Spokes and Jokes Comedy Tour: Maine to Texas

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In the fall of 2013, I plan to bike from Maine to Texas in three months while making stops along the way performing prebooked standup comedy gigs in churches and other venues. I have started blogging my planning process and plan to continue writing almost daily through the trip, in hopes of eventually compiling it all into a book. I wish also to records hours of video of the gigs, the biking and the relationships I make along the way.

It's a little more than 2000 miles and I plan to ride a conservative roughly 40 miles per day for about 5 days per week. I figure the whole trip will take about 10-14 weeks.

I plan to have my wife and two teenage children running sag from a vehicle for me.

I would appreciate any advice anyone might have.

You can follow my progress on www.spokesandjokes.com