Need school system information

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I am looking to move with my family to Manitou. My husband and I have always wanted to move to Colorado. After doing some research in the Colorado Springs area, I 'mapped' onto Manitou Springs (meaning, I saw the town on the goggle map and went from there!). We have always loved the environment of Eureka Springs, Arkansas but we have never been encouraged to move there. Here in CO, I've found another little town very similar in ambiance! MANITOU SPRINGS!! Strolling through the streets, small town feel, festivals, creativity abounding, thick with nature... everything we want! Quaint, quiet little town just on the outskirts of the big city. This could not be more perfect for us!

My main question for the forum would be...I have a daughter that will be coming into her junior year of high school and a son coming into 7th grade. What are the thoughts on the school systems there? I am from a small town myself here in Oklahoma, so I understand the small school thing. As I matured, I thought I would never send my kids to a small town school because of the boredom that came with it. Compared to the Oklahoma City systems, maybe a small school would be very beneficial to them. They are in one of the finest public school districts here. Is there a website in which I can check out the school system?

Also, do most people commute into CO Springs for employment? What is the closest college to Manitou Springs?

Oh yeah...this forum has been wonderful for me. I would really like to 'Thank' the ColoradoGuy that started this...its been VERY useful!

Any information is welcome!!