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Auction Winner

October 11th, 2009, 2:49 pm #1

Colorado Guy,

Love the web site, videos, beautiful pictures (and even some of the goofy stories).

I won a six day, five night stay in a beautify 6 bedroom home in Buena Vista. We have three small children (4,2,1) and our plan is to invite my parents and my brother and his wife to meet us there for the week. Since you essentially run the town, I was hoping to get your counsel on the following:

1. When do you think would be the best time to come to get the Buena Vista experience? Summer- fishing, hiking, and relaxing in the cool shade of the mountain aspens? Autumn- experiencing the electric colors of leaf season? Winter- day trips to the ski areas, sled riding with the kids, and cocoa by a open hearth fire? Keep in mind that we live in Dallas where it never snows, and lived in Florida prior to that--my kids have never seen snow!

2. If we drive from Dallas in winter, how treacherous would the roads be? What month would be the best time to go?

3. What is the closest airport to Buena Vista? We will be having family fly in from Pittsburgh, PA and perhaps Seattle, WA to meet us.

4. What would be cool to do with the kiddos? Any ideas?

5. What places do we absolutely have to eat at? Are there any local favorites?

6. What places are within a 2 hour drive of Buena Vista that would be worth a good day trip?

7. Dude, what's up with Steven and pineapple soda??

8. Anything else we should consider? Do? Plan for?

You rock man! Thanks for the skinny.