planning key west to british colmbia trip

planning key west to british colmbia trip

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planning my bike trip from key west to british colmbia this may till when ever, its my mid life crisis world tour, finishing up buying the equipment needed, plan on camping most of the way across. Looking for a good route to take, but also planning on seeing a few sights along the way, ones i never made it to , such as the grand canyon, yellow stone, the world biggest ball of twine, etc.

just looking for any advice in routes, equipment, camping locations, sights to see, etc, once in british colmbia plan on getting a freighter to the south seas, austrailia, some where exotic.

it sounds a little extreme for a mid life crisis, but being a single dad for the last 20 years i am finally free, both boys joined the navy and are off on their own now. So i woke up one day and thought i can do anything i want now, it took a while to figure out what i wanted to do, and crossing the country the wrong way sounded fun, you always hear of people starting in maine and crossing to caili. i just decided to start some place fun, my one son went to key west before he went into the navy and said it was a fun place to go, i trust his judgement.

so if any one has any good advice feel free to post, i have them going to my email
have a groovy day