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Neve barely stopped herself from heaving a great sigh of relief when Elizabeth Donald walked through the door to the little infirmary. She could handle Alex, didn't mind him all that much really, but there was something so comforting about Elizabeth's mere presence. Not only that, but it meant she was no longer the ranking (only) Red Collar in the room and that made things shift firmly out of "Neve's Fault" territory.

The petite little half blood shifted closer to Elizabeth, not relaxing in the least as she sent mutinous looks at the two Blue Flame subjects that Iolanta had brought with her. Peons? Minions? She was sure there were more words that could define the sycophants that worshiped at the beautiful Fae woman's feet. It was all just a bit creepy to Neve's way of thinking, why would anyone want that many people fawning over them? All that attention and expectation? Crazy. Wide eyes snapped back to Elizabeth and she asked what was going on. Better that Neve tell the story as she was the only one that had been there through the majority of it.

"Morning, ma'am." She smiled and swallowed nervously as most eyes in the room swung her way. "I saw something a little ways from the border, out in the desert. Something that turned out to be a rather large Fae man with wings. Real wings, feathers and all! He was really bad off and I couldn't get him back, so I ran back to town and found Clive. He went and got Jo while I ran here and sent people off for Sheriff Cunningham and sent for water while I got the room ready. Sheriff got here right before Clive did. I pulled out the burn salve and sent Clive for Blue Flame. Jo woke up for a moment, made his wings disappear and then Blue Flame got here and I sent for the Red Collar big guns. Needed things even-like in here."

Neve took a deep breath as she finished speaking, having done the whole speech rather quickly and in one breath. It made her feel a bit dizzy, truth to tell, and she sucked in another breath of air, looking up at Elizabeth with wide blue eyes and a hopeful expression. She didn't want to repeat that and she certainly didn't want to get yelled at for calling for her superiors after she'd called for the Sheriff and the Blue Flame people. Then again, they had been needed and there wasn't much Alex or Hunter could have done in this situation. Well, Hunter would have probably been rude to Blue Flame, he usually was.