Here is a unique opportunity to join BUNT a 24 team league starting its 32nd season.

Minor Leaguer (Rookie Ball)
Minor Leaguer (Rookie Ball)
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2:03 PM - Dec 27, 2017 #1

What makes this opportunity unique?  We lost 6 managers in the course of the past year due to work and health and life issues.  The teams available range from playoff contenders to a team that probably won't be a serious contender for years to come.  Rather than saddle a new manager with that team, we are planning on holding a redistribution draft in mid January consisting of all the players on those 6 teams drafted by the 6 new managers.  This would be a snake draft 1 thru 6 then 6 thru 1.

Some of the players available include Altuve, Springer, Severino, Weiters, Turner, Bell, Clevinger and those are just who I can remember off the top of my head.  All told there are enough quality players to give each of the 6 new owners a solid foundation to build upon.  After this draft ends, the regular draft will begin in which teams can expand to 35 players, 5 of whom can be uncarded or off disk players (some of which will be available in the redistribution draft).

Some things about our league.  There is no fee to join and no prize money - we play for fun and pride.  162 game schedule.  Players are limited to actual PA for position players, GS for starting pitchers and IP for relievers and starter/relievers.  Overused players are not lost but cannot be used again in the season and will cause penalty points to be awarded.  Too many penalty points can cause loss of your top draft pick.

Games are played monthly and mps and stats are uploaded to a private yahoo group.

If you want to join a fun and active league that has been around for a long time, contact me at