2015 AGP Database Progress

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2015 AGP Database Progress

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17 Feb 2015, 15:52 #1

The 2015 AGP version will be over 4500 players. There will be two separate databases. One covering players from 1880's to 1969 plus about 100 Negro League Players.  The second database will be players from 1969 to date (but very few active players). The Post69 database will also include about 75 Japanese Players.  Basically, all of the players that are offered in the on-line game will be offered in these two databases.  If you want to see who the players will be you can go to the Imagine Sports site at:

 http://imaginesports.com/bball?Catalog=Career (note you need an account at Imagine Sports to view this link)

Once there you can click on Reference and then scroll down to Classic Player and Salary List.  You can also use the search Hitter and search Pitchers function on their main page.

Regarding player ratings and player windows, since 2006,  Imagine Sports has been constantly tweaking and revising both player windows and player ratings.  For the most part, the ratings and windows will be similar to those from the 2006 AGP.  However, there have been numerous changes over the last 9 years and those changes will be reflected in this new release version.

I do not yet have any details on the prices of these databases.  However, there will be some sort of discount for previous owners of the 2006 AGP database.  There may also be some discount if you purchase both databases at the same time.

I do not have any information on when the 2015 AGP will be available and it will be foolish of me to try and predict when as we are still working on it and that is subject to what I have mentioned above in my first paragraph.  All I can say right now is that we (meaning Luke Kraemer and I) are working on this MASSIVE project.

Also, because we are trying to get the 2015 AGP out the door, work on other season databases such as 1969, 1920, and 1971 is going to be delayed. Not postponed, just delayed until I can get back to working on them. Please don't flood me with questions asking when xxxx season will be ready...I don't know.  When products are ready I will announce them on both DMB forums. 

If you have questions contact me at the address below.

DMBJim-Jim Wheeler

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Excellent news, I commend you on the wonderful work that you put out. All the best...

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It's so funny to see some names like Jim Acker or Mark Williamson in a AGP situation. Actually kind of nice to have middle relievers on something like this- all too often if you aren't either a starter or a closer, you are ignored.

One small suggestion to Jim- he may want to put this in the coming soon on the website vs the 1969,1920,and 1971 seasons that are currently on there to temper expectations of those 3 seasons. I'm sure there are some folks that just go on there vs coming into the forums(either one)...

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I read your explanation about rating players for different eras, there are pronounced differences in batting and pitching. I applaud your efforts to make juducial adjustments. If you had a starting pitcher from the 50's or 60's and mixed the team between eras with relivers from the 80's, 90's or 2000's (or visa versa), would the game still run correctly? It would seem that if you were using a modern day starter he would have to be backed up by a modern day relief squad. Hence my second question, it would seem that mixing players of both an older era and a modern era to form a team may run into problems, but keeping teams confined to players of a certain decade would be okay. For instance, You could have ten teams from the 1960's in league one and 10 ten teams from 1920's in league 2 or any combination of decades you wish.

How many players are in each Volume? If I purchase the combo pack of greatest players (volume I and II), do I have to repurchase the 1969 - ? disk every year for an update?