Preparing for a summer ride, Boston -> Bay Area

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September 29th, 2011, 11:44 pm #1

My name is Ray, I am boston transplant and i ride urban routes, on a Schwin Cutter fixed gear High gear ratio.

I am currently plotting a cross country trip from boston to the Bay Area with a stop in Black Rock City for late august.

I was hoping that i could get some advice from the cycling community for...

- a touring bike to purchase or refurbish (im rather talented with mech work)
- routes (this will be my first cross country ride/out-of-state ride; my furthest ride was a 200mi in MA)
- recruiting other riders for the trip
- do's and don'ts

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Planning the same trip but for next spring, Thinking of doing the south tour route and ending up in San Fran.. I will be going it alone cause I want to take my time.

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