Rampart Range Road-garden of the gods to woodland park


February 22nd, 2010, 3:39 pm #1

I Took rampart range road I highly suggest it in winter!!!! The view the surroundings and the fun of the drive. I am a 4x4 enthusiast and I have done it all with my Jeep but today I decided to take my truck and give it some miles on the unpaved road. I took it easy and decided to take this road, I have taken it in the summer but never winter cause I'm too busy playing in the snow with 17 other jeeps and toyota's on colorado's hardest and most fun trails. I took my fiance and friend's and don't be intimidated of the clouds or snow fall the road is perfectly safe in the winter just take it SLOW! Its a level road that's very scenic and if you like photography man the pictures are amazing when you go in the clouds and above them. I got to the overlook and I saw nothing but pikes peak. it was gorgeous the clouds looked like a sea with fog and the gorge and valleys disappeared like it was made that way. You literally feel like your on top of the world. Than we went to rampart reservoir and what a treat. I encourage anyone who has all wheel drive or 4x4 to visit it especially with family and just have a day of it go outdoors and actually get away from the tv bring a grill cook fresh fish from the reservoir and sled on the numerous hills and mountains available. This area is full of perfect life and its all for the taking.