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St. Elmo was the first ghost town that I had ever visited, back in 1972. I lived in Colorado thru the mid 1980's and used to visit the town twice a year to make photographs, in the spring and fall. After having explored several hundred ghost towns, St. Elmo is still my favorite! I am planning a visit this fall, the time frame depends on when the leaves are best. Anybody know about when the aspens will begin to turn this year? Also, how is the camping situation these days? Thanks, Stephen

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At least according to the photos I snapped last year in the area, it appears late September and very early October are the best times:

OCTOBER 2 (Chalk Creek Canyon):

SEPTEMBER 29 (Near Cottonwood Pass): ... ctures.htm

SEPTEMBER 28 (Near Cottonwood Pass): ... photos.htm

SEPTEMBER 24 (Near Independence Pass): ... oliage.htm

SEPTEMBER 19 & 21 (Near Cottonwood Pass):

Have fun and do give us a trip report afterwards!


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