F&W Goebel Doll?

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F&W Goebel Doll?

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11 Sep 2017, 01:44 #1

I just found this fantastic, beautiful painted bisque, all original German doll.  I cannot make out her mold numbers under her beautiful yarn hair.   Thinking the first number to the left if the mold number, perhaps it's a 46???  the second number I think is just the size 4/0.  The mold number would lead me to believe that she is a F&W Goebel doll, but all other mold marks I would expect with their dolls, are not there.  Perhaps she's any early one?  The funny mark in the middle of her head, not sure if that's a marking or some left over paint or bisque.   Along her neck in the back it says "made in Germany".  Anyone have any idea who made this lovely dollie? Thanks.

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12 Sep 2017, 16:51 #2

i think it would be good to pull the hair away a bit more and see if there is more to that number on the left.  i can find no reference of goebel having made this doll but will do more research.  great doll!