Bulb Projector Kit Prices

Bulb Projector Kit Prices

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250w Sunarc Projector parts and Price
**Excellent brightness at 100 inches image size (like a commercial projector)

1. Innolux 7 inch widescreen lcd -2500
2. Sun Arc 1 bulb 250w 6000k 16,000 lumens- 800
3. 345mm projection lens-1500
4. 330mm focal top fresnel lens-100
5. 120mm focal bottom fresnel- 500
6. 260 mm focal condenser lens- 100
7. Non dichroic reflector- 100

Total set price- 5,400 pesos

You need the following to complete the set-up
1. power supply: cpu power supply rated at least 250w is very good. The question is if it will fit in your box size design Simple bridge rectifier power supply is ok for fans. Always use regulated power supply for lcd.
2. Assorted bolts and nuts.
3. Exhaust fan and inlet fan
4. Ballast cpacitor and ignitor


1. Sun Arc II - add 1500 pesos. Higher brightness and higher color saturation
3. Projection lens 265mm- add 1000pesos. Make the box smaller. 330mm focal top
Fresnel will be replace by 220mm focal-free for 265mm projection lens
4. Front surface miiror- add 800 to make the box smaller
5. 127mm condenser lens - brighter projection. add 600 pesos.6. Dichoric reflector- add 400 pesos to lessen heat
6. ballast capacitor and ignitor

Sample Set-up and Images using Sunarc1

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