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Chloe Cuddle is a 12 year old crossbreed who came into the care of the Oldies Club with her daughter Amber, aged 9, after their owner died. Amber is the smaller reddish dog, and she is a little nervous and needs to be given some time to settle. Chloe is the larger golden girl and she is more confident. They are nice calm dogs who enjoy gentle walks and company.

Took a while to settle: The poor old Cuddles were alone in their house for several days after the unexpected death of their owner, and then they had to move long distance to an Oldies Club foster home. All together it was a very worrying time for them, with lots of change to cope with, so it’s not surprising it took them a while to settle in afterwards. With a bit of luck it should be much easier for them to settle in their new home, but their new owners should be prepared for them to need some time before they relax and settle in. Amber in particular is sensitive, and tends to panic if alarmed.

Amber Cuddle needs time to get to trust her people: To begin with, Amber was alarmed by things like a familiar person putting on a hat or a new coat. She didn’t seem to recognise her foster carers in unfamiliar clothes, and on one occasion panicked and ran away after managing to get under a gate. But if you are the right owner for Amber, you’ll be prepared to be cautious and gentle for a couple of weeks until you have gained her trust, and then you will have a very happy cuddly little dog who will do everything you ask.

Good with other dogs: Amber and Chloe are living with a very elderly dog and a young bouncy dog in their foster home, with no problems. Chloe loves meeting other dogs out on walks! She can be a little over-enthusiastic about approaching with a happy cry of ‘WOO!’ which some more nervous dogs can find a little alarming, though she means no harm. Amber is a little more reserved with strange dogs, but will play with Chloe and the younger dog in her foster home.

Living with cats, good with livestock: Chloe and Amber are living with five cats in their foster home. They have shown no inclination to chase unfamiliar cats, sheep, goats, pigs or horses. Chloe does think wild rabbits are interesting and will gallumph after them, although she isn’t likely to catch one!

Best in an adult home: Although Amber and Chloe have met children out and about and have not reacted to their company, and would probably be fine with visiting grandchildren, Amber can be growly when she is startled and is worried by people coming and going from her house. For this reason, we feel that Amber would be best in a home without resident children.

Need someone around most of the time The Cuddles’ experience when their previous owner died has left them quite worried about being left alone. They are not destructive or messy in the house, but they may howl and become upset. This has been improving, and they have been left for 3-4 hours in their foster home, but it would be best if they went to a home that can work on this gradually rather than needing to leave them every day.

Enjoy gentle walks: Chloe can be walked off lead, although sometimes she is a little slow coming when called if she sees a dog she’d like to meet. She loves to sniff, and will happily trundle along for a mile or so. She does sometimes pull quite hard on the lead at the start of a walk, but soon calms down.
Amber may panic initially if surprised and try to back out of her collar. She needs to be walked with caution until she gets her confidence up. However, once she settles in, Amber becomes a different dog! She becomes a very reliable offlead walking dog, and she loves her walks! You only have to say her name and she instantly whisks back to your heel, and if you stop for a rest she will snuggle up to you for company. Amber is excellent on the lead, once she trusts you, you can barely tell she’s there.

Good in the car: Chloe adores car travel, and will always rush to the car in the hope of a ride. Amber is quite happy in the car too. They sit quietly and look out of the windows.

Favourite pastimes: Amber is a snuggler, and loves to snooze in a snuggly bed with walls that she can cuddle up in, or on a chair with arms. She loves walks and will bounce about happily squeaking when you get the lead out. Chloe enjoys paddling, tummy rubs and naps.

Grooming Chloe has a very thick fluffy coat which is surprisingly low-maintenance. It does need a good brush every week or so, and occasional trimming around her back end. Amber’s coat is not quite so thick and is easy to care for.

Perfect home: Amber and Chloe would like a quiet home where they are not left for too long. Amber would really love to be allowed on the sofa (not allowed in her foster home!) although a comfy dog bed would do. Amber seems to prefer women to men, although her previous owner was a man.

Health notes: Chloe is in excellent health for her age. She has just a little arthritis starting in her front legs, but this is not serious and requires no treatment apart from regular gentle walking to keep her active. Chloe is vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Chloe is thought to be spayed, although Oldies Club will pay for her to be spayed if this turns out to be incorrect. Chloe was rather overweight, and has become slimmer and fitter in her foster home. She need an eye kept on her diet to prevent her piling on the pounds again!

Amber came into Oldies Club care with a very large growth on one back leg. The growth was not definitely cancerous, but it was red, tender, and large enough to affect her ability to walk. It was already too big to remove without amputating the leg. On vet advice, Oldies Club made the decision that it would be safest to remove the leg and the growth. It’s not possible to be absolutely certain with this type of growth that the problem has been completely removed, but an X-ray showed no sign that the problem had spread, and Amber is doing very well as a three-legged dog, and can run and enjoy life. If the growth does reoccur, then Oldies Club will pay for any further treatment that is needed as a result of this problem.

Amber has a tendency to a delicate tummy, and is being fed Naturediet (a wet food) to help control this. Chloe seems to be happy with any food!
Amber is neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated, and will be vaccinated before she goes to her forever home.

Foster carer’s summary of Amber and Chloe: “Chloe is just a lovely old teddybear. She likes to rub her face on your legs and has such a happy grin. Amber was such a shy dog to begin with but she has flowered into a happy little girl who is so eager to please. ”

Video of the girls -

If you can offer Amber and Chloe a permanent home, please refer to our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Amber and Chloe can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, subject to a satisfactory home visit, but note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet him.