing that could kill it but she had her doubts about that. Still, better safe than sorry.

    She heard the music start and the sounds of the giggle up ahead, sprinting towards the sound, coming up short as she stepped into the threshold of the room of mirrors and seeing the father person. She just looked at him with the stiletto in hand as the scream filled the room and the man shouted the little girl's name. Rushing him as he tried to pull his gun and rush toward a mirror she took him down in a full tackle, rolling with him til she landed on top of him, the stiletto pressed to his throat, and looked down, a serious look on her face. "You wanna save her? You follow my lead. You break those mirrors and we'll never get to her. Got it?""

    She knew that everything in the creature's lair was designed to disorient and confuse. It's why it brought it's victims here after all. Spelled glass protected the thing's feeding grounds, concealed behind one of the mirrors. If one was shattered then the doorway and gateway would be lost until the thing reappeared again somewhere else. She panted a little as she looked down at the man and took in his features. If this were another setting she might have had other plans with what to do with him all pinned underneath her. As it was she was having a hard time resisting the urge to just kiss him. Screw it, she thought and pressed a kiss to his lips anyway, short but passionate, pulling back with a grin, hoping that shocked him enough to make him see some sense. You only lived once after all and if she was gonna die on this hunt then she'd die with a smile. "Come on, let's go save your little girl.", she said as she sprung to her feet and offered a hand down to him.

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